Curriculum Based Learning

Raising Grades & Empowering Students

Hiring a tutor who will work alongside your child’s current curriculum is a good idea because it will allow your child to catch up with his / her classmates while grasping tough concepts and ensuring full comprehension. Our tutors can answer your child’s questions, work at his / her speed, and provide supplemental exercises and instruction to ensure that your child is learning and growing.

Does Tutoring Help?

Some research suggests that one-on-one tutoring is very beneficial for students. One study found that students who received one-on-one tutoring performed better than 98% of students in a control group. Other studies have demonstrated that students who receive tutoring have increased confidence.

What does this mean for your child? Simply put, there is nothing like receiving focused, tailored, one-on-one attention from a professional educator. That’s what our personal tutoring company provides. We meet with you, get to know your child, and help supplement his / her education. We provide immediate feedback and we are all about communication. We never send an email when you could talk on the phone or even visit one on one!

Enrichment & Remedial Programs

Remember, every child can benefit from tutoring. Your child may be going to a great school, performing well, even getting good grades—but that does not mean a tutor can’t be beneficial. For example, at Prep Academy Tutors, we offer enrichment programs to our students. Why not give your child an edge, or even a new challenge? Whether it’s picking up a new language or taking a class in a non-required area of your child’s interest, such as computer science, we offer exciting programs for enrichment. We also offer remedial programs to help students who may be struggling and need a little extra focus on the basics.

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