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All About Teacher Conferences

Tips for Parents for Successful Teacher Conferences

  • Be on time and end on time. 
  • Plan ahead.  Make a list of questions.  Review them, prioritize them, and ask the most important questions first.
  • If your child receives special services, ask about your child’s progress with these services.  Do they need further accommodations? 
  • Ask for explanations of scores, data, and anything else you don’t understand
  • Seek at-home strategies and what you can do to support classroom instruction at home. 
  • Plan and set a schedule for regular updates from the teacher.
  • Thank the teacher

The Value of Student-Led Teacher Conferences

Many schools are switching to student-led conferences as a way to bolster active participation by students in their own learning.  Are your teacher conferences student-led?

Here’s a list of benefits to students from this type of conference:

  • Provides the opportunity for students to reflect on the school year to date
  • Helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Encourages students to ask for help in specific areas
  • Enables a discussion about classroom behaviors and social-emotional learning
  • Students are actively involved in setting academic goals
  • Students participate in creating an action plan that students + parents + teachers can use