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For decades, educational researchers have been talking about a phenomenon known as summer learning loss. In this condition, some students experience a significant decline in the academic skills acquired from the previous school year over the summer break. The research has shown that students experience an average of one month of learning loss over the summer break. This learning loss means that there is approximately one month of grade level equivalent skills and learning gains from the previous year lost for the average student.

Learning loss appears to have a more significant effect on students from a lower socioeconomic background; however, many children, regardless of their socioeconomic status, deal with this. Research has indicated that summer learning loss is sharper for mathematics than for reading; several studies suggest that the average student can lose up to two months of computational math skills over the summer break. Unfortunately, summer learning loss puts many students at a substantial disadvantage once the school year begins again in September. Teachers can typically spend between two to eight weeks reteaching lost skills from the year before. Unfortunately, the lost time spent reteaching means that there is significantly less time to build new skills.

The good news is that summer learning programs prove to prevent summer learning loss and, in many cases, can continue to build on the learning gains experienced from the year before. Quality summer learning programs that focus on regular student attendance, individualized instruction, small group, or one-on-one teaching, using quality instructors and alignment of school year curricula, positively affect a student’s learning by preventing learning loss. Prep Academy Tutors provides summer learning programs that meet all of these characteristics. Our certified teachers will assess your child’s strengths and needs and create an individualized plan to prevent summer learning loss and build upon the skills they acquired from the year before. Fighting against summer learning loss has never been easier! Call us today to get started!