Tracey received her Bachelor of Education from the University of Manitoba and has almost 25 years of experience in a variety of teaching environments. Tracey has worked with Indigenous learners in northern Manitoba, taught ESL to engineers from the former East Germany, taught piano to Early Years students, and taught high school courses at correctional centres.

Tracey’s philosophy of teaching is to make learning fun and engaging by relating the subject matter to real-world examples as well as incorporating a student’s own interests.

In her free time, Tracey is a designer and illustrator, likes to travel to far-flung places, enjoys scuba diving and likes to spend time with her cat, Mia.


Becca is an enthusiastic educator with bachelors degrees in Education, Psychology and English. She has taught in various elementary schools, namely in English, ESL, Social Studies (History and Geography), Visual Arts, and Science. Using her university studies in child psychology, she also created and taught a specialized course in Meta-Cognitive Skills that taught students different learning techniques and helped them to assess their needs in various subjects. This was geared towards all students, including students with disabilities. Becca has really enjoyed volunteer teaching in Special Education classrooms in elementary schools, teaching students with varying abilities (including students on the spectrum) core curriculum, life skills and learning techniques.

From the time she was 16 years old and worked her first job as a Tae Kwon Do instructor, Becca has had a passion for teaching. Since then she has appreciated every opportunity to educate children and adults in a wide variety of subjects, from jewelry making and yoga to outdoor survival and wildlife! Her teaching philosophy is to support students with learning techniques and skills needed to give advocacy, build confidence and find joy in learning – ultimately to better understand themselves.

Becca also enjoys crocheting stuffed animals, playing D&D, bugging her cat named Merlin, and teaching dog training classes.


Samantha is an award-winning Canadian and international educator, who has presented her teaching strategies at the University of Toronto, the Solutions Tree Conference in Singapore, and contributed her lesson plans to the First Nations Caring Society. She received her undergraduate degree in English and Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario in 2009, and her Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto in 2012, where she was awarded the prestigious Kathy Bickmore Peacemaking Award in Education. She has experience teaching in Toronto, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. She has attended intensive professional training in Italy, and facilitated workshops for teachers in Cambodia. Samantha approaches her students with kindness, a sense of humour, and encouragement. Her teaching philosophy is to view herself as a learner, responsible for learning about, and adapting to, her student’s needs. She has experience with the following curriculums and pedagogies: Ontario, AERO curriculum standards, International Baccalaureate (PYP), and Reggio Emilia. She has experience in tutoring a wide range of subjects, with a passion for literacy coaching, organizational learning, and supporting English language learners. She is working toward her Guidance Counsellor qualification. In her spare time, Samantha has traveled to over 35 countries, and practices martial arts and yoga.


Sonam is a clinical research professional with a PhD in neuroscience research from the University of Toronto. She grew up in Guelph, completing her Biomedical Science undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph. Sonam grew up with a deep love for ‘all things soccer’ and played recreational co-ed soccer throughout her undergraduate and graduate studies. She discovered her love for teaching during her undergrad studies, whereby she served as a peer helper for university level chemistry and biology courses. It is through teaching that allows Sonam to foster her love of Science. In her spare time Sonam works one-on-one with children ranging from 9 years through to high school, primarily focusing on improving their math and science skills. Sonam believes that by building a strong relationship with her students she is better able to meet their needs and grow their learning. As a mentor Sonam continues to develop strategies for working with children that best suits their learning needs. She finds these experiences enjoyable and extremely rewarding. Sonam truly believes that engaging students using their curiosity and interests is crucial in helping them gain the confidence they require to succeed. In her spare time, Sonam also enjoys weightlifting and challenging her physical strength using different exercise modalities. As well, Sonam loves spending time with her friends and family and reading/watching thought provoking books/shows.


Bryce has his BSc was a double major in mathematics and computing science from Simon Fraser University. Bryce always found math fun in high school but it wasn’t until his second year university studies that he found passion and beauty in the subject. That sense of passion is something he loves to try to pass on to students who feel uncomfortable with the subject or that “they just aren’t math people.” During the completion of his BSc, Bryce found himself frequently employed as an instructor. He’s worked as a youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor, an ESL instructor, and an instructor in the Canadian Army Reserve (where he’s been employed since 2009). Bringing these instructional experiences and subject matter knowledge together inspire Bryce to create an atmosphere where students can get comfortable with the discomfort of learning and start to grow.


As a graduate of French Language and Literature at York University and a candidate of Western University’s Bachelor of Education, the combination of teaching and languages are my calling and passion. By April of 2021, I will be licensed as an Ontario Certified Teacher. In high school, my interests drew me to work and volunteer in schools, at summer camps, and in youth organizations and charities. In university, I had the pleasure of teaching grade twelve English at a private school. In my spare time, I volunteered in elementary French immersion classes. Now, in teacher’s college, so far I have taught grade 10 French core, grade 10 French immersion, and grade 12 French immersion. As well, I have many years of experience in tutoring English and French, as well as essay editing, aiding students with their university applications, and helping university students in social studies courses. As a tutor, I aim to foster an engaging, personalized, and interactive lesson, while maintaining communication with the parents and guardians. My various experience has made me a confident tutor and teacher, and it would be a pleasure of mine to help your child reach their academic goals.


Armand Pede earned a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto (2005), and earned three Masters degrees in Integrated Arts, Education, and Mathematics from Athabasca University (2011), Medaille College (2012), and the University of Waterloo (2018), respectively. He is also an OCT-certified teacher with over 13 years experience in the private school industry. In 2018, he was awarded the Edyth May Sliffe Award from the Mathematical Association of America, which is a national education award for distinguished mathematics teaching at the middle and high school levels, recognizing outstanding work to spark students’ interest in mathematics. Armand has published two books, one in the field of Mathematics at the Grade 9 level, and the other in the field of Physics at the Grades 11–12 levels. He is also in the process of completing a third book for publication at the undergraduate level in the mathematical field of Complex Analysis. Over the years, Armand has been a member of various professional societies, including the American Association of Physics Teachers, American Mathematical Society, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, American Physical Society, Mathematical Association of America, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Outside of work, he was a professional tennis player in 2005, and enjoys astro-photography, archery, baseball, soccer, volleyball, remote-control airplane building and flying, and oil painting.


My name is teacher Jerome. I have been teaching for 10 years. Most of it was as a tutor while the rest is as a licensed teacher.
I would be a perfect match for your child as I know the different strategies and teaching methods needed in a 1-on-1 tutorial setting.
I can be strict yet lovable. With many years of teaching under my belt, my lessons with your child will surely make a difference.
Get to know me more by booking me for a session.
See you soon.


Hello! My name is Nassim, and I am a high school tutor. I can teach several subjects such as mathematics, accounting, finance as well as financial mathematics. I am available to teach in both French and English.

My first teaching experience was at INSIM/HIMI ( Higher International Management Institute ) in Algiers where I was in charge of teaching as well as giving lectures to undergraduate students in the area of accounting, finance and mathematics. In this capacity I would follow the progress of each of my students, always providing feedback, which made it easier for them to succeed on their exams and, ultimately, earn their degree.

After that, I decided to develop my skills and knowledge by pursuing a doctorate degree in business administration at the University of West of Scotland in London (United Kingdom). While doing my doctorate studies I also attended workshops and tutorials regarding teaching and communication skills. These courses have helped me to communicate effectively with my students and determine their needs and academic goals. My experience in London has brought me an added value in term of teaching, as I believe that the British Educational System is one of the very best in the world. Therefore, I intend to use my skills and experience from the UK to help the students I tutor in Toronto.

In parallel to my geeky side, I am also a karate practitioner and a member of the JKA (Japan Karate Association). While I was training at the Whitechapel Shotokan Karate Club at Whitechapel (London), I had the responsibility of training kids as well as the new students about karate basics.


Hi, I am Lily!

I am an experienced teacher, having spent the last eight years around learning environments from several educational levels.

As a teacher, my goal is always to promote an engaging and innovative lesson so that learners can explore the subject and have a positive experience. To do so, I examine their previous knowledge and investigate their expectations about the topic. This works to create a custom learning experience.

Regarding my academic achievements, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Ecology. While developing my research, I took part in some of projects handling the collection and analysis of natural resources data.

From a more personal perspective, been around children and youth has been an exciting experience for me. Finding and nurturing talents and seeing students blossom is the greatest joy of being a teacher.

I am looking forward to helping you reach your academic goals!