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PDSB Tutoring Program

The Peel District School Board is offering free tutoring to their students through third party services and have chosen Prep Academy Tutors as one of their vendors.

Please follow instructions provided below to register:


Register with Peel District School Board


Go to https://www.peelschools.org/tutoring-services and click on the Tutoring Service Request Form which is highlighted in Blue on the website. You will need to sign in from your Peel District School Board email account to complete the form. Choose Prep Academy Tutors of Mississauga and Milton as your tutoring service along with all required information and submit the form.

FORWARD EMAIL FROM PEEL BOARD – The email generated by the Peel Board after the online request form is completed will contain the name of the Tutoring Centre “Prep Academy Tutors of Mississauga and Milton” and the full name of the student along with the Code. Kindly “FORWARD” that email from Peel (which includes the code) to lindsayellis@prepacademytutors.com to begin the enrolment process. When you forward the email, please include parent’s name and phone number so that we can contact you as needed.

COMPLETE AND SUBMIT PREP ACADEMY REGISTRATION FORM – Please note we are working on a first come first serve basis so we will only contact you once we have received this registration form. Please click the online form here: NEW PDSB CLIENT FORM