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“Prep Academy Tutors has made
such a difference in our
daughter’s academic studies.

She has excelled in all her subjects and gained so much confidence with your guidance over the years. Now she is in the University of her choice.”

The Prep Academy


About Prep Academy Tutors

Learn about what Prep Academy Tutors is all about and how we can help the students in your family.



Yes, all of them. Math, English, French, Science and more. We have tutors who teach using the Wilson Reading System and others who teach the
Direct Instruction Reading Mastery program. For math, we have tutors who are trained in the Singapore Math philosophy and others
who employ JUMP Math. We also work with your child’s current class curriculum and our upper-level tutors are specialists in all subjects, so they
provide specific and professional instruction.

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Our tutors email detailed lesson notes to parents after every tutoring lesson. Whenever possible, they also call or meet face to face with parents to discuss overall progress and if any additional support is needed.

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We always provide regular feedback and illustrate the progress your child makes so that everyone is on the same page and working to help your child succeed.

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Perfect match

We recognize that every student is different and has a different style of learning. Think of us as tutoring matchmakers, working hard to pair each student with the right tutor for their specific needs.

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Your child’s tutoring needs, whatever they may be, will be covered with our range of services.

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Test preparation

Tests don't have to be daunting. We help your child be prepared and confident for any upcoming test. We offer private tutoring services and test prep for students aged 4 to 24, including AP examinations and college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT. Our certified teachers can make all the difference as your child prepares for the following tests: SSAT prep SAT prep AP examinations IB examinations TOEFL ACT prep EQAO prep: including literacy tests for grades 3, 6, 9, and 10

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Curriculum based learning

Our private tutors strive to be up-to-date with every student’s curriculum. What that means is they proactively address the curriculum material before your child sees it in the classroom. This allows our students to notice the immediate connection between their tutoring and what they are learning in school. A head start on their studies gives students the confidence to take risks in the classroom— a vital part of achieving academic success! For our upper-level students, our familiarity with the Ontario Curriculum allows us to serve them with exactly the tutoring they need. Once students have learned and mastered their current material, our tutors work backwards to strengthen any gaps in their knowledge. They also work forwards, giving students a preliminary grasp of what’s coming next. In both cases, our tutors enrich our students’ understanding of their school curriculum, increasing their ability to learn with courage and self-assurance.

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Remedial programs

If your child is dealing with a challenging subject or struggling to keep up with their classmates, our remedial programs can help them get back on track. Our tutors are passionate educators who know how to teach basic areas such as writing, reading, or mathematic to students who need a little extra encouragement. Benefits of remedial education include: - Ensuring that all areas are understood, with no knowledge gaps - Giving the child the benefit of a professional, enthusiastic educator who can answer their questions - Keeping their spirits up and giving them renewed hope and excitement for learning - Avoiding being held back or required to attend special education

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Enrichment programs

Not all tutoring is for remediation. Some tutoring is designed simply to enrich a student’s education and to help them gain new opportunities. We offer enrichment programs for students aged to 4 to 24. Enrichment tutoring services are for students who: - Need a new challenge - Want to get ahead - Are interested in a specific course - Want to learn a new language Our tutors help students work at their own pace, never skimming over difficult areas, but always ensuring thorough comprehension. As challenges increase, the student’s confidence does, too. With every new success, the student is empowered in the process of “guided discovery.” Working independently gives students the opportunity to take charge of their education.

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Academic coaching

Is your son or daughter struggling to stay organized? Is he or she spending too much time just managing and planning their homework or belongings, without ever completing a task? That’s because, most of a child’s life is managed, organized, planned and implemented by their parents. However, when children become older, they have more opportunities to be independent learners, where their responsibility grows and they begin to develop such skills on their own. Yet, like most things in life, we need to learn these skills. These skills are known as executive functioning (planning, time management, organization, task initiation, self control, metacognition and flexibility). Such skills are fundamental, life skills that transcend beyond an individual’s schooling and essential to a successful adulthood. At Prep Academy Tutors our Academic Coaches will be able to support your child by focusing and developing their executive functioning skills. Academic Coaches ensure to connect to real life scenarios, with context being a strong focus. Students will learned how to; Break up large tasks into smaller and more manageable chunks Explore strategies and tools to support organization and planning Focus on note taking skills Prepare for tests, exams and other forms of assessments Assist in organizing binders and backpacks Ensure the student is successfully using an agenda or calendar to help prepare for upcoming assignments, tests, etc. We want our students to feel confident in their learning and academic success which is why we believe executive functioning skills are essential to ensure student achievement and well-being.

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Learning pods

With students all having different learning styles and parents having differing comfort levels with sending kids back to school, many are opting for alternative education through learning pods at this time. Learning pods refer to small groups of students learning in a controlled environment. With the future of education changing rapidly, parents are opting to establish learning pods to ensure consistent learning. More often than not, these pods get facilitated through small-group tutoring, as parents and private tutors, like Prep Academy Tutors are working together to create a safe, contained, and consistent learning environment. At Prep Academy Tutors, we offer both online tutoring services and small group in-person tutoring services to meet the varying needs and educational preferences of parents and students across Canada, and in areas of the US.

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One-on-one tutoring

Our tutors don’t see themselves as the teachers at the front of the classroom. Think of us as your child’s smart friend who can explain everything to them in a way that is easy to understand.

Semi-private tutoring

Understanding that some students may want a friend to join them, semi-private sessions offers both personal attention and camaraderie in the learning process.

Group tutoring

Study groups of 3-6 students with a subject expert that understands the collaborative energy of group learning.

Online tutoring

We use an excellent, highly secure screen-sharing technology solution that enables students to continue learning when in-home sessions are not possible.