Abir is an international teacher and native French speaker. She holds a Masters in Molecular Biology and a Bachelors degree in Medical Biotech and has had more than 6 years teaching experience at the Lycée Francais in Jeddah where she taught High School Biology & French. It was while she was overseas teaching that she discovered her passion for teaching and working with children. She is currently pursuing her teaching degree in Ontario at the University of Ontario Francais and will be an Ontario Certified teacher very soon. Abir loves teaching French using a conversational approach, engaging activities and workshops. During the summer months she runs a Science Camp that encourages children to learn about science using interactive and hands-on experiences. As a tutor, Abir works one/one with students of all ages and helps them improve their reading/writing, vocabulary and math skills. She believes that by building strong relationships with her students, she is better able to meet their needs and help them develop a love of learning.


Stephen Carter has a BA, MA and PhD (ABD) in English literature. He was a University Teaching Assistant for five years at two Canadian universities, and he has taught and tutored elementary, high school, and college/university students for over ten years. As a teacher, Stephen helps students cultivate a love for learning, achieve academic success, and develop advanced skills in reading, writing, analysis, critical thinking and speaking.

Christina G.

While completing her undergraduate studies at McGill, Christina tutored on behalf of the Sociology department, preparing students for upcoming exams and assignments. As well, Christina volunteered at the essay writing center, where she edited and assisted students with papers.

Christina is passionate about literacy and believes that skills in reading and writing are fundamental to success in any subject. She has worked extensively with students with developmental and processing problems, working to help the students overcome difficulties and obstacles. She is trained and very experienced in SAT and SSAT preparation as well as assisting students with writing personal statements of excellence. She teaches students studying skills, test-taking strategies, and how to overcome test-related anxiety. As well, Christina specializes in preparing students to transition from public to private schools. Her preparation is exhaustive, including test-taking prep, interview prep for the student, and interview prep for the parents.

Christina believes in developing and fostering relationships with each student to create a comfortable environment that allows the students to flourish and learn. She is a firm advocate for different learning styles and tries to incorporate a variety of techniques that deviate from standardized education, as she considers each student’s learning style to be unique and accommodable.


Ever since earning his 7th-12th grade math certification fifteen years ago, Jason has aspired to be his students’ favorite middle school teacher. Having recently completed a Sixth-Year Degree in STEAM from Sacred Heart University, Jason is excited to be heading up a MakerSpace for students at Dolan Middle School in Stamford, Connecticut. HIs creative, hands-on approach to learning seeks to motivate and support all students, demystify math, and provide the rigor and guidance needed to persevere and achieve success. In his free time, Jason also seeks a creative and hands-on approach to juggle his three young children and their three newly adopted kittens.

Lorrie R.

Lorrie Roussin is a certified secondary English and History teacher, additionally certified as a School Library Media Specialist and Principal. The child of a military veteran, Lorrie developed a passion for history and literature during her pre-teen years, inspired by her travels with her father. Her love for reading began at a young age, allowing her to immerse herself in different worlds and explore new ideas. Lorrie is passionate about sharing her love of reading with students, aiming to instill a lifelong appreciation for literature. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Our Lady of the Lake and earned a Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of Texas at Austin. Lorrie further advanced her expertise by obtaining a Master’s in Educational Leadership from the University of Phoenix.

With extensive experience in both traditional and online teaching environments, Lorrie has not only thrived as an educator but also as a mentor. She frequently trains teachers and librarians on various educational technology applications to enhance student engagement. Her ability to integrate technology into the classroom has made her a valuable resource in modern educational practices.

In her spare time, Lorrie enjoys writing short stories, traveling, seeing Broadway musicals, and spending quality time with her family. Her diverse experiences and dedication to education make her a versatile and passionate tutor, committed to fostering a love of learning in her students.

Joshua M.

Joshua is a computer engineering graduate from Queen’s University. He has extensive experience in teaching and tutoring, having served as a teaching assistant for courses in Object Oriented Programming and Engineering Design Principles. In these roles, he assisted students with their coding assignments and projects, providing individualized support to enhance their learning experience. Additionally, Joshua’s passion for education was evident early on, as he tutored math for students in grades 6 through 9 during his high school years. His strong expertise in math and programming, combined with his commitment to student success, make him a highly capable and dedicated educator.

Zo F.

Zo is a student at the University of Toronto, completing their third year of undergrad pursuing English, Psychology and creative writing studies. In past positions, they’ve tutored ESL students, and students with higher educational support needs, in both intermediate math and English. Additionally, Zo has experience editing and writing for professional productions, medical papers, in addition to simply editing fellow English majors’ work. In highschool Zo attended William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate institute for their enriched math and English program. Overall, Zo wants to make sure your child’s education is not daunting and patiently lead them through their work so they are fully able to understand their curriculum and apply knowledge beyond school. Zo understands how difficult comprehension can be and will diligently tailor the way they teach to the student’s needs.

Sandi M.

Sandi Mustard is a Certified Teacher. She grew up in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, moving to Vancouver to complete an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology. As well, she completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Arts Education. Most recently, she completed a Masters of Education (Innovations in Maths Education). Sandi has a lifelong passion for working with children, beginning at a young age. She loved volunteer babysitting for mothers’ meetings in her teens and led arts-based summer day camps during her undergraduate degree. She joined the world of education as a Certified Education Assistant, working extensively with students with autism and other developmental disabilities. She has also taught English in Thailand, where she hit the beach every day after work. In 2009, Sandi returned to UBC to complete a Bachelor of Education, and has been joyously teaching ever since. She is passionate about supporting the improvement of reading, writing, vocabulary and math skills. Sandi knows that by building a strong relationship with her students she is better able to meet their needs and grow their learning. She engages students using their curiosity and interests to help them gain the confidence they require to succeed. In her leisure time, Sandi enjoys hiking and backpacking and anything on or in the water. You can often find her at or near Okanagan Lake, swimming, paddleboarding, kayaking or boating. And if she’s not there, she’s up in the hills! Sandi looks forward to supporting your child, teaching in a way that guides them towards their fullest potential.

Ivan Ly

Ivan is a passionate educator dedicated to helping students thrive. He holds an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science and is currently pursuing a career in education in Teachers College at York University, specializing in the Junior/Intermediate divisions.

With extensive experience as a Kumon teaching assistant, a private tutor, and running an after-school math tutoring program at a TDCSB school, Ivan has developed a strong foundation in supporting student success. Additionally, Ivan’s student teaching experience with the TDSB has further honed his skills in creating engaging and effective learning environments.

Ivan is committed to providing personal, professional, and supportive tutoring to help his students reach their full potential. Student success is all about understanding the knowledge and challenging themselves to achieve higher standards, better preparing them for the future. Ivan is looking forward to making a positive impact on your child’s educational journey!

Catherine H.

Cath is qualified in Intermediate/Senior French, Intermediate Math, Health & Physical Education and Guidance. She has 20+ years of experience teaching in the Toronto District School Board. Cath taught for 15 years at Lawrence Park, which is a French Immersion school. She is known for helping students find their passion for learning and caring for their overall well-being. Cath focuses on making her tutoring sessions engaging and positive experiences so that they can achieve their best. Her own children, Oliver and Sarah are twins and are in high school and she understands what challenges youth face today. In my free time, she enjoys walking my dog, cycling, travelling, reading and playing games with her family.