Tutoring For Improved Family Life

Posted on September 23rd, 2016 9:25pm
By: prepacadtutors

Tutors are known for enhancing student success by building confidence, conquering learning challenges, assisting with exam preparation and demanding university entrance requirements.

Perhaps a less known, but extremely beneficial aspect of tutoring is the role it can play in complementing family life by increasing opportunities for quality interactions, reducing negative dynamics and alleviating academic pressure in the household.

According to a recent CTV News article, “The number of Canadian families with two working parents has almost doubled in the last forty years…” The above means that the majority of Canadian families are arriving home together at night, hungry and tired. It is just unfair and unrealistic to expect parents to quickly learn and teach complex academic material while competing with evening time constraints and the needs of other siblings.

Having a professional tutor assist with homework can reduce frustration for both parent and child leaving more time for household tasks, activities and relaxed conversation. Because tutors are specialists in both subject matter and curriculum, the material is taught in a way that is both creative and productive: “The average one-to-one tutored student performed greater than 98% of the students who learn via conventional methods.” Source – Bloom