Our Educational Philosophy For Tutoring

Great Tutors Make a Difference

At Prep Academy Tutors, we believe in bettering the lives of our students.

We are here to provide a very specific and necessary service: to help students achieve their academic goals. Our team believes wholeheartedly in the power of tutors to come alongside students and help them in a way that lecturers may not be able to.

What sets us apart is that each of our tutors is a certified teacher. Each team member is accredited through the Ontario College of Teachers, so we are professional and knowledgeable about what we do. However, our approach is not stuffy or unapproachable. We are not the teacher at the front of the classroom—we are the smart friend who explains things in a way that is easy to understand.

Power by Recognizing Variety

The centre of Prep Academy Tutors’ approach is our recognition that every student is different. No two students will learn exactly the same way. In fact, teachers are also naturally different in the way that they teach, so for every student’s learning style, there is an ideal teacher. As a result, we ensure that our team of teachers are trained in a variety of different instructional techniques.

For example, we have tutors who teach using the Wilson Reading System and others who teach the Direct Instruction Reading Mastery program. For math, we have tutors who are trained in the Singapore Math philosophy and others who employ JUMP Math.

The idea behind our variety is some students may excel at one learning style and not another. By providing multiple options for students, we can ensure that we pair them with the best tutor for their needs. Prep Academy Tutors acts as a “matchmaker” between students, tutors, and programs, ensuring that our students are learning in the most effective way possible.

Curriculum-Specific Learning

For our upper-level students, our familiarity with the Ontario Curriculum allows us to serve them with exactly the tutoring they need. Our upper-level tutors are specialists in all subjects, so they provide specific and professional instruction.

Our tutors strive to be current with every student’s curriculum. What that means is our tutors address the curriculum material first, before the student sees it in the classroom. This allows our students to see the immediate connection between their tutoring and what they are doing in school. In that sense, our tutoring is proactive. Our students get a head start on their studies, giving them the confidence to take risks in the classroom—which is vital to learning even more!

Once students have mastered their current material, our tutors work backwards to strengthen any gaps in their knowledge. They also work forwards, giving our students a preliminary grasp of what’s coming next. In both cases, our tutors enrich our students’ understanding of their curriculum, increasing their ability to learn with courage and self-assurance.