Remedial Programs

It’s Time to Start Seeing the First Letter of the Alphabet Again!

Remedial programs are designed with the struggling student in mind. Some students may have difficulty with basic areas such as writing, reading, or mathematics. If your child is dealing with a challenging subject and struggling to keep up with his / her classmates, our personal tutors can help.

We offer remedial programs to help struggling students get back on track and excel. All of our tutors are certified teachers. As professional educators, we are passionate about what we do!

Benefits of remedial education include:

  • Ensuring that all areas are understood, with no knowledge “gaps”
  • Giving the child the benefit of a professional, enthusiastic educator who can answer his / her questions
  • Keeping their spirits up and giving them renewed hope and excitement for learning
  • Avoiding being held back or required to attend special education

The Direct Instruction Reading Mastery Program

For students who need help conquering difficulties with reading, Prep Academy Tutors offers help with the Direct Instruction Reading Mastery program. Using carefully-developed and fully-scripted lesson plans, this program helps students improve their reading comprehension like no other program in the world. We help our students improve at an amazing rate by combining our one-on-one tutoring with the Direct Instruction model of teaching.

Direct Instruction is a teaching model built around 5 philosophical beliefs:

  • All children can be taught.
  • All students can improve their academic skills.
  • With the right materials, all teachers can help any student.
  • Accelerated learning is possible and necessary for low-performing students.
  • Lessons must be absolutely clear and controlled to minimize misunderstanding.

Direct Instruction uses lessons that are 90% review in order to build long-term retention and help students learn faster. Every lesson also focuses on a small increment of learning, which helps students learn quickly and effectively. Our Direct Instruction Specialist, Marissa B., helps Prep Academy Tutors’ students overcome their reading difficulties through confidence-building lessons with quantitative metrics. Learn more about this program and our approach by contacting us today!

The Wilson Reading System

Students with dyslexia or other language-based learning disabilities have specific educational needs that Prep Academy Tutors understands. One of our curriculums is designed to address those needs effectively: the Wilson Reading System. This program utilizes the Orton-Gillingham approach, using multi-sensory instruction to solidify retention and develop comprehension.

Each lesson incorporates reading, sound, sight, listening, and writing to comprehensively address all the aspects of fluency and literacy. The curriculum itself is a robust approach, teaching the English language systematically and structurally for maximum clarity. The lessons are based on phonological research, meaning that students will understand the underlying structure of English. This empowers them to decode English effectively and overcome their learning disabilities with confidence.

Why Choose Prep Academy Tutors ?

There is a lot to be said for choosing the right tutoring service . Our teachers are all certified, professional educators. We are flexible and work around your schedule—we come to your residence at your convenience.

Opening a report card does not have to feel like defusing a time bomb anymore! We are experienced in helping struggling students succeed. Why not call us and find out more about how we can help your child achieve his / her best?

To learn more about our remedial programs, call (226) 778-7517.