Enrichment Programs

Personal Tutoring Service with Certified Teachers

Not all tutoring is for remediation. Some tutoring is designed simply to enrich a student’s education and to help him or her gain new opportunities. Are you interested in learning more about enrichment tutoring? You’ve come to the right place! At Prep Academy Tutors, we offer enrichment programs for students aged to 4 to 24.

Who Is Enrichment Tutoring For?

The Benefits of Our Enrichment Tutoring Include:

  • Students who need a new challenge – If your student is advanced, gifted, or just isn’t feeling challenged in school, enrichment tutoring could give him / her a new goal and a whole new set of achievements to strive for.
  • Students who want to get ahead – In today’s educational environment, it can help students to distinguish themselves in every way possible! If your child is high achieving and wants to attend an Ivy League school or pursue a competitive career path, enrichment tutoring can help him / her stand out.
  • Students who are interested in a specific course – If your student is excited by a particular subject such as computer science or philosophy, enrichment programs can help
  • Students who want to learn a new language – In our increasingly globalized economy, knowing a second language is one of the most valuable assets a student can acquire! We provide enrichment tutoring for Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, Latin, and Hebrew.

As challenges increase, the student’s confidence does, too. With every new success, the student is empowered in the process of “guided discovery.” Working independently means the student has the opportunity to take charge of his / her education.

Our tutors help students work at their own pace, never skimming over difficult areas, but always ensuring thorough comprehension.

Empowering Students & Broadening Minds

Enrichment programs can change your child’s life! Learn more about our programs, taught by certified teachers and professional educators.

Our personal tutors can assist you and answer any questions you might have about enrichment tutoring. Call (888) 885-3968 to learn more information and to get started!