Test Preparation

Get Your Child Prepared for Any Test

Are you looking for a test preparation tutor for your student? At Prep Academy Tutors, we provide tutoring services for students aged 4 to 24 years old and many different types of tests from college entrance examinations such as the SAT and ACT to AP examinations.

As tutors, some of our goals for our students include:

  • Find and resolve weak areas or knowledge “gaps” – All students have strengths and weaknesses; our team is here to find areas in which your child could improve so that they are as prepared as possible for their test.
  • Help generate confidence – Your student can feel confident and even enthusiastic going into his / her test. Eliminating elements of uncertainty is one of the best ways to make that change.
  • Give students concrete experience – By giving your student practice tests and exercises that will prepare them for the real thing, we will help them enter the test with confidence, because they’ll know what to expect!

Going Above & Beyond to Empower Students

When a big test comes along, the results can be very important—even life changing! A tutor can make all the difference. At Prep Academy Tutors, we are experienced in test preparation tutoring. Our test prep tutors are all certified teachers and are accredited through the Ontario College of Teachers.

We provide tutoring services for the following tests:

  • SSAT prep
  • SAT prep
  • AP examinations
  • IB examinations
  • ACT prep
  • EQAO prep, including grade 3, 6, 9, and 10 literacy test

We are proud to provide test preparation tutoring for students of in a broad range of ages and skill levels. Meet with our certified teachers to learn more!

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