5 Study Habits That Are Making Your Stress Levels Worse!

Posted on May 17th, 2017 8:17pm
By: prepacadtutors

Nearly every student can relate to being stressed throughout the school year. Did you ever stop and wonder if maybe some of your habits are contributing to your stress levels? Read on for a list of habits that may be making your school anxiety worse!

1. General Procrastination

This list would not be complete if procrastination were not mentioned. Do you ever find yourself waiting for the last few days before a project is due before starting it? Or have you ever found yourself cramming the night before a big test and freaking out because you have not given yourself enough time to study? Procrastination is a terrible habit to get into, and will only lead to more stress when you see the clock approaching your looming deadlines. Using your agenda or timetable to organize your week is an easy way to nip this habit before it gets out of control.

2. Netflix/YouTube Binging

This habit is something that a lot of us are guilty of doing. What may start as a 30-minute video break can quickly turn into hours of watching pointless shows or your favorite YouTubers. To correct this habit, put an alarm on your phone that will remind you that your 30 minutes are up and it is time to get back to work! That way, you can avoid looking at the clock a few hours later and freaking out about all the time that has gone by!

3. Phone Distractions

Many students study with their phones by their side, but this habit can make a study/work session horribly unproductive. Phone notifications, whether they are texts, emails or social media-related notices, only serve as distractions that will ultimately waste your time. A way to get rid of this habit is turning your phone on silent and putting it in a different room than you are studying in. Try this once, and you will be amazed at the level of concentration and productivity you can achieve!

4. Stress Napping

Now, this habit is not something all students do, but there is a portion of you who do this, so I feel it is important to mention. Some students will cope with an overwhelming work schedule by taking an hour or two long nap to get away from it all. Even though you might anticipate yourself waking up feeling refreshed and ready to get back to studying, generally what will happen is you will feel nervous by all the time you’ve wasted and just stress yourself out more.

5. Coffee

Coffee and studying seem like the perfect pair right? Well, think again! Coffee can make your stress levels jump and therefore work against you. As an alternative, try taking a short, brisk walk or drinking a cold glass of water to wake yourself up. Your body will benefit from the exercise and hydration, instead of being riddled with nervousness from that cup of coffee.

So there you have it! If you are guilty of some of these habits, as we all are, try out the suggestions and see how it helps with your stress levels