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Hiring a Language Tutor: Ask These 5 Crucial Questions First

Learning a new language is an exciting adventure, and finding the perfect tutor to guide you through the process can make all the difference in your success. With the availability of online tutors and private tutoring options, it’s easier than ever to connect with experienced language instructors. 

However, it can be challenging to know which tutor will be the best fit for your learning style and goals. To help you make an informed decision, here are some essential questions to ask when hiring a language tutor.

1. What Are Your Qualifications and Experience?

It is essential to determine the duration of a tutor’s experience. While a tutor with a decade of knowledge may not be three times better than one with three years of experience, it is crucial to understand if they have a successful track record in helping clients achieve their objectives. 

If you aim to attain B1 fluency, inquire about their techniques, resources, and activities to help you reach that level and their success with other clients. Conversely, if your goal is to pass the TOEFL, ask how many clients they have assisted in achieving that target. 

If they only specialize in test preparation, consider finding a tutor who focuses more on conversations. However, if passing a test is your priority, make sure to work with someone who is an expert in that specific exam.

2. What Teaching Methods Do You Use?

It’s essential to have an imaginative tutor when learning a language. The process can be quite challenging, and if it becomes dull and similar to a traditional school environment, you might lose motivation. 

Inquire about their teaching methods and strategies. Will they suggest additional resources for you to utilize outside of your sessions? What materials and techniques will they employ during your lessons? 

They should encourage you to speak frequently, as this is a crucial aspect of language learning. Also, ask if they’ll incorporate storytelling and comprehensible input in their approach.

Additionally, it’s essential to have a customized educational plan tailored to your needs. Generic methods may work in high school classrooms, but most of us can’t even recall what we learned in those language classes. 

Your tutor should develop an individualized strategy that assists you in attaining your language objectives. The approach should be engaging, enjoyable, and pertinent to your interests.

3. What Is Your Availability and Scheduling Process?

If you cannot spend sufficient time with your tutor, your language learning objectives might be postponed. This can be an issue if they prefer in-person sessions while you prefer online interactions. 

So first, determine your availability and check if the tutor can accommodate you for the required duration. If you want to achieve fluency quickly, but they can only meet for an hour once a month, it would be wise to look for another tutor. Keep in mind that you need hundreds of hours of interaction with a language to make significant progress.

4. Do You Provide Trial Sessions?

The tutor you choose might look perfect based on their qualifications, but after beginning lessons, you might discover that you’re not clicking. It’s completely fine to do a trial class to understand their teaching style, demeanour, and overall vibe. 

The great thing is that many companies provide trial classes. Don’t downplay the importance of your feelings during sessions. If you don’t enjoy conversing with your tutor, look for a different one, as you will be spending many hours with this individual.

An additional piece of advice is to ensure that your tutor is providing corrections when needed. Repeating the wrong thing multiple times can make it more challenging to correct the mistake later.

5. Can You Show References or Testimonials?

When hiring someone, it is common to request references, and this is no different when looking for a language tutor. You can gain insight into the tutor’s teaching methods and effectiveness by talking to others. 

It is crucial to determine if the tutor has successfully helped clients achieve their language goals and whether your objectives align, such as passing a test or reaching B1 level proficiency. These goals require different types of classes, and knowing this can help you gauge if the tutor can help you achieve the desired outcome.


Finding an exemplary private tutoring service is essential for your language-learning journey. To choose the best online tutor, consider their experience, teaching methods, availability, price, and references. 

Remember that a good tutor should be able to adapt their teaching style to your needs and provide constructive feedback to help you improve. With the right tutor by your side, you will be well on your way to mastering your chosen language.

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