Danica J.

Danica studied Bachelor’s in Business Administration, majoring in finance, and is currently completing her diploma in International Business. She has over a decade of experience working with children by being a volunteer teacher within her local community since she was in high school. Presently, she serves as a peer tutor at Centennial College, specializing in math courses within the Business department, and as a part-time instructor at an after-school learning center, tutoring children from grades one to eight.

Beyond her academic endeavors, Danica finds joy in painting pet portraits and scenic landscapes, staying active with badminton, and embracing the challenge of learning new languages.

Her patient and understanding nature, combined with her passion for education, is evident in her teaching approach. She is committed to empowering students and instilling a love for lifelong learning.

Jeremy M.

Jeremy is a certified Physics/Mathematics, and Technology Education teacher. He grew up in San Antonio, TX, moving to San Marcos to complete an undergraduate degree in Sound Recording Technology. While working on his bachelor degree, Jeremy found a job as an AVID tutor for junior high and high school students, and this was where he first got a taste of working in the classroom. Next, he then spent a year as a graduate student abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, before returning to Texas to finish his masters degree in International Studies. Jeremy grew up with a deep love of travel and took the opportunity to explore the world during and after college. He had always thought about teaching full time, and it wasn’t until the covid pandemic after being stuck at home that he decided to take the leap and join the teaching field. During his time as a teacher, Jeremy has also sponsored the student guitar club on his campus, and co-sponsored the Science Bowl team. In the summer of 2023, Jeremy taught physics for the Pre Freshman Engineering Program hosted at UTSA, where students conducted hands-on experiments to learn about static and current electricity. Jeremy believes that by building a solid relationship with his students, he can better meet their needs and grow their learning.


Lizzie K.

Lizzie graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Human Biology, Health and Society and is currently a medical student at Sidney Kimmel Medical College. She brings 6 years of tutoring and teaching experience in a variety of settings, including private tutoring, student-athlete academic support, and serving as teaching assistant for Cornell courses in biochemistry and educational psychology. Lizzie specializes in all math and science-based school support through college level. Her approach centers on providing an encouraging educational environment for students—ensuring they feel confident and supported as they master challenging concepts. When not thinking about medicine, you can find her at a park with her golden retriever puppy Henry.


Dustin is a BC Certified Teacher for Twice Gifted Students and currently teaches grade 5/6. He has taught and tutored children from grade 1-9 and has worked as an interventionist for children with ASD and their families. Dustin formerly worked in an engineering career, but he did not find this career rewarding. After taking a leave, he discovered his passion for education in a daycare and pursued his teaching degree at the University of Saskatchewan. He is also currently completing his Master of Special Education online at Vancouver Island University, which qualifies him to administer Level B testing in K-12 schools in BC. He moved to Vancouver with his partner in 2020 and enjoys flying back home to visit twice a year. Dustin’s extensive experience with children of varying abilities has emphasized the importance of personalized support and tailored lessons to each child’s unique strengths and challenges. Dustin prioritizes empathy, patience, and flexibility in addressing diverse learning needs effectively. When Dustin’s not guiding students through the intricacies of learning, you might find him devouring comfort food, swapping tales with friends, or on the beach playing volleyball. Otherwise, he’s likely curled up at home with a stack of tear-jerker novels, tissues at the ready. He insists it’s just allergies, but we suspect it’s the heartwarming endings that get to him.

Joe M.

Joseph (“Joe” to everyone except priests and nuns) Myers is a lifelong Philadelphia resident who graduated college with Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops. Well, he is not THAT old, but due to completing undergraduate studies in 2001 from Saint Joseph’s University (The Hawk will never die!!!) and graduate work eight years later through Arcadia University, he has acquired a good amount of experience in the educational and publishing realms. His time within them has reaffirmed the belief that everyone exists as a teacher with abundant lessons to teach. He happens to consider himself fortunate to be a literal educator with unwavering devotion to reading, writing (Poetry rules!), and history. Music and pop culture are other topics where he can hold his own, and he likes to weave them into discussions so as to contextualize material. When these pursuits have had enough of his dedication to them and he is not in stitches from time with his wife and son, this left-hander frustrates foes on tennis courts and nerds out on chess.

John J.

John Jaros is a highly experienced mathematics teacher with an AS in Respiratory Therapy, a BA in Mathematics, an MS in Physics, and a PhD in Computer Science. His extensive teaching background includes helping students in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. If you are having difficulty with arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or calculus, he is confident that he can answer your questions, eliminate your confusion, and set you on the road to mathematics excellency. Dr. J. loves math because it is one of the few areas of knowledge that has both practical applications as well as theoretical investigations. In addition to enjoying teaching, Dr. J. is an avid computer programmer, a big admirer of his and his wife’s cat Copernicus, and an “exercise junky” on his home treadmill.

James O.

James earned a BS in World History from Temple University and has been working in education for the past 16 years. He values the connections he makes with students and enjoys helping students understand their learning profiles. His academic expertise is with ELA, essay writing, college essay writing, SAT prep specifically in Reading and Writing sections and executive functioning skills. He is remarkable at supporting students in learning to rely on their strengths. He also has a knack for product design, graphic design, and loves panda bears.

Tejas G.

Tejas, an aspiring CPA, holds a post-graduate degree in professional accounting from Humber College. He pursued a second post-graduate degree in financial planning from the same institution, driven by his passion for finance. With a talent for simplifying complex concepts, he excels in tutoring finance, accounting, and business management. During his undergraduate studies, Tejas served as a peer tutor, discovering his enjoyment in teaching and guiding his peers. He offers personalized assistance, breaking down challenging topics using real-world scenarios. Tejas has a strong academic background, ranking third in his bachelor’s degree in business management from Mumbai University with a CGPA of 9.61. He has proven his dedication to education, achieving a remarkable 90% aggregate in high school while also holding a leadership position as a cultural head in the student council.

Before pursuing further education, Tejas gained valuable hands-on experience at a Kombucha startup, honing his skills in accounting and operations within the food and beverage industry. His financial acumen fueled his ambition to pursue a CPA designation in Canada. In the fall of 2024, Tejas will embark on his career journey at Deloitte Canada as a staff accountant in assurance services. Beyond academia and work, Tejas finds joy in nature, sharing his life with an adorable pet dog and dedicating time to yoga, in which he is trained as a yoga teacher from India.

Ella M.

Ella is a third year honours biochemistry student at McGill University planning to pursue medical school after graduation. She is also a student researcher working in the Huang Lab at McGill studying ovarian cancer. She is passionate about teaching fundamental studying skills and solidifying students’ knowledge in the scientific field. She has past experience tutoring high school science for a non-profit organization. Ella is available for online or in person tutoring sessions and looks forward to collaborating with her students!


Alexandra is an OCT teacher with experience teaching grades 4 through 12, as well as post-secondary. She is a passionate educator who enjoys working with students of all ages and helping them develop confidence as learners.

She received her Master of Arts in French Literature from the University of Toronto and her Bachelor of Education from Brock University.

In her free time, Alexandra enjoys different hobbies like pottery, hiking and knitting. Her greatest joy is camping in the backcountry.