Zoë M.

Zoë graduated magna cum laude from the University of Toronto, specializing in research psychology and minoring in English.
They graduated from York University with an MA in critical psychology, their thesis focusing on accessibility in undergraduate education.

Zoë’s passion is teaching and learning, and they have expertise in a variety of subjects. Most notably, they have been an SAT tutor for over ten years — tutoring 1-1, teaching intensive courses, designing lesson plans and curricula, training other instructors, and even writing an SAT Teacher’s Manual, which was sold to various test prep and tutoring companies, and which they still update yearly for personal use.

Zoë’s teaching style is reflexive, engaging, agile, and learner-centred, informed by their extensive knowledge of psychology and pedagogy, and enriched by their confidence in every student’s ability to succeed when given the right tools.


Nima N.

EN. Nima is a distinguished engineer with a deep passion for teaching and research. He holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University, Montreal, and a Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering from Azad University. Throughout his career, Nima has been committed to advancing engineering education and conducting impactful research. Presently, Nima serves as an engineering instructor at John Abbott College in Montreal, where he teaches courses including Industrial Energy Audit, Advanced Engineering Technologies, Automation & Control, Physics, and Materials Science. His teaching methodology emphasizes the integration of theoretical concepts with practical applications, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment for his students Nima has extensive research experience, notably developing an electro-thermal anti-icing system for aircraft at Green SEAM. This innovation achieved an 80% reduction in energy consumption while enhancing in-flight safety. The project was admired by Airbus Canada, showcasing his ability to leverage advanced technologies to address critical engineering challenges. Nima’s professional journey includes roles focused on the practical application of engineering principles. At Bombardier, he worked on control systems and led R&D initiatives for Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS). His responsibilities encompassed designing electro-mechanical systems, working with automation and control technologies, and understanding electrical components within HVAC systems, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and system optimization. Nima’s dedication to advancing sustainable design and innovative engineering solutions is matched by his commitment to educating and mentoring the next generation of engineers. He is excited to continue contributing to the field through his teaching and research, inspiring students to achieve excellence in their academic and professional pursuits.

FR. Nima est un ingénieur distingué avec une profonde passion pour l’enseignement et la recherche. Il détient une maîtrise en génie mécanique de l’Université Concordia, à Montréal, et une maîtrise en génie automobile de l’Université Azad. Tout au long de sa carrière, Nima s’est engagé à faire progresser l’éducation en ingénierie et à mener des recherches impactantes. Actuellement, Nima est instructeur en ingénierie au Collège John Abbott à Montréal, où il enseigne des cours tels que l’Audit Énergétique Industriel, les Technologies Avancées en Ingénierie, l’Automatisation et le Contrôle, la Physique et la Science des Matériaux. Sa méthodologie d’enseignement met l’accent sur l’intégration des concepts théoriques avec des applications pratiques, créant un environnement d’apprentissage dynamique et engageant pour ses étudiants.

Nima possède une vaste expérience en recherche, ayant notamment développé un système électro-thermique de prévention du givrage pour les avions chez Green SEAM. Cette innovation a permis de réduire la consommation d’énergie de 80 % tout en améliorant la sécurité en vol. Le projet a été admiré par Airbus Canada, mettant en évidence sa capacité à utiliser des technologies avancées pour répondre à des défis d’ingénierie critiques.

Le parcours professionnel de Nima inclut des rôles axés sur l’application pratique des principes d’ingénierie. Chez Bombardier, il a travaillé sur des systèmes de contrôle et dirigé des initiatives de R&D pour les systèmes de contrôle et de gestion des trains (TCMS). Ses responsabilités comprenaient la conception de systèmes électromécaniques, le travail avec des technologies d’automatisation et de contrôle, et la compréhension des composants électriques dans les systèmes CVC, en mettant l’accent sur l’efficacité énergétique et l’optimisation des systèmes.

La dévotion de Nima à faire progresser la conception durable et les solutions d’ingénierie innovantes est égalée par son engagement à éduquer et à encadrer la prochaine génération d’ingénieurs. Il est enthousiaste à l’idée de continuer à contribuer au domaine grâce à son enseignement et à ses recherches, inspirant ses étudiants à atteindre l’excellence dans leurs poursuites académiques et professionnelles.

John R.

John Rogers began his teaching journey as a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa in the 1990s. He then embarked on a 25-year career as a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, while also teaching chemistry at Temple and Villanova. Now, he teaches in Temple University’s engineering department, and he has taught physics, biology and math at the high school level. Driven by his passion for inspiring young minds, John left the pharmaceutical field to start a company focused on science and robotics training for youth. In his spare time, John likes playing guitar and cooking exotic foods (a handy springboard for discussing thermodynamics). He is dedicated to helping students discover the wonders of the world through science.



Celeste graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston with a Bachelor of Honours in Arts and Science. She majored in Global Development Studies, a cross-disciplinary department teaching courses exploring politics, philosophy, economics, environmental justice, public relations, global governance, religion, history, geography, and social justice. Celeste was also a concurrent education student working to complete her teaching certification alongside her undergraduate degree. She is entering her final year of teacher’s college, completing three classroom placements and fulfilling her teachable subjects, history and geography. Celeste has been engaged in teaching since she began coaching volleyball at fourteen. This sparked her love for teaching and encouraged her to seek further opportunities. She has worked at Olympia Sports Camp as a counsellor and a summer schoolteacher for their outdoor ed high school leadership credit. She has taught grade nine English, science, and geography, as well as grade twelve English, grade ten world religions, grade ten civics and careers, and grade eleven world history while on placement. Celeste has experience working with elementary school students through her responsibility of caring for students from junior kindergarten to grade five at Pickering Colleges After Care Program. She has worked with the Helen Tufts Society in Kingston, where she was paired with a grade four student whom she met with once a week for tutoring. In her free time, Celeste enjoys being outside with nature, whether walking her dog Aussie, going for a bike ride, or playing pickleball. Celeste is honoured to be a part of a student’s success and learning in the same way her tutors were for her.



Kandice D.

Kandice D. has over 10 years of experience in the education field. She is currently a professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio where she teaches English courses. She has also taught courses in Speech Communication at UIW and San Antonio College in addition to having taught high school English for four years. Her expertise lies with English and composition, but she is also adept at tutoring Spanish and French, Speech/Communication, AP English, college essay writing, and providing test prep for the STARR exams.

She recently obtained her PhD in English from The University of Texas as San Antonio. She has an MA in Communication from UTEP, and a BA in Political Science with a French minor from UTEP.

She is dedicated to seeing her students succeed and provides excellent study skills and knowledge in her subject areas.

Nazia M.

Nazia Mahmood holds a Master’s of Teaching degree from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, where she also completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree. Over the last five years, she has worked alongside students from both primary and secondary schools in both English and Social Science subjects. Her extensive experience encompasses work in community centers, private tutoring, and online synchronous tutoring, where she has meticulously developed individualized lesson plans to address the unique academic goals of each student.

Nazia’s pedagogical approach is rooted in Culturally Responsive and Relevant teaching methods, as well as the principles of Universal Design for Learning. These frameworks ensure that her instruction is inclusive and adaptable, catering to the diverse needs of her students. Throughout her practicum experiences in her Master’s program, Nazia taught both Social Science and English subjects, working in both group settings as well as one-on-one work sessions.

Nazia is deeply passionate about her students’ well-being and academic growth. Her commitment to fostering academic success is driven by her genuine care for each student’s individual journey. Nazia’s dedication extends beyond academics; she is dedicated to creating a supportive and nurturing learning environment where students feel valued and empowered to reach their full potential.

Michelle C.

Michelle is a seasoned educator with a passion for fostering intellectual curiosity, is delighted to be your child’s guide on his/her educational journey. With a rich tapestry of experience, Michelle has cultivated a global perspective through living in Budapest, Hungary for over ten years and working as a former UN staff member. As an accomplished educator, Michelle has taught courses for high school and undergraduate students in music and math. With a background in the social sciences, she is passionate about shaping young minds and inspiring a love for learning.


Camilia is a TESOL certified ESL instructor and science tutor. After growing up in Toronto, Camilia completed her Bachelors of Science (Honours) degree in Biology and Health Science at McGill & Brock University. She then went on to teach English abroad in Korea, and complete her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Doctoral Degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Camilia also completed her Homeopathic Medicine diploma with CEDH, and has been tutoring high school and university students for over 10 years. In her spare time, Camilia loves cooking, travelling, photography & running. She is passionate about many things, especially teaching and helping students reach their full academic potential!


Valentine F.

Valentine Faseemo is a passionate and innovative teacher with over five years of teaching experience as a Professor of Law. Valentine graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria before proceeding to the Nigerian Law School where he was called to the Nigerian Bar as the Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court. He obtained a Masters in International Business Law at the Tilburg University, Netherlands where his curiosity for scholarship and research led him to write his Master’s thesis on Non-Interest Banking as an Alternative to Conventional Banking. Valentine is also a co-author of Company Law and Practice in Nigeria, as well as many academic articles.

Valentine’s impactful, innovative and dynamic teaching methods as well as positive student feedback earned him the award of the Best Lecturer in the College of Law of the Afe Babalola University, Nigeria, where he taught various courses such as Commercial Law, Banking Law, Application of Computer to Law, ICT Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution. His personable approach to teaching and mentoring also led him to be appointed as the Staff Advisor to the Law Student Society in the University.

Valentine’s other research and teaching interests and practice areas include Competition Law, Immigration Law, Entertainment Law, History and Current Affairs.


Rachel B.

Rachel is a former teacher and nanny with a passion for helping students succeed. With a master’s degree from DePaul University, and a 4.0 GPA, Rachel loves to learn and share her knowledge. She gets to know her students’ background and interests before starting her lessons, as to make the information at hand pertinent to each child. With kindness and enthusiasm, Rachel strives to make learning a fun and comfortable experience for both the student and their families. Communication is her strong suit, as she enjoys sharing milestones and challenges with parents to ensure student success. In her spare time, Rachel travels the world with her husband, Cole. The pair resides in the Northwest suburbs with their two cats, and in her spare time, Rachel runs a successful photography studio out of her home office. Get in touch with Rachel today – she cannot wait to get to know you!