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Professional Tutoring in Vaughan

Tutors in Vaughan. Certified private teachers. In-home tutoring. All grades & subjects.

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Prep Academy Tutors?

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Why Prep Academy Tutors? Professional Tutors in Vaughan

What sets us apart from other private tutoring companies in Vaughan is that our tutors are certified and accredited. At Prep Academy Tutors, we believe that opening a report card shouldn’t feel like defusing a bomb. Every child is capable of academic success; they just require the right set of tools and educational resources. We provide professional private tutoring in Vaughan that is personally catered to the unique needs of each student. Every child learns differently, which is why not every student responds the same to classroom-based education. Our team of certified teachers are equipped with the compassion, patience, and qualifications to provide students with a personalized education. By providing students with personalized academic assistance, we help them to improve their grades and overall understanding of subject matter. We work to help your child reach a sense of academic confidence to set and reach academic goals. Get in touch with Prep Academy Tutors today to learn more about our private tutoring services in Vaughan. As part of our personalized approach to education, we practice active communication to keep parents involved in their child’s academic journey. Instead of sending automated emails, we connect with parents via phone calls and face to face meetings to keep them updated on the progress their child is making. If your child is falling behind academically or struggling to catch up with their classmates, we can provide them with the personalized education they need to reach academic success. Instead of being a teacher at the front of a classroom, our tutors form a close bond with your child to identify their unique needs and provide an environment that is comfortable, patient, and low-pressure. Our local certified tutors offer private tutoring at homes across Vaughan, Kleinburg, Maple, and Thornhill.

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Certified Vaughan Tutors

We only hire certified teachers who have the experience and qualifications needed to provide quality and professional personalized education to students. Our team of tutors are all accredited through the Ontario College of Teachers and are professionals who are knowledgeable about education. As class sizes increase, it is getting harder for educators to get jobs with a school board. We provide teachers with an alternative that allows them to both pursue a career in education and work one-on-one with children. Our local certified tutors serve Vaughan, Kleinberg, Maple, and Thornhill.

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Flexible Tutoring In-Home

Prep Academy Tutors is your source for flexible in-home tutoring in Vaughan. We work with your schedule to ensure that your child is educated in a way and at a time that is convenient for them. Our tutors will work with you to identify the times that will best benefit your family and your child’s education.

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Personalized Tutoring

We pride ourselves on delivering personalized tutoring with a high level of service. Our tutors work with your child to form a bond and provide a level of professional education that is personalized to their unique needs and preferences.

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Professional Tutoring services

in Vaughan

We offer professional tutoring programs in Vaughan, Kleinburg, Maple and Thornhill to suit the educational needs of different students and provide exciting opportunities for learning and growth. Our professional tutoring services vary in approach and dynamic as it is important for us to provide options for all types of learners. 

Every child learns differently and we provide a level of personal education that is specially catered to these needs. We work with you and your child to not only meet their educational needs, but to make sure that their private education schedule aligns with your schedule.

Our tutors are committed to providing your child with an approach to education that will help them to exceed expectations and excel both inside and outside of the classroom. If you are looking to equip your child with private education, consider our different tutoring programs.  

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our different programs and how we can personalize education to help your child reach academic success.

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One-On-One Tutoring at home and online


At Prep Academy Tutors, we bring education to your home. Our at-home one-on-one tutoring services allow us to work personally with each student to best understand and cater to their learning needs in a setting that they are familiar with.

One on one tutoring allows us to create a relationship with each student, and provide them with additional educational tools and resources on their terms and in a low-pressure environment. Instead of a teacher at the front of a classroom, we like to think of ourselves as your child’s “smart friend” who can explain things in a way that is easier for them to understand and retain.  

Our one-on-one tutoring in Vaughan is flexible as we work around your schedule to ensure that we don’t interfere with your day-to-day. Our job is to enhance your child’s educational experience by providing the educational support they need, when they need it.

Some children learn best when they have the support of a peer at a similar learning stage. We provide semi-private in Vaughan for pairs of students who would prefer to get tutored together for an extra level of support and comfort.

 Semi-private tutoring allows students to benefit from private tutoring while being able to share the instruction time.

If your child learns best in an environment with collaborative energy, they will likely benefit from our group tutoring services. We offer group tutoring in Vaughan for groups of 3-6 students so that children can learn alongside peers and benefit from the support and encouragement that comes with learning in a group environment.

Sometimes, specific subjects can act as roadblocks on a student’s academic journey. Students interact with subject matter differently based on their unique way of learning and their personal preferences.

We offer subject-focused tutoring to help students keep up in subjects that pose as a challenge for them. Our tutors include specialized math tutors, french tutors, science tutors, English teachers, and more.

We have specialized tutors for a wide variety of subjects. Get tutoring for any of these subjects in Vaughan, Kleinberg, Maple and Thornhill:

● Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Computer Science)

● Social Studies (Philosophy, History, Geography, Civics)

● Mathematics (General Mathematics, Algebra & Geometry, Calculus & Vectors, Data Management, Advanced Functions)

● English (Essay Writing, Reading, Literature, Writing Skills)

● Languages (Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian)

Public schools in Vaughan, Kleinberg, Maple and Thornhill are mostly operated under the York Region School Board, which abides by the curriculum outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Our certified educators provide curriculum-based tutoring that aligns with the material that your child is learning in the classroom.

Our Vaughan tutors work alongside your child’s current curriculum to provide them with the right education to catch up with their classmates and ensure their full comprehension of currently taught subject matter.  

When we provide a personalized level of education that aligns with your child’s current curriculum, your child can make better connections between what they are learning at home and what they are learning in school. We are also able to cover material before it is taught in the classroom to provide students with the tools to more confidently approach new course material.

We help improve your child’s understanding of curriculum material by revisiting any challenging topics to fill in gaps in their knowledge. Our tutors provide students with an outlet to ask any questions they may not feel comfortable asking in the classroom, as well as instructions and supplemental instruction to solidify their academic learning and growth.

Many students struggle with feelings of stress and anxiety leading up to and during standardized tests. Prep academy Tutor provides test preparation services in Vaughan to help students better prepare for tests.

We provide tools and resources to help students improve their study habits and better understand how to approach test writing. Our tutors can help students prepare for major tests not limited to EQAO, the SSAT, SATs and more.

Enrichment Programs:

It is a common misconception that tutoring is only for remediation. The reality is that tutoring can also be an exciting challenge or a way for a student to get ahead. We offer enrichment programs in Vaughan for students who are looking for a new challenge whether that means pursuing a subject of interest or even a new language.

Learn more about our enrichment program options open to students aged 4-24. Our programs provide a new challenge that can be fulfilling and enriching for ambitious students.


Remedial Programs:

If your child is struggling to catch up with the peers, don’t fret. You have options that will help your child to regain academic confidence. Every student has the capacity to succeed academically; they just need the right educational assistance and environment to do so.

Prep Academy Tutors offers two types of remedial programs to suit the specific needs of different learners. Learn more about our remedial programs in Vaughan today.


The Direct Instruction Reading Mastery Program: This program is specially designed to help students with difficulties reading improve their reading comprehension. We help students improve at a fast rate with carefully developed and full-scripted lesson plans.

The program combines our one-on-one-tutoring and the direct instruction model of tutoring. This is an educational concept where material is streamlined and taught in small, specific increments to speed up reading comprehension and development.


The Wilson Reading System: This program is focused on the specific educational needs of students who struggle with language-based disabilities like dyslexia. By utilizing the Orton-Gillingham approach that focuses on multisensory instruction, we can help improve student’s literacy through this program.

Every lesson incorporates senses like reading, sound sight listening and writing to help them better interpret material, and empower them to grasp English effectively so that they can approach literacy with an elevated sense of confidence.





the owner

Suzanne Amos

Born and raised in Montreal, Suzanne has lived in Quebec City, Kingston, Ottawa, and Vancouver – and has called Toronto home since 1998. After completing her BA (Political Science) in 1985 from Queens University, Suzanne moved to Ottawa to tackle politics as an intern in the Prime Minsters Office. After a move to Toronto in 1998, Suzanne changed direction and decided to start her own communications company.

Suzanne has four children all of whom have different degrees of special needs. She has experience with both the public and independent school systems and has been a happy client of Prep Academy Tutors. Through her experiences accessing accommodations for her children, she has learned first-hand the value of individualized learning in a student’s own home. She believes that the confidence that comes from a strong teacher-student relationship can extend beyond the classroom. Suzanne very much looks forward to working with families in the Vaughn, Woodbridge, Kleinburg and Caledon areas – to help your children succeed.

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head office team

Adrian Dougherty
Adrian Dougherty
President & Chief Operating Officer
Angie Xhoxhaj
Angie Xhoxhaj
Franchise Support Manager
Carly Dougherty
Carly Dougherty
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Ellie Routledge
Ellie Routledge
Director of Education
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Raemyn Cheema
Franchise Support Manager

our tutors

Intermediate and High School Teacher
Algebra, Economics, Math
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Primary, Junior and Intermediate Teacher
Computer Science, Elementary Education 1-6, English, Math
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
High School Teacher
11, 12
Ashley P.
Ashley P.
Junior Intermediate and Senior Teacher and SSAT Coach
English, French, History, Social Studies
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Intermediate and High School Teacher
7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Senior Teacher
Algebra, Calculus and Vectors, Data Management, Math
9, 10, 11, 12
Primary and Junior Teacher
Elementary Education (K-6)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Biology, Math, Science
9, 10, 11

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