Combating Summer Learning Loss

For decades, educational researchers have been talking about a phenomenon known as summer learning loss. In this condition, some students experience a significant decline in the academic skills acquired from the previous school year over the summer break. The research has shown that students experience an average of one month of learning loss over the summer break. This learning loss means that there is approximately one month of grade level equivalent skills and learning gains from the previous year lost for the average student.

Learning loss appears to have a more significant effect on students from a lower socioeconomic background; however, many children, regardless of their socioeconomic status, deal with this. Research has indicated that summer learning loss is sharper for mathematics than for reading; several studies suggest that the average student can lose up to two months of computational math skills over the summer break. Unfortunately, summer learning loss puts many students at a substantial disadvantage once the school year begins again in September. Teachers can typically spend between two to eight weeks reteaching lost skills from the year before. Unfortunately, the lost time spent reteaching means that there is significantly less time to build new skills.

The good news is that summer learning programs prove to prevent summer learning loss and, in many cases, can continue to build on the learning gains experienced from the year before. Quality summer learning programs that focus on regular student attendance, individualized instruction, small group, or one-on-one teaching, using quality instructors and alignment of school year curricula, positively affect a student’s learning by preventing learning loss. Prep Academy Tutors provides summer learning programs that meet all of these characteristics. Our certified teachers will assess your child’s strengths and needs and create an individualized plan to prevent summer learning loss and build upon the skills they acquired from the year before. Fighting against summer learning loss has never been easier! Call us today to get started!

Understanding Education & Mental Health During COVID-19

Understanding Mental Health During COVID-19

Understanding Mental Health During COVID-19

Understanding Education & Mental Health During COVID-19 in Manitoba

Education has changed considerably since the presence of COVID-19 and need for social distancing first caused schools across Manitoba (and most of North America) to close in mid-March. The future of educational institutions is changing every day as new information leads governments to react accordingly.

The unfortunate reality is that these closures and subsequent changes in education are not only impacting students’ academics but are also greatly impacting their mental health. Fortunately, there are remote learning options to help ease these stresses and anxieties.

The educational atmosphere in Manitoba right now has actively transitioned to home-schooling. Additional efforts are being put in place to encourage remote learning and facilitate continued education to ensure students are able to keep up and continue on their educational journey.

Prep Academy Tutors is proud to be able to continue providing education at this time through online tutoring as well as in-home tutoring in Manitoba and other provinces where this is still permitted. We continue to be proactive by supporting students across Canada on their educational journey, and have also extended our reach to provide private tutoring in Manitoba through our new partnership with Manitoba educators Suzi and Kyle Friesen.

Our tutors in Manitoba and across Canada provide a personalized and compassionate approach to education to suit the needs of students dealing with feelings of stress and anxiety at this time.

The Mental Health Impacts of COVID School Closures:

Missing Routine

Your child’s old routine that was once filled with going to school and partaking in various activities was a rhythm and anchor for them that now they are really missing. Without an organized class schedule with set recess and lunch breaks, students can feel disoriented or even stressed out.

Lack of Normalcy

Remaining at home and being unable to go to school signifies to students that something has changed. As all parents and students are different, the level at which the current atmosphere is being discussed with students will vary between family to family. Still, most students will be able to tell that something is different, especially as kids are perceptive to the anxieties of the family members that they live with.

Varied Resources

The reality is that not all students have the same resources at home. While some may be more independent, tech-savvy, and able to navigate online portals, others may thrive more in a collaborative setting. It is also important to note that parents, at no fault of their own, have varying capabilities and availability. Some may work full time or may not have English or French as their primary language, which can impact a student’s access to remote support.


Now is a time when students may be comparing themselves to their friends — who is excelling academically, has siblings to spend time with, or has access to ample resources? At a time when students should feel grateful for what they have, disparities can become more and more apparent.

Falling Behind

As education and learning have changed due to school closures and the increasing prevalence of online portals, a lot of students are dealing with the pressures of falling behind due to lack of resources, motivation, or access to the right tools.

Missing Essential Moments

 COVID-19’s necessary social distancing measures means that a lot of graduations that students have looked forward to and worked hard for have now been modified or cancelled. Some high schools are planning virtual convocations, and moving their graduation dinner and dinners to a Fall date. It’s natural for students to feel disappointed and let down by these modifications or cancellations, and integrating moments of normalcy and socialization at a distance is key to help alleviate some of the anxiety and stress that surfaces.

Social Disconnection

Like the rest of us, students are missing their friends and family. Suddenly students are going from interacting with their friends every day, to having limited contact — if any at all. Socializing plays an essential role in mental health, which is why it’s important to encourage socialization through different avenues at this time.

How Private Tutoring Can Help

It is essential for students to keep learning at this time. We believe that private tutoring, whether it be online or in-home dependant on rules and regulations, can help students regain academic confidence and a sense of normalcy:

Prep Academy Tutors is proud to offer private tutoring in Manitoba to help students in and around the Winnipeg area to continue on their educational journey and set and reach academic goals.

Human Interaction & Educational Support

Private tutoring provides children with the one on one support they may crave either online or in-home. Even if it’s electronic, working closely with a tutor can provide students with a sense of human interaction.

This one on one relationship offers students a personalized support system that can help encourage them and provide them with any additional support they may need to transition to at-home learning, advance their academics, or fill in any gaps in their knowledge.

Routine & Normalcy

Private tutoring can provide students with a sense of normalcy, because tutoring can become a consistent part of an individual’s routine. Tutoring helps keep students in the routine of learning and critically thinking, while also helping them add structure to their day. Even an hour of learning and applying critical thinking helps to break up the day so that every day doesn’t blend together.

Keep Up

Our educational philosophy is that every child learns differently, and this means that every child will learn differently under these remote circumstances. We offer online private or in-home tutoring to help students overcome any obstacles they may face when learning remotely.

We help students keep up with their classmates by providing a personalized approach to education, explaining things in a way that will best resonate with them, and provide them with a sense of comfort. Our tutors like to play the role of the “smart friend’ who can explain things in a way that is easy to understand,

Our tutors provide curriculum-based tutoring and will spend extra time covering any challenging topics. Our tutors never skip over curriculum material and will always return back to challenging topics to fill any gaps in a student’s understanding.

Tools & Resources for Academic Anxiety

In addition to subject-based tutoring, Prep Academy Tutors also offers test preparation to help students study test material and manage the stress and anxiety that can come with preparing for and completing standardized testing. Our test preparation services help provide students with strategies and resources for studying, test prep, coping with test-related stress, and test writing.

What We’re Doing

Our tutors across Canada are taking the necessary steps to provide students with the compassion and support they need right now to continue learning and advancing.

Specifically, all Prep Academy Tutors in Manitoba have been given the chance to receive training for the proactive mental wellness program, Project 11. Our tutors have enjoyed this professional development opportunity to add to their skill-set in helping students during this trying time. This training is being made available to all of our tutors across Canada.

Project 11 is an engaging cross-curricular video-based program designed to normalize the conversation around mental health, create a stage of empathy in the classroom, and provide students the opportunity to learn about healthy coping strategies when obstacles surface for them.  This program has weekly lessons highlighting the benefits of mindfulness, healthy communication, positive relationships, problem-solving strategies etc. and daily activities promoting various healthy lifestyle practices. In this school year alone, over 50,000 students’ classes in Manitoba have benefited from their teachers making Project 11 and mental health education a part of their learning journey.

Therefore, Prep Academy Tutors of Manitoba is proud to integrate this program to provide compassionate tutoring that is personalized to meet the unique needs of their students as well. Especially now, when students are needing support to practice resiliency and reminders of how to practice positive self-care.  Our tutors are happy to help instil these life skills which will help them navigate through their personal and academic goals long-term.

Prep Academy Tutors is Open For Business in Manitoba

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Prep Academy Tutors is Open For Business in Manitoba

Prep Academy Tutors is excited to announce that we have joined forces with new partners, Suzi and Kyle Friesen, to offer private tutoring services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Suzi and Kyle will provide students and families with exceptional tutors in-home or online in the heart of Canada — the prairies of Manitoba.


The need for education and remote tutoring is growing, and we are always looking to expand our scope to help students learn at their own pace in the comfort of their homes. At Prep Academy Tutors, we are committed to bringing personalized education to the homes of students in Manitoba.


We boast a team of local tutors who provide curriculum-based online tutoring as well as in-home tutoring as permitted by the Manitoba government. All of our teachers are ready to get started and are prepared to bring education to your home when it’s most convenient for your at-home student.


As educators and parents of two, Suzi and Kyle know that building confidence in children, plays an essential role in helping them to achieve academic success. The tutors at Prep Academy Tutors are highly qualified and skilled teachers who are dedicated to personalized education. This approach aligns with the nurturing individualized environment that Suzi and Kyle know is beneficial when providing students with educational support.


We have tutors located across Manitoba. You can find your local tutor, call 204-410-1181, or email to find the closest tutor to you. Get started with Prep Academy Tutors Manitoba today!


Meet The Manitoba Owners: Kyle & Suzi Friesen

About Suzi:

Suzi is excited to be part of the Prep Academy team, as she has always been passionate about teaching. Helping her parents learn English, as they immigrated from Portugal, was when she first learned about the rewarding feeling of empowering others.


At 13 years of age, she started her own summer camp and at 16 she started working with children aged 6 months to 12 years old at The Wellness Institute (W.I).  Her 11 years at W.I. is where she built on her teaching practices, writing curricula and learning how to lead a team while planning and teaching various children’s programs.


Suzi is known for always being mindful of putting students’ individual needs first.  Providing students with opportunities to succeed and build on their confidence and problem-solving skills. Suzi’s great listening skills and love for teaching is what made her a successful teacher in Manitoba.  She completed her 5 year – Integrated Bachelor of Education program at the University of Winnipeg and completed each year’s practicum, in schools in disadvantaged communities.  This prepared her for her 8 years of teaching in Winnipeg, which then led her to her role with the True North Youth Foundation.  Since 2014, Suzi has been the Director of Educational Programs, focusing on the development of the TNYF’s mental wellness program, Project 11.  Promoting mental health awareness has always been a meaningful area of focus for Suzi.  The importance of helping students turn challenging moments into resilient moments and helping them find their inner-strength to inquire, become self-aware and build on their self-esteem, is what she truly loves to do.


About Kyle:

Kyle is excited to be part of the Prep Academy Tutors Team and is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg’s five-year integrated Bachelor of Education program. He taught Adapted Math and Physical Education for 7 years in Winnipeg and coached various grade 7-12 sports teams for 11 years, specializing in varsity volleyball.


As a teacher, Kyle was known to create a positive environment for all of his students and prided himself in his ability to modify and adapt his teaching skills to meet his students’ individual needs. It has always been important for Kyle to provide opportunities for all students to explore their capabilities and to help them find their voice as they grow independently.


All types of learners felt heard and felt empowered in Kyle’s classes. Kyle has seen the benefits of tutors in his students’ lives, whether it is inspired students who continue to understand the importance of goal-setting and hard work or students who just simply benefit from the fact that they feel relieved to not have to figure everything out on their own. Kyle explains to his students that it is okay to ask questions. Being able to bring high-quality tutoring services connecting remarkable educators to Manitoba students so that they can reach their academic goals is truly rewarding for Kyle.


Meet Some of Our Certified Winnipeg Tutors


Our certified local tutors are available to provide personalized curriculum-based education to students in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Prep Academy Tutors pairs each student with the right tutor who can meet their unique needs based on the subjects they need support with, their grade level, and their academic goals.

Nibert Saltibus


Specializes In: Math (Including Calculus), Physics, Engineering Courses Grade 9th,10th,11th,12th & College


About Nibert: Nibert has seven years of combined teaching experience at the High School and University level. He taught Technical Drawing (Engineering Graphics) and Visual Arts at the High School level (St. Lucia), and many Construction and Engineering Technology courses at Sam Houston State University in Texas.


David Townsend


Specialties: Math, Science, Technology, Business and English


About David: David is in his 15th year as a high school and university educator. He graduated with his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Manitoba and his Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Winnipeg.


David is married and has 2 children. In his spare time, David loves to hang out at the cabin with his family and friends. David has a natural love of teaching and enjoys watching students achieve their personal educational goals.


Rebekah Johnson


Specialties: English, French, History, Social Studies K-12, K-6 Everything  K-12


About Rebekah: Rebekah is currently studying to be an early year’s French Immersion teacher. She will be entering her final year of studies in the Faculty of Education at the University of Winnipeg in the fall. She looks forward to starting her career next Spring and teaching in her own classroom. Before entering the Faculty of Education, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in French Studies at the University of Winnipeg. Rebekah believes that teaching all aspects to meet the emotional, social, academic and physical needs of her students is essential for complete learning.



David Johnson


Specialties: ELA Social Options


About David: David is a resourceful teacher with experience teaching students who have a strong focus on academic excellence. He is skilled at building relationships within a multidisciplinary team in order to support students facing various academic and cultural challenges. He’s demonstrated the ability to adapt to dynamic environments and remain calm during crisis situations. David is recognized as a skilled communicator and effective planner to coordinate internal and external resources for students.




Daniel Plourde



Specialties: Math, Physics, Engineering, Statistics, Economics


About Daniel: Daniel has been teaching and coaching for the past five years. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in

Mechanical Engineering and he is currently pursuing his Masters degree, both at the University of Manitoba.

His teaching experience includes being involved in several science and engineering courses at the University of Manitoba ranging from highly technical courses such as Machine Design or Statistics, to “soft skills” courses like Professional Communication and Technical Writing courses.


Daniel loves working with others to solve problems, and one area where he enjoys volunteering his time is with the Provincial U19 boys Ultimate Frisbee team as a head coach. He also plays Ultimate himself, competing at national and international tournaments.


Work With Prep Academy Tutors Winnipeg Today


Get in touch with Prep Academy Tutors to get paired with the tutor closest to you who can provide your child with the support they need. We are excited to be expanding into Manitoba and look forward to making our services available to help more students learn at their own pace, and set and reach their academic goals.

Three Boredom-Busting Science Experiments: Fun and Easy At-Home Experiments for Your Kids

It’s hard to believe that for most of us, it’s been a little over one month in quarantine! The kids are home and you’ve been trying to get some much needed work accomplished. We get it — juggling those two things effectively can be…difficult to say the least. But pat yourselves on the back! You’ve been doing great keeping them busy while staying on top of your work. Your kids are truly lucky to have you! 

That said, we thought we’d put together a trio of fun science experiments that can be adapted for kids of all ages to help you keep them engaged and learning! We’ve chosen experiments that can be accomplished with some basic household items that many of us will likely already have laying around. Try any or all of these with your kids and let us know how it goes by leaving a comment below!

Experiment #1: Sink or Swim

The main question this experiment is seeking to answer is whether or not different household objects will float or sink when dropped into three different liquids. Specifically, you’ll need three clear glasses, corn syrup, vegetable oil, tap water and several small objects such as a paper clip, raisins, pebbles, and a ball of paper. 

First, fill each glass 1/2 to 2/3  of the way with a different liquid. Have your kids write down or tell you what they think might happen when they drop the different objects into the three different liquids — will the items sink or float? Why? 

Next, starting with the raisins, have your kids gently drop one in each of the three liquids. Have them write down what happens to the raisin in the water, oil and corn syrup. Take out the raisins and repeat the process with each of the items you’ve gathered. 

Once this process has been repeated with all of the items, have your kids look back at their predictions. Were they correct? Did the objects sink or float when they expected them to or were they surprised by the results? Why do they think they got the results that they did?

Now it’s time for a discussion. Depending on the age of your kids, you can either talk to them about how density affects an objects ability to sink or float. Alternatively, if your kids are a little older, this is a perfect way to have them do some research on density! Have them create a short presentation and ask them to come and tell you the answers once they’re done. 

If they are interested in this topic, you can do some things to extend the experiment. For example, if you add some food dye to the water, you can then have your kids pour all three of the liquids into one empty container. Let the liquids settle and have them describe to you what has happened — how did these liquids separate from one another? Why has this happened?

Experiment #2: Wingardium Leviosa

Ever wish you could wave a “magic” wand and make things float like they do in Harry Potter? Well, maybe you haven’t but your kids probably have! With this very simple demonstration, they will be able to do just that (only it’s not magic, it’s all thanks to the power of static electricity)! For this experiment you’ll need to get a plastic rod, a cloth, and a light plastic bag. 

Begin by having your kids rub the plastic rub with the cloth for 40 to 60 seconds. Next, flatten the plastic bag and rub it with the cloth for 40-60 seconds as well. Release the plastic bag in the air and have your kids wave the plastic rod underneath the bag. Voila! If done correctly your plastic bag should levitate as you hold the rod underneath it. 

Again, depending on the age of your kids, you can either explain to them the basics of static electricity or have them do some research to answer the question of why and how this happens.

Experiment #3: Slipping and Sliding

Have your kids ever wondered why they can slide across your hardwood or kitchen tile in socks but not barefoot? The answer is friction! There are plenty of fun experiments to demonstrate the forces of friction but this one is our favourite. 

In order to get started, you’ll need 4 to 6 pieces of cardboard (preferably cut from the same box) about 12 inches long and 6 inches wide, your kid’s favourite Hot Wheels car, a marker, and various items to create the surfaces on the different lengths of track. When creating the surfaces of your tracks, you can have your kids get creative by finding the various items themselves or you can provide them instead. 

Once you’ve chosen your track surface material, take 3 to 5 of your pieces of cardboard and start assembling with your kids. For example, one of the tracks could have sandpaper glued to the surface, another could have bits of ribbon or fabric, while another could be brushed with dish soap. Again, be creative here! The point is to create several tracks with different surfaces so that the forces of friction are different when your toy car rolls over them. 

At this point, you should still have 1 to 2 plain pieces of cardboard leftover. Use this to build a ramp for the car to travel down. Once this is complete, start by having your kids write down, draw or describe which of the surfaces they think the car will travel the furthest on. Take one of your tracks and place it at the bottom of your ramp so that the car will travel down the ramp and across the track. Your kids can experiment with each of the tracks and record how far the car travels across each of them by marking the distance with the marker and recording the length with a ruler or measuring tape. Next, have them write down these results on a piece of paper (or simply record them yourself). 

Once they’ve had their fun, ask them if the results lined up with their predictions. Did the results surprise them at all? Extend this experiment by doing some research on friction. Is there anyway to alter the toy car to make it go further? Would any other objects travel further than the car did? Have your kids do some experimenting on their own to see if they can solve these questions!

Tips for Getting Your Child Ready for Online Tutoring

Online tutoring provides your child with the educational support they need in the comfort of their own home, at the times that are convenient for them. Prep Academy Tutors is offering online tutoring services across Canada to digitally connect students with our certified and experienced tutors.

If you are considering online tutoring to continue and enhance your child’s academic development, there are a few things you can do to optimize the benefits of the digital service. At Prep Academy Tutors, we collaborate with parents to ensure that each student’s private tutoring is a fulfilling and enriching experience that is catered to their unique needs. 

You can help your child get ready for online tutoring to make sure they are fully equipped to learn online, and continue their education journey in an environment that is focused, constructive, encouraging, and enriching. 

With the right tools and resources, online tutoring can provide your child with the tools they need to keep up with their peers, get ahead, and reach academic success. Learn how you can set your child up for online tutoring with Prep Academy Tutors:

picture of tutor holding red duotang

1. Find the Right Tutor

Every child learns differently and has different educational needs. It is important to find a compassionate tutor who can create a strong bond with your child and fill these unique needs. The right tutor will create an environment that is low-pressure, personal, constructive and empowering. 

Whether your child is in need of a remedial tutoring program or subject-specific tutoring, Prep Academy Tutors will pair your child with the tutor that will best suit their unique needs, preferences, and learning style.

2. Set Academic Goals

Encourage your child to set academic goals. This gamification of learning will help encourage your child to challenge themselves to set and reach their personal academic goals with the support of an educational professional. 

The tutors at Prep Academy Tutors offer personalized one-on-one online tutoring to help students better understand course material and gain the academic confidence they need to succeed.

picture of girl on laptop while sitting in bed

3. Organize a Work Station:

It’s commonly suggested that a great way to increase productivity when you work from home is to get up from the bed and work in a designated workspace. This is supposed to help you mentally and physically avoid distractions.

The same thing goes for your child when online learning; get your child up, ready, and dressed to head to their work station — the bed is for sleeping, not learning.

When you and your child set up their learning workspace, they can distinguish the workspace as a place for learning and not playing, eating, or any other activity.

It’s important that this workspace is organized (also shown to benefit productivity), and out of high traffic areas where people will be in and out of. Online tutoring requires some uninterrupted time during which your child can focus on learning and both interpreting source material and applying knowledge of said material.

Giving your child the freedom to design their workspace can help to get them more excited about their online learning as they can look forward to utilizing their personal space to learn and advance their education.

4. Schedule the Day

A schedule will help keep your child on track and encourage them to learn how to balance tasks. Routines give kids a sense of security and help them develop good time management habits.

It is important to help your child schedule their day because, the reality is, they probably have responsibilities other than online tutoring. When you schedule their day, you can help them to better manage their time and split up their daily responsibilities.

If a student needs to write an assignment, engage with a tutor for feedback, make their lunch, and fold their laundry, a great way to help encourage them to be productive and get everything done is to guide them through a schedule-making process. 

A schedule can help students visualize what their day will look like and how much time should be allotted to each task. By making daily or even weekly schedules, your child will also learn how to manage their time and schedule their tasks independently as time goes on.

picture of pens

5. Gather Supplies & Keep Them Handy

Not having everything handy can pose as a distraction. If your child doesn’t have a pen, notebook, or even a charger for their device on hand, they then have to go looking for it. This disrupts their learning routine, takes time away from their learning, and impairs their focus. Make sure that your child has all the tools they need on hand to settle down, and focus on their online learning.

Supplies you will want handy include:

  • Chargers
  • Pens/pencils
  • Erasers
  • Notebooks
  • Calculator
  • Dictionary
  • Snacks
  • Water

6. Secure Your Internet Connection:

An essential part of online learning is the digital aspect. If your child is receiving online tutoring, they will likely need to send files back and forth and download resources. To do this effectively, they will need a secure internet connection and operating device. There are many affordable options for laptops and tablets that will help your child maintain a seamless online tutoring experience.

7. Work with the Tutor

When you enrol your child in online tutoring, it can be helpful to form open communication with their tutor. By working with your child’s tutor, you cannot only understand their progress but also identify ways to integrate their education and learning into day to day activities like cooking or baking. 

For example, if the tutor is working on fractions with your child, you can bake with your child to help them make the connection between what they’ve learned about fractions and real-life scenarios.

At Prep Academy Tutors, our tutors offer phone calls and other means of communication to keep you updated on your child’s progress and answer any of your questions you may have about your child’s educational journey.

picture of mom and daughter reading book on bed

8. Encourage Discussions

What did your child learn today? At Prep Academy Tutors, we believe in open communication to ensure that parents are aware of their child’s progress. In addition to scheduling phone calls with our tutors, you can also work with your child to discuss what they’ve learned throughout their tutoring experience and encourage them to make connections. 

You are one of your child’s greatest educational assets as you can encourage them by asking them questions, and answering their questions.

How Your Child Can Benefit from Online Tutoring

picture of kid on laptop

Online tutoring is a great resource that allows students to learn and get educational support in the comfort of their own homes. At Prep Academy Tutors, our tutors are making themselves available for online tutoring to help students continue their education without needing to leave their house.

Our certified tutors execute a personalized approach to online tutoring and will work one-on-one with your child online to help support their educational journey and explain things in a way that they can understand.

Through online tutoring, our local tutors are able to provide your child with supplementary activities, answer their questions, fill in any gaps in their knowledge, and help them to catch up academically. 

Online tutoring comes with many benefits as it is remote, flexible, personalized, and doesn’t sacrifice the personal relationship between educator and student. The tutors at Prep Academy Tutors connect with students online to talk things over with them and explain things in a way that they can understand. 

By bringing education online, your child can learn at their own pace in a low-pressure environment that they are familiar with. Consider the benefits of online tutoring and how receiving tutoring can help your child to set and reach their academic goals:


Online tutoring means that your child can receive educational support wherever and whenever they need it. Online tutoring also removes the need for travel time and other elements that can make scheduling educational support tricky. This makes it easy for tutors to make themselves available when students need them to be.

Our tutors work around your schedule to provide flexible online tutoring that suits your child’s at-home educational schedule. Whether your child requires tutoring in the morning, afternoon, or evening, our tutor will work with you to establish a schedule that works.

One-on-One Personalized Education

At Prep Academy Tutors, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to education. Our tutors approach online tutoring based on the unique needs of each student.

We consider a student’s unique learning style, schedule, capabilities, and gaps in their knowledge to create a plan that is specialized to them. Our tutors work with your child one-on-one instead of applying the same general approach to education.

picture of elementary school student on ipad

In-Home Learning

Online learning allows students to learn at home and at their own pace. A student’s home is a low-pressure environment where they will not be distracted by their peers. At-home online learning allows students to learn in an environment that is familiar and comfortable so that they can feel more at ease when receiving educational support. 

Learning at home also takes away the stress of classroom learning as students are less likely to compare themselves to their peers. Through online learning, students are able to focus on their personal pace and progress. 

Instead of acting like a teacher at the front of the classroom, online tutoring allows our tutors to act as a “smart friend” on the other end of the computer who can talk to your child through curriculum material and explain things in a way that they can understand.

Get Paired with the Right Tutor

Online tutoring makes it easy for your child to get paired with the right tutor. At Prep Academy Tutors, we have general tutors with knowledge of the current curriculum, as well as tutors who boast specialties in specific subjects

Whether you are looking for general support or an online math tutor, we will pair your child with the right online tutor who can provide them with the educational support they need.

Removed Distractions

Peers and other environmental factors when learning in the classroom can be distracting for students. By offering online tutoring we can eliminate these distractions. When your child is set up with a home learning station with little distractions, we can use online tutoring to capitalize on the familiarity and calmness of the home environment to educate them effectively.

Digital Skills

In a survey done by Statista in 2015, 49% of students stated that they had taken an online course in the past 12 months. Needless to say, digital technology and education are growing rapidly.

Technology is more and more prevalent in children’s day to day lives, and online tutoring provides students with the chance to develop strong digital skills. By sending files, understanding different programs, and interacting via systems like Skype, Zoom, etc., students are able to better their understanding of computer technology.


There is a level of independence that comes with online learning as students are able to manage their time and take control of their educational journey. This independence that comes from online learning can be applied in many facets of their life.

Through online learning and tutoring, students learn how to take control of different aspects of their life and get the confidence to make choices and create their own schedules. Online tutoring keeps students accountable for completing supplementary tasks and communicating their gaps in knowledge. This also helps students to develop a sense of awareness which, again, contributes to their overall independence.

Easy Tracking & Document Exchanges

Online tutoring makes it easy to keep track of progress and assignments, as all assignments and related resources are sent and stored electronically. This allows students and tutors to both save files and tools to track progress and use as a resource later.

In the classroom, students can struggle to stay organized as different assignments, tests, and worksheets can amalgamate into a disorganized stack of paper. By utilizing digital resources, students can more easily keep track of their different assignments and documents to see what they have completed and still have to complete. Easy file storage also enables students to use past documents as a learning resource that they can refer back to when need be.

This electronic exchange also makes it easy for students to send or copy physical classroom resources like essay assignments so that tutors can gage the assignment, and provide educational support accordingly.

Gain Academic Confidence

Online tutoring helps to increase your child’s overall academic confidence. It allows them to learn in a comfortable environment where they can gain the tools they need to better understand curriculum material and gives them an option to still receive an education when unable to be in the classroom due to illness, injury, or any other reason.

This level of personalized education is catered to build your child’s understanding, and help them catch up to their peers and gain academic confidence in the process. Our online tutors work closely with your child to provide them with all the resources they need to succeed academically and gain independence both inside and outside of the classroom.

The Importance of Continuing Education During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Ontario Government has closed private and public schools for two weeks following March Break (week of March 23 and March 30) in response to the WHO and the CDC advising against public gatherings due to the outbreak and impacts of COVID-19. These closures are also present across the country in Quebec, where schools will remain closed until at least May 1st and all Quebec provincial exams have been cancelled, Alberta (until further notice), British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and other provinces. 

This cancellation is meant to encourage the social distancing between children and adults alike to slow the spread of the highly contagious virus. These moves are necessary for the safety of both the public and the health care system, which is why parents, educators, and the school board are all coming together to create an alternative option for continuing education at this time.

At Prep Academy Tutors, we are offering online tutoring to help students continue their education in the safety of their homes. Our tutors across Canada are making themselves available to provide personalized educational support and resources online to help students continue their education at this time.

Learn how our private tutoring services can help to maintain student’s educational progress at this time.

Although school may not be on everyone’s mind at this time, there are many reasons why continuing education is crucial right now for students:

Education & COVID-19

Global News has reported that Doug Ford has confirmed schools will likely not open on April 6th,  but the provincial and federal governments continue to look for ways to maintain education at this time. 

Toronto’s Minister of Education has shared in a statement that they “are working to ensure that students will be able to continue their coursework and credit accumulation, even when we aren’t able to be in a classroom setting.” They are expecting to do this by expanding existing online learning tools.

Educators are looking for digital ways to provide assignments, and even lessons, to help students to continue their learning. Online tutoring will help support your child with any of these online tasks and will continue to act as an educational resource.

Consistent Knowledge & Development

The reality is that not all schools and teachers will be able to continue education digitally, which means that many students’ learning will come to a halt. Even the suggested online learning assets from the school boards may take a while to establish and develop as rules and regulations have not yet been set, and different schools accommodate different needs. 

Children are constantly learning and developing, and this progress is important to maintain. By pausing learning for two weeks (or longer), it will be that much harder for students to retain information and build upon information they’ve already been taught. Continued knowledge is essential for the academic fulfillment of students

Our tutors teach material that aligns with curriculum material taught in the classroom so that the billions of students who are no longer in school can continue to learn while being in a safe and familiar setting.


Routine is essential for children. It keeps them on track, organized, and helps them to space out their daily tasks and responsibilities like meals, education, chores, and downtime. Education is not only essential for the knowledge and development of your child, but it also provides a sense of structure in their day to day schedule. 

A lack of daily structure can make it challenging to get your child to focus on a task, and will make it that much harder for them to get back into their daily routine once school starts back up again. That said, there is no perfect routine for everyone. 

There is no right or wrong way to react in this situation, and by bringing education into your home through online tutoring, you will have full control of your child’s new routine and educational progress. The thing is, any routine will provide them with a sense of normalcy, productivity, and empowerment. 
Even if you integrate a couple of hours of learning into your child’s daily routine, it will be beneficial. With online tutoring, you can implement a schedule that will ensure your child is learning at the times that work best for you and them. This way you can also facilitate other elements into your child’s schedule like downtime, reading, crafts, meals, etc.

Challenge Their Minds

It is important for your child to continue to challenge themselves. As much as it’s nice to give your child the opportunity to escape by playing video games and watching Netflix, it is also important to keep them thinking and mentally challenged.

This will help them to continue to develop their cognitive skills and abilities so that they can continue to problem solve, think, and both apply and develop their knowledge consistently.

Unknown Timeline

The state of COVID-19 and the government’s responses are changing every day. There is no knowing how things can change and when students will be able to get back into their school routine. 

To ensure your child is still getting the education they need to expand their knowledge and build the skill for future educational success, plan ahead. Find a means to continue education like online tutoring.

Education is still Feasible

It’s important to continue education during this time because, bottom line, we can. The internet and online resources make it possible to connect with professionals like our certified tutors through online tutoring, find resources like worksheets, and submit assignments. As long as it is possible to maintain education, albeit with a shifted approach, we can all play a part in helping your child to continue their learning.

Plan For Learning in Different Circumstances

There are a variety of reasons why a child may need to shift their approach to education in the future whether it be due to homeschooling, injury, illness, or safety reasons. By introducing (or continuing) at-home education, your child can learn how to accommodate and facilitate learning in various different scenarios. 

Circumstances are always changing, and online education is becoming increasingly more prevalent as an alternative educational resource. It is important for both children and parents to be able to pivot and continue education in different scenarios. 

Continuing to learn at this time is about ensuring your child can still get the educational support they need to learn, achieve academic goals, develop their mind and skills, and maintain physical and mental health. Incorporating a routine into your child’s life by integrating education at a pace that works for both parents and children helps students to continue to learn and creates a sense of normalcy for them.

Special Announcement – Online Tutoring Services are Available

Current families:

Prep Academy’s in-home tuition services are suspended until further notice to protect our clients and tutors. We will be continuing with all lessons online, using an easy to use teleconferencing, screen-share and white boarding application, until further notice. 

Your tutor or local Education Director will be in contact for set-up instructions for your virtual classroom.

Prospective families across Canada:

You are welcome to sign up for our private online tutoring services.

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Our local Education Directors will be happy to discuss your student’s requirements and match them with the perfect online tutor.

More About Our Virtual Tuition Services:

Finally, we are using an excellent, highly secure screen-sharing technology solution that will enable students to continue learning, socialization, and development from home.

Familles actuelles:

Les services de tutorat à domicile de Prep Academy sont suspendus jusqu’à nouvel ordre afin de protéger nos clients et nos tuteurs. Jusqu’à nouvel ordre, nous continuerons toutes les leçons virtuellement en utilisant une plateforme virtuelle sécurisée et une solution de partage d’écran.

Votre tuteur sera en contact avec vous pour fournir des instructions de configuration pour votre classe virtuelle.

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Plus d’informations sur nos services de scolarité virtuelle:

Nous utilisons une plateforme technologique de partage d’écran hautement sécurisée qui permettra aux étudiants de continuer à apprendre, à socialiser et à se développer de la maison. En cette période où les étudiants ne peuvent pas avoir autant d’interaction avec les autres étudiants, nous espérons que ces leçons virtuelles fourniront une interaction positive et stimuleront leurs humeurs.

How Students in Ontario Can Master High School French

Because Canada is a bilingual country, acquiring a high level of French fluency while in high school can be an essential stepping stone toward careers in politics, public service, academia, law, and medicine — not to mention unlocking incredible opportunities for travel and personal development outside of work. 

But for parents raising kids in heavily Anglophone parts of the country, like Western Ontario, it can be hard to know how to make dreams of bilingualism a reality.

After all, the nature of Canada’s education system is such that the resources available in some areas — French immersion programs and robust community support for language learning — simply aren’t available in others.

If you want to help your high schooler get the most out of their French curriculum and achieve the kind of fluency that will prepare them for success in university and the workplace, here are four ways you can help them tap into their full language-learning potential.

1. Get Extra Support

Probably the first thing you need to understand about your child’s high school French curriculum is that it is not really designed to produce students who are able to communicate like native French speakers. Instead, it is meant to provide a strong foundation in the kind of skills students can learn most easily outside a French-speaking context — grammar and writing being the most significant.

This means that helping students really master French is generally going to require doing additional language-learning outside of school.

This isn’t always easy: in Toronto’s downtown core, there is significant access to French language cultural institutions that can help you enhance your child’s education prospects, but in other parts of the GTA they are not so readily available. 

For this reason, you may need to consider engaging private help to provide the educational boost that one-on-one conversation and grammar work with a French expert can provide.

A private tutor can provide many benefits for people learning French as a second language, including but not limited to:

  • Targeted support that deals with individual learning obstacles
  • One-on-one help that lets students move at their own pace
  • A safe environment where students can make mistakes and build their confidence without fear of judgement
  • Expert education help that understands the pedagogy of linguistics and can incorporate modern methods for language acquisition into private lessons. 

Fortunately, if you are looking for a French tutor in Mississauga we can put you in touch with highly qualified instructors who can help your child get the extra support they need.

2. Understand the Difference Between Academic Success and Fluency

In Ontario, most students who are not from Francophone families will first encounter French when they start school. While access to primary and secondary education in the French language is one of the key benefits of living in a bilingual country, the downside is that young students quickly come to think of French as a subject of study rather than a mode of communication.

While it is certainly true that academic success in French is extremely important — and language acquisition unquestionably relies on intensive, rigorous study — a language is a living thing, and simply memorizing vocabulary and conjugation patterns will never get you to full fluency.

This is why it is important to find opportunities for more creative language use outside of school. This could mean getting involved in an extra-curricular language club, or it could mean finding a pen-pall to communicate with via social media.

One of the major advantages of learning French in the twenty-first century is that it is easier than it has ever been to find authentic French language resources on the internet, and to gain exposure to French film, television, and news outlets online, no matter where you live.

If you want to augment your school’s language curriculum and go beyond academic mastery of the language, here are a few helpful tips for engaging with French on your own time:

  • Public screenings of French films (or watching French movies online)
  • Following French language accounts on social media
  • Reading national news stories in both languages
  • Reading French translations of your favourite books

A good education plan will involve both tips to improve your SSAT scores and maximize your chances for getting into a good post-secondary program and providing you with the tools you need to communicate effectively with native speakers.

3. Make it Social

Unless you’re studying a dead language like Latin or Ancient Greek, you will never be able to attain fluency on your own. Languages are inherently social, and language acquisition relies on a number of social factors — not least of which being a student’s opportunities to engage with other people who speak the language they are trying to learn.

Students now have an unprecedented number of options for learning not just French, but any major language they have an interest in. Education apps like Duolingo and Busuu make it possible to study your language of choice in engaging and stimulating ways whenever you want, wherever you want.

But while these apps can play an important role in increasing exposure and helping you master new vocabulary, without regular interactions with other language students or native speakers, there is a hard ceiling limiting how far you can go if these are your only language-learning tools.

This can pose a problem, especially for students who don’t have the option of spending summers in a French-speaking environment or attending French-language summer camps. As many experts have noted, because of the social interactions that come with it, immersion plays an outsized role in helping students become confident and practiced in a new language.

Without opportunities for immersion, it can be extremely difficult to truly attain fluency. So what should people with limited options to use French in their daily lives do to overcome this obstacle? 

There are no easy answers to this question, but it is important to remember that fluency and academic success is a team game — and if you’re going to succeed, you need to find a team. Tutoring is helpful not just because it gives kids an opportunity to correct their mistakes and practice their speaking, but also because it can help them plug into a wider network of language learners who can help them find out about French language speaking opportunities that exist in their own communities.

Languages are social tools, so building a community of language learners who will help you use that tool in social ways is essential if meaningful language acquisition is actually to take place.

4. Do a Little Every Day

Probably the best piece of practical advice for language learners is also the simplest: do a little bit of work every day. Time and time again, research has shown that there is simply no substitute for steady, incremental progress in language learning, which is why it is so important that students practice their French every day — even if it is only for fifteen minutes to half an hour.

When you learn a second language, you are essentially reprogramming your brain, and this takes time. Apps and services that promise to help you become fluent in a matter of weeks are making an impossible pitch, for the simple reason that it takes most of us years to be able to meaningfully communicate in our own language, let alone a second one.

This shouldn’t be discouraging: like physical fitness, the key is to make language learning part of your routine, so it becomes as familiar and comfortable as the drive to school. Just like exercise, problems tend to come when the routine is disrupted.

One of the reasons why tutoring has proven to be such an effective method for helping people learn new languages is that tutoring builds language learning into the schedule of every week, increasingly the likelihood that students will keep up with their homework and continue to learn a little bit every day.

If you want to learn more about us and how our approach can help your kids improve their French, and even achieve fluency by the time they graduate, get in touch with us today to find out how our unique, hand’s-on approach helps students build confidence and master the studying techniques that will help them become independent learners.

More than simply increasing earning potential or giving students a shot at getting into better schools, learning a second language is one of the great intellectual pleasures of a fulfilled life — a good that is worth pursuing for its own sake.

If you want to give the gift of bilingualism to your children but are worried that you don’t have the necessary skills or tools, call Prep Academy Tutors today!

Why Calgary Parents Should Get Their Children Extra Help with English

If you live in Calgary and have children in the public school system, there is a good chance you have already heard about the recent government cuts that will be hitting the Calgary Board of Education starting in 2020.

Many teachers have already warned that these cuts could have a negative effect on the quality of education Calgary schools are able to offer, and while the education system as a whole will likely be able to absorb this unforeseen budgetary shortfall, individual students may be seriously impacted.

This is likely to be a special concern for people with children at critical stages of development, who are trying to master vital skills like literacy.

As recent reports out of Ontario have shown, provincial education systems across the country are struggling to impart basic life skills like literacy and numeracy, and employers are starting to worry that even students coming out of higher education institutions like universities and colleges often struggle to read and write at a sufficiently high level to achieve success in the workplace.

So what can parents do to make sure their kids don’t fall behind? English is a bedrock skill for Canadian students, one they will rely on every day of their personal and professional lives, and it is important to make sure literacy development is not impeded by budget cuts.

Here are just a few reasons Calgary parents should consider getting extra literacy help for their kids during this difficult time.

1. Literacy is a Gateway Skill

Imagine to yourself, if you will, what your daily routine would be like if you couldn’t read or write. Think about the thousands of small transactions and interactions that are only possible for you because you are able to read street signs, follow directions, and understand menus.

Now think about what your knowledge of the world would be like if you couldn’t read books or understand written text.

Without the ability to read and write at a reasonably high level, it is very difficult to attain a whole range of other skills and knowledge bases. Even in our media-saturate twenty-first century world, being able to understand the written word is fundamental.

Making sure your kids learn English at an early age can prime them for greater academic success later on, as it will empower them to follow their interests by reading books and web articles and exploring the world through the texts they encounter.

For this reason, you may want to engage an English tutor in Calgary if you want to ensure that your kids are getting the literacy help they need during critical stages of their development.

2. Learning to Read and Write can be Difficult

As anyone who has ever worked with a child learning to read or write knows, these tasks which come so naturally to us as adults actually take a good deal of time to learn as children. This is in part because the human brain is not hard-wired to read the way it is hard-wired to listen and speak.

Most children learn to read around the age of six, but there is a huge range of variance within what can be considered normal: some children are reading as young as four, but it isn’t unusual for seven- or eight-year-olds to struggle to understand basic texts.

Literacy is simply not something that comes naturally to every child, and one of the fundamental purposes of a primary education should be to help make sure that even kids who find reading extremely difficult have the opportunity to master reading and writing.

A great deal of research has gone into understanding how humans learn to read and write, and one of the reasons literacy rates are so high is because modern pedagogues have an unparalleled grasp on how to make literacy education effective and efficient.

Unfortunately, this requires that teachers have the time and resources to pay proper attention to each individual child, and this is something that becomes exponentially harder to do with each addition student who is added to the class.

Uniform education solutions simply don’t work when it comes to helping kids overcome personal barriers to learning, and as funding gets tight for Calgary schools, many of them will have fewer resources to offer the hands-on help children need.

One of the reasons why hiring a tutor to help your child improve their literacy skills is because tutors work with students on a one-on-one basis and provide the kind of personalized help that most children struggling to learn to read or write need.