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Educational Support in The Time of Online Learning

Online learning is being recognized as the new normal as students are now learning at home either exclusively or on alternating days with in-class lessons. This transition to a more independent and flexible learning style is an excellent opportunity for students to learn at their own pace in a safe and comfortable environment.

The reality of this shift in learning is that it’s an adjustment for many students accustomed to having teachers and friends supporting them. Private tutoring is an effective way to help students through this transition, as tutoring has changed to accommodate these new needs.

The good news is, with resources like online and distanced tutoring, students can get the tools and resources they need to support their online learning journey. Prep Academy Tutors can provide in-home and online tutoring services to help support students during this transition.

The tutoring landscape may be changing, but tutoring services remain available and are a significant resource to help students at this time.

What Tutoring Looks Like Now

In response to social distancing rules, tutoring is now often done either online or at a smaller scale to ensure safety. The most common options for tutoring as of now include:

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a great way to get your child used to virtual interaction and learning. It is the safest means of academic aid as it is provided online and at the flexibility of your child’s schedule.

Small-Group Tutoring

In addition to online tutoring, students can receive tutoring in small groups to learn collaboratively at a safe distance. Tutors will offer small group tutoring for groups of 3-6 students.

Learning Pods

Learning pods are resemblant of small group tutoring. These pods are small groups of 3-6 students put together by like-minded parents. Parents will enlist help from a certified teacher like a tutor to lead the group and provide curriculum-based education.

The Need for Tutoring at This Time

Many parents may wonder why students would need educational support when they learn at home with more flexible expectations. The reality is that there are various ways tutoring can provide support at this time:

Test Preparation: With online tests becoming more prevalent, students may be struggling to prepare for and write these tests. Prep Academy Tutor provides test preparation services to help students develop the skills they need to study for tests and approach writing tests online under pressure.

Emotional Support: The fear of the unknown and the limited ability to socialize with friends and loved ones have impacted students’ mental health. A private tutor can provide compassionate assistance and support at this time to help students overcome overwhelming feelings and apply their focus to academic success.

Organization: Learning from home requires organization. Students need to manage their time and schedule accordingly to ensure that assignments are done correctly and on time. With less access to teachers, students require tools and resources to develop these skills to carry into their future. Tutors can help students build and improve these necessary skills that come with long-term benefits.

Socialization: Everyone feels the impacts of being distanced from friends and loved ones, and students are no different. Tutors provide students with a new friendly face to interact with, albeit online, to regain a sense of normalcy.

Educational Support in the Time of Online Learning | Prep Academy Tutors

How Parents Can Provide Educational Support

The reality is that homeschooling could be the new normal for the foreseeable future, which means students need all the support they can get to get comfortable learning virtually and stay focused.

We offer countless tips to help your kids with online tutoring to ensure they retain information and progress on their academic journey.

Learn About Online Learning

What does online learning look like for our students? How does Google classroom even work? It can be mutually beneficial for parents to learn about online learning.

The things teachers can do online are incredible, but getting used to online features on Google Classroom can be challenging for students with limited experience.

Consider spending some time navigating your child’s online learning platform so that you can answer their questions and provide support. Teachers use these platforms to communicate with parents and students. Being familiar with the system will also help you stay on top of your child’s schedule, and you’ll have a clear understanding of what to expect in the coming months from virtual classes.

Set Up a Workstation

You hear time and time again how important it is to set up a workstation when working at home, and the same rings true for studying remotely. Having a workspace for online learning supports students in various ways:

  1. It removes students from distracting common areas
  2. It establishes an area that students can associate with schoolwork
  3. Others in the home can identify the area and avoid it during school hours
  4. It encourages a sense of independence
  5. It provides a place where students can store all school-related materials
  6. It separates school and work from other areas in the house

You can designate a part of the kitchen table, a desk, or an area in the basement for online learning – it doesn’t matter where this space is.

Stay in Contact with Educators

Students want to know the future of their education. Both parents and students must maintain contact with educators to plan and understand the current state of learning.

Maintaining communication can help parents monitor their child’s progress and keep students informed about virtual learning plans. By staying up to date, you can support your child and prepare them for whatever the next step in their education.

How Prep Academy Can Support Online Student Learning

Prep Academy Tutors offers a range of tutoring services across Ontario to provide students with any academic support they may need. We can help whether they need tools and resources to adapt to online learning or have gaps in knowledge to fill.

We have tutors located across the province who are certified teachers prepared to provide your student with the personalized education they need to succeed.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team to learn more about matching your child with a tutor in your area. Our tutors can support students in a wide variety of ways.