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Why Prep Academy Tutors? Personalized Tutoring in Oakville & Burlington

Our certified and accredited tutors in Burlington and Oakville set us apart, and make us a reliable source for personalized education. Prep Academy Tutors provides a personalized approach to education by prioritizing personal attention and flexibility. Our private tutoring services are specially catered to ensure that each child we work with is given the right tools for success. We use communication and track progress to help improve your child’s grades and help them reach academic success. Our tutors provide students with the compassion, education, and encouragement they need to confidently set and achieve their academic goals. When we teach students, it’s important for us that they enjoy the process and have fun on their journey to academic fulfillment. Learn about our professional tutoring services in Oakville and Burlington today. Every student has a different way of learning, which is why we execute a personalized approach to education. Standardized classrooms cater to one style of education, which is why at Prep Academy Tutors, we provide an alternative for students who require a different approach to education. Standardized class sizes are getting increasingly larger, making it harder for teachers to provide one-on-one attention to children who may require alternative education. Our compassionate tutors in Burlington and Oakville form personal relationships with students to identify their strengths and understand how to effectively fill in any gaps in their knowledge. At Prep Academy Tutors, we are committed to the success of your child both in and outside of the classroom. We strive to provide your child with the tools they need to confidently interpret the material taught in class and will update you on the progress that they make along the way. It is important to us that parents are part of their student’s learning journey, which is why we provide detailed progress reports so that you can see how your child’s relationship with different subject matters is improving. A personalized approach to education can help your child to get further ahead, fill in their gaps of knowledge, and overcome any obstacles they may face in the classroom. Get in touch with Prep Academy Tutors today to learn more about our personalized private tutoring services in Oakville and Burlington.

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Certified Tutors in Oakville & Burlington

Prep Academy Tutors boasts a team of certified tutors in Oakville and Burlington who are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to effectively provide personalized tutoring services. Our certified teachers are trained, well educated, and familiar with curriculum material. You can have peace of mind that when your child is paired with one of our tutors, they will be covering and revisiting subject matter being addressed in the classroom. Classroom sizes in the Halton Region continue to grow, which is why we provide personalized education to ensure that students receive one-on-one attention to effectively grasp curriculum material. It is increasingly harder to get a job with a school board, which is why Prep Academy Tutors provides an alternative option for teachers looking to develop their teaching skills and share their knowledge, patience, and passion for education with students. Both our tutors and students find enrichment and fulfillment in tutoring. Our locally-based certified tutors serve Burlington and Oakville in the Halton region.

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Flexible In-Home Tutoring in Burlington & Oakville

Our private tutors work with you to establish a tutoring schedule that is convenient for you and your child. We provide flexible in-home tutoring services in Oakville and Burlington to ensure that your child is able to receive personalized education without disruption to your family’s schedule.

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Personalized Education

While providing professional education, our tutors also establish a compassionate and personable relationship with your child to ensure that they feel fully supported along their journey to academic success. We like to think of ourselves as the “smart friend” who is there to help guide your child and explain things in a way that is easier for them to comprehend and apply in the classroom.

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Professional Tutoring services

in Burlington & Oakville

The 2016 census revealed that there are 30,670 and counting people under the age of 14 living in the City of Burlington, and 36,710 in the Town of Oakville. Of course, these numbers continue to grow as the Halton region expands. More and more students being put into standardized classrooms are not receiving the personalized attention they need to reach academic success.

At Prep Academy Tutors, we offer professional tutoring services in Burlington and Oakville to help students with alternative ways of learning to better understand curriculum material. Our tutors offer a range of tutoring services to cater to the different ways that children learn.

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At Home and Online One-on-One Tutoring Services


Some students learn best when they work one on one with an educator who can explain source material to them in a way they are responsive to. We work closely with your child to form a close bond and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in the classroom. We offer at-home tutoring services so that your child can learn in a place that is familiar to them.

Prep Academy Tutors provides flexible at-home tutoring in Oakville and Burlington to ensure that your child is receiving education at a rate and time that is convenient to them, and for your schedule. It is important to us that your child is able to continue their daily routine without disruption, so we coordinate with you to determine the best times for our tutoring services.

We act as a “smart friend” for your child who provides them with education on their terms, in a place where they are comfortable and without distraction. It is important for us to create an atmosphere where your child feels like they can ask questions and share what they need to achieve academic success.

The reality is that some students learn best when they have the support of another child who can motivate them and bounce off ideas with them. This can help students to feel less alone. We offer semi-private tutoring in Oakville and Burlington for students who learn better with a companion.

 Semi-private tutoring with two students can create a sense of camaraderie when both children have a common goal. It can also provide a child with a sense of familiarity when they receive tutoring with someone who they are comfortable around and can relate to.

Our private tutoring services in Burlington and Oakville include the option for group tutoring sessions for students who prefer to learn collaboratively. We provide tutoring in groups of 3-6 students to ensure that our students are able to feel like they are learning in a collaborative environment while still maintaining a small class size.

Whether you are looking for an English tutor in Oakville or a math tutor in Burlington, we will be able to pair you with a tutor who specializes in the subject matter that your child would like to revisit in a more familiar, and personalized manner. We provide tutoring for the following subjects:


● Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Computer Science)

● Social Studies (Philosophy, History, Geography, Civics)

● Mathematics (General Mathematics, Algebra & Geometry, Calculus & Vectors, Data Management, Advanced Functions)

● English (Essay Writing, Reading, Literature, Writing Skills)

● Languages (Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian)

Our tutors provide in-home tutoring in the City of Burlington and the Town of Oakville that is aligned with the current curriculum practiced by the Halton Region. Prevalent school boards in the Halton Region include the Halton District School Board, Halton Catholic District School Board, and the French Catholic School Board.

We teach students curriculum-based material in a way that is personally catered to their individual learning needs. Our tutors will cover curriculum subject matter with your child before it is addressed in their classroom so that they can apply their knowledge when the topic is approached in a classroom setting.

 We teach curriculum material before it is taught in the classroom so that your child can see the parallels between what they are learning at home, and at school. This will help them to make connections and be better prepared for any new subject matter.

After we cover and master curriculum material, we will revisit any areas where your child may have gaps in knowledge. Instead of skipping over areas of difficulty, we come back to these topics to ensure your child has the confidence to take on the material in their classroom.

Many students struggle with standardized testing due to feelings of stress and anxiety, which is why we offer test preparation services to provide students with the tools they need to be prepared for, and confidently approach examinations and standardized tests. We provide test preparation services for standardized tests such as the SSAT, SAT, ACT, and ISEE.

Enrichment Programs

Students in Burlington and Oakville can benefit from our enrichment program that is geared towards those looking to get ahead or expand their knowledge in a subject of interest. Prep Academy tutors offer enrichment programs for students aged 4-24.

Our enrichment program provides students with the chance to get ahead and expand their knowledge in a unique subject that is not covered or thoroughly covered in the standardized classroom. Our enrichment program is well suited to students looking to learn a new language, study a specific subject not offered in their school, or expand their knowledge of a subject only briefly touched upon by the current curriculum.


Remedial Tutoring Programs

Prep Academy Tutors offers remedial programs for students in Burlington and Oakville looking to get back on track to reach their academic goals. Through our remedial programs, we work closely with students to help them overcome their academic struggles and to provide them with the encouragement to set and reach academic goals. We offer two remedial programs:


The Wilson Reading System: Our Wilson Reading system program is geared towards students with dyslexia or a language-based disability who require personalized education to enhance their literacy skills. Our program is designed to focus on sensory understanding through reading and sound to help students retain information, and improve their literacy comprehension and language fluency.


Direct Instruction Reading Mastery Program: Our Direct Instruction Reading Mastery Program is designed for students struggling with literacy. Our program incorporates fully scripted lesson plans to keep tutoring sessions clear and controlled.



the owner

Kim Podivinsky

Kim was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. She received a Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Guelph. She also studied abroad at Universite Canadienne en France in Villefranche – sur – Mer, France. Kim is a graduate of The Toronto Montessori Institute and holds a diploma in Casa and Elementary Education. She is happily married and a mother of four young children, two dogs and 2 cats. Kim is passionate about working with children. She feels strongly about the development of the ‘whole child.’ It is important that we enable our children to develop their full intellectual, creative, physical and spiritual potential. She feels this is best done in an engaging, interactive supportive and nurturing environment.

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head office team

Adrian Dougherty
Adrian Dougherty
President & Chief Operating Officer
Carly Dougherty
Carly Dougherty
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Ellie Routledge
Ellie Routledge
Director of Education

our tutors

Allison Z.
Allison Z.
Primary Junior, Intermediate and High School Teacher
Chemistry, Elementary Education 1-6, English, Geography, Math, Science, Social Science
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Amna I.
Amna I.
Algebra, Calculus and Vectors, English, Finite Math, Math, Science
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Anna V.
Anna V.
Senior Chemistry and Languages
Chemistry, English, French
Primary and Junior Teacher
English, History, Math, Science, Social Studies
Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Betty H.
Betty H.
Intermediate and High School Teacher
Mandarin, Math
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Brooke B.
Brooke B.
Primary, Junior Teacher
Elementary Education 1-6
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Caitlin S.
Caitlin S.
Senior English Tutor
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Camila A.
Camila A.
English, Science, Math
Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

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