Winnipeg Is Encouraging Home Learning This Summer

Posted on May 21st, 2020 3:30pm
By: paulteitelman

COVID-19 has changed education as we know it, as the virus has caused schools around the world to close down as a precautionary measure. Like the rest of Canada’s provinces, Manitoba has also closed down schools to help flatten the curve and encourage students to maintain social distancing. 

The reality is that, while the closing of these institutions is essential for the safety of the public, it is also essential that education continues throughout this pandemic. The reality is that children need continued education to expand their learning, hone their academic skills, and maintain a routine and sense of normalcy at this time. 

Even if schools don’t open until into the next school year — there is no knowing for sure at this point in time — it’s important to continue education over the summer to help students avoid what we call “brain burnout.”

Prep Academy Tutors is offering online private tutoring services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas this summer to help students proceed on their academic journey. Due to Manitoba’s current laws, our local tutors are also still able to offer in-home services at this time. As professional private tutors, we are happy to help students in Winnipeg to continue learning and will support them in any way that we can. 

As of right now, Manitoba is making some essential moves to help families set up at home and online learning this summer. At Prep Academy Tutors, we are doing the same by offering summer programs to continue helping students on their academic journey.

Manitoba’s Home Learning Efforts:

Right now, there are many moves being made in Winnipeg and across Manitoba to help encourage home learning as a means for educational support.

Prep Academy Tutors is proud to offer home tutoring in Winnipeg and its surrounding communities as we understand the value of continued education at this time. With standardized schools closed, it’s harder for students to receive the one-on-one attention they need to learn effectively and meet their academic goals, and we are happy to provide this level of personalized education.

Keeping Schools Closed

While the rules and regulations surrounding Coronavirus differ between provinces based on general population density and case count, Winnipeg schools are remaining closed. According to CTV, the Manitoba government stated that there are no plans to reopen schools before the end of the school year. Ultimately, schools are remaining closed to prevent a rebound effect. 

The province initially closed schools for three weeks on March 13th and then confirmed that schools would be closed for the rest of the school year on March 31st. By keeping schools closed, the government is actively working to keep students and school board staff safe. Prep Academy Tutors is especially happy to be able to continue providing education support at this time while schools are closed, and students need to continue learning and stay occupied.

Improving Access to Computers

The unfortunate reality is that, even with online education resources increasingly available to help children continue learning at this time, a lot of students don’t have access to their own computers. In fact, according to CBC, The Winnipeg School Division suspects that as many as 40 per cent of students in the Winnipeg region don’t have access to personal computers. 

The Winnipeg School Division (WSD) is planning to help reduce this disparity by distributing thousands of laptops and iPads for students to use for home learning. Specifically, the division will be distributing 2,166 Chromebooks and iPads as well as 600 cellular-enabled iPads to families who need them.

Winnipeg CTV revealed that most of these devices will come from school inventory and that the school division opted to invest in 600 LTE cellular-enabled Apple iPads pre-equipped with Rogers LTE wireless data. Rogers will provide this plan for free until June 30, 2020.

My Learning At Home

The Manitoba government has also implemented My Learning At Home, an online portal with every day learning activities, learning at home guidelines, online learning resources, and more. The government is promoting continued remote learning in whichever way parents and their children can facilitate at this complicated time.

Prep Academy Tutors also acts as an educational resource. Our tutors provide online learning resources, general tutoring, and subject-specific tutoring to help students who are transitioning into a remote education schedule and require some additional support. 

Recovery Learning

On April 17th the Manitoba government revealed its Response Planning Document for students learning from home due to COVID 19 school closures and released the documents to school divisions across the province. This document reveals that students from Kindergarten to Grade 4 must be engaged in curriculum-based learning for a minimum of 5 hours a week, while students in grades 5 to 8 are expected to engage in 10 hours per week. Additionally, teachers of grades 9 to 12 are being asked to plan at least three hours of education per week. 

The big takeaway from this is that students are still expected to learn at this time. We are happy to provide any kind of educational support we can, especially when assistance from teachers will be made more challenging due to a lack of access. The document does outline, however, that choosing to not engage in remote learning at this time means that a student will need to take recovery learning next year. 

Expanded Summer Programming

Global News announced that Manitoba will extend its summer school programs for students in grades 9 to 12. This extended programming is meant to help students who are looking to boost their grades, or finish uncompleted courses. It is designed to help better prepare students for their next year as well as to help students who have not completed their courses or want to improve their marks.

Access to Private Tutoring

Access to professional private tutoring is increasingly important in Manitoba right now, which is why we are proud that we are now offering private tutoring in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Our tutors provide personalized education to help your child in the way that they learn best and at a pace that works for them. 

Change of Education in Winnipeg

Education is changing in Winnipeg due to school closures and other changes influenced by the COVID 19 pandemic. According to the CBC, the Winnipeg School Division has laid off a total of 330 staff due to the school closures.

This includes 279 temporary workers (educational assistants, crossing guards, and care staff), as well as 51 bus drivers. 

Winnipeg School Division spokesperson Radean Carter did, however, reveal that these layoffs are in fact temporary and that no full-time staff will be laid off at this time. She wrote to CBC that “We really wanted to find meaningful employment for all of our staff, so it’s disappointing that we do have to go the route of temporary layoffs for some.”

Increasing Popularity of Home Learning

According to The Winnipeg Free Press, the province’s newly released enrolment report revealed that a total of 3,689 students registered for home learning last fall — this is quadruple 2000’s numbers. 

With the presence of the current COVID 19 pandemic and the possibility that education and educational institutions will be impacted for the long term, the prevalence and importance of remote home learning is increasing drastically. We are proud to be an alternative source for education in Winnipeg at this time. 

Continue Learning this Summer with Prep Academy Tutors

Prep Academy Tutors prides private tutoring over the course of the school year, but also provides educational support during the summer through our summer programs. We offer subject-specific tutoring, in addition to remedial programs and enrichment programs for students looking to get a head start on achieving their academic goals. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can sign up for summer tutoring with Prep Academy Tutors.