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Homework Hygiene: Make The Most Of Your Homework Routine

We’re about two months into the school year and that means, more than likely, your child has
already brought home unfinished classroom work or assignments.
While your child may not love doing homework, it will always be a part of their education so it’s
best to establish solid study routines early one. The routine nature of habits is part of what
makes them so effective. Creating healthy homework habits will set them up for success now
and in the future.

Create a Homework Zone:

Try to find a space that is away from the television, other family members (if possible) and any
other distractions. This includes having all the materials they need readily available so they
aren’t stepping away from their homework to try to locate a calculator or pen.

Schedule a Regular Time:
This time will differ depending on your child. Some will be ready to hit the homework right after
school while others need downtime and a snack or dinner to recharge. Also, plan out time on
weekends if there is a larger project that needs to be completed.

Block Out Their Time:
Teach your children to manage their time by breaking up the work into chunks. Some children
prefer to take a break only after a task is completed while others will do better by working in
specific time intervals (if this is the case, you can set a timer).

Start Smart
Have your kids start with the homework item they least want to do. This gets it out of the way while they
are still feeling ‘fresh’ which means it will less likely be a struggle to motivate them later on.

Keep In Communication
Learn what your child’s teacher has in place for homework policies and what to do if your child is
having difficulties finishing assignments at home (Should you call? Send an email?).

Be a Motivator
You shouldn’t do your child’s homework for them but you can absolutely be there to talk it
through with them and/or go through their notes/textbook together. Make yourself available for
questions and give encouragement when needed. If your child is getting frustrated, take a short

Seek Extra Help
If homework time is always a struggle or you find your child is bringing home more work than
expected because they aren’t finishing assignments in class, you may want to consider a tutor.
Working with a tutor can not only motivate your student but also puts their needs at the center of
the educational process, empowering them to focus and get their work done.