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Our Purpose, Mission, and Reason for Being

Prep Academy Tutors | Boulder County CO


Our purpose, mission, and reason for being is to help students go from confusion to confidence, from confidence to competence, and from competence to mastery — in any subject at all grade levels.

Having confidence, competence, and mastery in any subject area is infectious. Once you learn how to unlock the mind’s ability to convert information into knowledge and apply that knowledge to a variety of other tasks, you are well on your way to succeeding in education and in life.

How does one move from confusion to mastery?

Tutoring has consistently been the easiest and most effective way.

At Prep Academy Tutors, we think of our tutors as your child’s “smart friend”: a patient and knowledgeable adult who is a subject area expert with years of experience helping K-12 students.

So, whether your child’s challenge is comprehending fourth-grade literature or first-year calculus, developing confidence and moving towards mastery is the key that opens the door to whatever comes next.

For more information about the tutoring programs at Prep Academy Tutors, call us at 720-902-5585, email us, or visit our website.