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Small investment, unlimited potential

Unlike other businesses, no storefront is required, so startup costs are low. All you need is a small initial investment and a bit of ambition for unlimited earning potential.



Enjoy flexible hours and the freedom to take summers and March Break off. Plus, all you need is a phone and laptop to run your very own tutoring services business.


support system

Our team of franchise developers provide all the training and support you need to build a client base, generate leads, understand operating and billing systems, and make an impact in your community.

If you like being your own boss,

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Aspiring business owners are not like other people. They’re not willing to settle for doing the same task day in and day out—they want to call the shots; to take hold of their own destiny. More than anything else, aspiring business owners want to make a change and contribute to their community. At the same time, the risks of business ownership can often keep would-be entrepreneurs from taking the plunge.

Thankfully, franchising with Prep Academy Tutors offers a unique opportunity. Franchising has been known as a business model that mitigates some of the risks of business ownership, providing a more stable base from which to work. Small business studies revealed that 90% of franchises stayed open after 5 years, compared to 50% of independent small businesses.


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In 2000, Carly Dougherty was busy using her free time outside of university to offer private tutoring to students in her community. She found herself almost always fully booked, with demand far greater than she could ever cope with on her own. Her passion for tutoring and helping children increased further after she obtained her Master’s Degree in Child Psychology.

“Running a Prep Academy Tutors franchise has far exceeded my expectations. It allows me to highlight my skill set in an interactive environment where I am able to do what I love best – help children succeed academically.”

A couple of years later, someone saw the effectiveness of Carly’s approach and suggested it would make a perfect franchise business. Working together over the next few years, they assembled a dream team of like-minded individuals and helped them open Prep Academy Tutors franchises in the Greater Toronto Area. The business then expanded to other parts of Canada.

Each business was designed to make families’ lives better, without additional hassle. Franchisees reported that students were not simply doing well at school, but also gaining confidence in their abilities as learners. To this day, Prep Academy Tutors franchisees only hire certified teachers.

Our Franchisee System

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A job that always makes the grade

It’s smart to be your own boss. Enjoy flexible hours. Make a difference in children’s lives. Get the continued support you need to succeed.

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