What You Need to Know About the State of Education in New York

As a result of COVID-19, school boards in New York (and around the world) are currently considering the best ways to facilitate education come September — while also abiding by social distancing regulations. 

Prep Academy Tutors of Westchester will continue to provide remote private tutoring services in New York to help students pursue their educational journey. At this time, when the state of education is continually changing, our tutors are prepared to provide compassionate and flexible personalized education.

Recently, CNN reported on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plans to reopen schools for at least some in-person instruction in September. 

Following this announcement, Governor Andrew Cuomo released new information about the guidelines that will be put in place to maintain safety if and when schools reopen in the upcoming year. He also made sure to acknowledge that, given the circumstances, this Decision could change. 

The state of education in New York during the pandemic is continuously changing, and it has yet to be confirmed whether or not schools will open in September. Here’s what we know so far:

The Framework of Guidelines for Reopening

On Monday, July 13th, The State Education Department presented a framework to the Board of Regent outlining guidelines for the safe reopening of schools.

This framework was a significant but necessary undertaking created after four virtual Regional School Reopening Task Force meetings and a student forum. According to CNYC Central, the state said that the framework was created after receiving the feedback of over 1,650 parents, students, teachers, administrators, school board members, and stakeholders.

Betty A. Rosa, the Board of Regents Chancellor, shared with NBC New York that the framework was created “to plan for the upcoming school year under three different scenarios that aim to keep our children, educators and school personnel safe and encourage equitable access to high-quality services for all students.”

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If Schools Open: The Guidelines 

The framework presented on July 13th outlines specific guidelines teachers, students, and other staff members will need to abide by if schools reopen in September. 

These include:

Regular Health Checks: We support parents and families who work from home and the growing community of families moving from Manhattan to Westchester. We work to help bridge the gap between school curricula.

Social Distancing:: Schools will be able to re-evaluate how they use their space to help students and teachers maintain social distancing practices.

Ventilation: Schools will need to consult with professionals to ensure that their ventilation and filtration meets or exceeds requirements.

Hygiene: Both students and staff will be required to maintain proper hygiene practices that align with CDC and DOH guidelines, including handwashing, wearing masks, and disinfection.

School Bus Disinfection Measures: All districts will need to maintain safety processes for the 150,000 NYC families who rely on bus transportation to get children to school. This includes both disinfection and social distancing practices. Students and staff will be required to wear masks and social distance when they are at bus stops, on busses, and when exiting busses.

Communication: We prioritize communication between tutors and families.


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The Current Numbers

Currently, New York has a low and stable number of people testing positive for the virus. However, because numbers of cases in other states like Florida are of concern, schools will only be reopened if they are safe.

How Safety Will be Determined

There is a formula that the state will use to identify if and when schools are safe for reopening. Schools will only reopen in regions that are in Phase IV and maintain a daily infection rate of 5 percent. These metrics are believed to be a good signifier that the virus is under control. 

When the Decision will be Made

The decision of whether or not schools will reopen in the new school year will be made the first week of August. If there is a rise in numbers between the time of the decision and the first day of school, and the regional rate surpasses 9%, schools will close immediately. 


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