Patrick G.

Patrick is a recent graduate of the Life Sciences program at Queen’s University. He has been tutoring for 10 years, with extensive experience in CEGEP and university chemistry, math and physics. He loves to coach his students as he recognizes the importance of preparation and focus in all aspects of life.

McGill University: Master of Science, Pathology (IP)
Queen’s University: Bachelor of Science (Honours), Life Sciences

Marlyn H.

My name is Marlyn and I’m currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program at Ontario Tech University (Intermediate/Senior Division), specializing in Biology and General Science. I have completed a Bachelor of Science, with honours, at the University of Guelph with strong a background in Biology, Chemistry, Neuroscience, and Physiology. My goal is to teach sciences and math when I graduate.

I have experience with in-person and virtual tutoring as well as working as a camp counsellor and tour-guide. My experiences will allow me to provide a fun and positive learning environment and be adaptable to the many different styles of learning. I am passionate about creating an inclusive learning space where students feel safe.

In my spare time I enjoy being outside and staying active, golfing, reading, and love travelling.


Meet (Krishna) B.

Krishna has a strong command on teaching students using the socratic method and has received overwhelmingly positive results in his career. Krishna has been the head of the Science and Math department at a private school. Krishna aims to provide an in-depth education for students that stimulate understanding of the material on a foundational level. Krishna combines his teaching with various models and art-based learning experiences which stimulates a deeper understanding.He is a creative and innovative thinker with experience teaching students from different ethnic and educational backgrounds. He has the ability to accommodate children with different learning styles

Krishna’s educational background includes a Honours Bachelor of Science where he specialized in Human Biology.

Maya J.

Maya received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo in biochemistry and psychology. She then went on to earn a Master of Science degree and Master of Teaching degree from the University of Toronto. She is a qualified intermediate/senior teacher in biology and chemistry, and also has additional qualifications for teaching special education and English language learners. After gaining two years of teaching experience abroad, she is currently employed by the York Region District School Board.

Maya has also been involved in many volunteer activities throughout the city, with organisations such as Pathways for Education, the Child
Development Institute, and Kids Help Phone.

When not teaching or hanging out with friends, Maya enjoys cooking, reading, and swimming.

Tiffinnea R.

Tiffinnea has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan. She also has a teaching certificate from Aurora College with a focus of Aboriginal Studies. She has worked with students at all levels from grades K-12, although she primarily teaches grades K-6. She has experience teaching students with a wide range of learning differences, as well as English Second Language.

Tiffinnea has taught in five different countries. She has experience working with different curriculums across the globe, both in the classroom and online teaching. She has a strong passion for Culinary & Visual Arts and has created art programs for all ages including adult learners.

Apart from teaching, Tiffinnea enjoys cooking and the outdoors. Creating new plant based recipes, getting out kayaking or hiking with her family and dog are her favourite activities.


Hayley R.

Hayley Rodgers is a certified teacher in the Northwest Territories. Born in Clareville, Newfoundland, Hayley grew up in Inuvik and upon graduating high school pursued a career as a teacher by attending the University of Alberta to obtain her Bachelor of
Education. It had always been her plan to receive her degree and return to teach in her hometown, and that’s exactly what she did. Hayley graduated in 2015 with her Bachelor of Education and moved back to Inuvik. She taught grade 7 English Language Arts, Social Studies, Health, and Careers for six years at East Three Secondary School. After her 6th year of teaching, Hayley took a year off to travel and then settled in Yellowknife where some of her family resides.

Having been raised in a Northern community, Hayley understands the youth and their emotional, social, and educational needs.  She decided to pursue tutoring to work more one-on-one with students and address some of the needs that arose from the pandemic. She understands that many students may have struggled with academics during the Covid pandemic and the need for support and supplementary lessons outside of the classroom is high as a result. Having taught through Covid, she understands the struggles of teachers, parents, and students when trying to fill in the inevitable learning gaps that arose. Hayley’s goal is to support students so they can feel confident and ready for the classroom.

Hayley has been trained in various reading assessment programs. Her main area of expertise is improving reading and writing. This includes but is not limited to formal and informal writing, creative writing, essays, vocabulary, and grammar. She can offer support across many grade levels, from junior high to high school to adult learners.

Hayley believes that building a strong bond with students helps her better meet their individual
needs. She understands that all students have different needs, and what makes us different makes us unique. In her free time, Hayley is an avid reader, and artist, and has a love for all things nerdy. She approaches her teaching style with a sense of humor and believes learning should be a fun partnership between tutor and student.

Melanie G.

Melanie (Mel) is a passionate educator that has had the pleasure of completing a Bachelor of Science degree (general science and ancient Greek studies), Bachelor of Education degree (teachables in mathematics, science and biology) and a Master of Science degree (with focus on water chemistry, animal physiology/biology, animal behaviour, biostatistical analyses, circular statistics, weather patterns, lake systems and in-depth interpretation of data manipulation).

Mel is extremely patient, and loves being challenged. She believes that education and learning can be extremely fun and exciting. Teaching students to understand rather than memorize is Mel’s philosophy. By building a vast knowledge base rather than regurgitating information that has been memorized can be helpful not only in education but as a life skill. Her major goal is to inspire those around her to be successful (in both their personal and academic life) and to guide others to discover their potential to achieve success!

York University: BEd in Science and Mathematics; PhD degree in admittance; MSc in Biology, Chemistry and Statistics

Brock University​: BSc in General Science

Raj R.

Raj Rungta is an Ontario-certified teacher who holds many degrees including his B.A.Sc, M.A.Sc, P.Eng. and B.Ed.  In addition to his teaching certification, Raj is a certified mechanical engineer who has over 18 years of professional engineering experience in the Nuclear, Manufacturing, and Consulting Engineering industries.  He has taught many professional development courses in the field of engineering.  Rajesh combines both his passions for teaching and engineering through his experience as a classroom teacher as well as a college professor.  Rajesh teaches all levels of math and science.  He specializes in physics, chemistry, and all levels/types of math and ACT/SAT prep.

Jagwinder K.

Jagwinder is passionate about giving and receiving knowledge and about learning in general! Her calm disposition provides great comfort to her students as they successfully sort through problems together. Her student’s growth is her number one goal.

Kirsten D-T.

Graduating with a Major in Kinesiology and a Minor in French, Kirsten is currently finishing his Master’s degree in Education at York University. Throughout his undergraduate degree, Kirsten was a varsity volleyball athlete, proving that strong time-management skills are crucial when striving for success. Not only has Kirsten juggled with being a student-athlete for multiple years, but he did so at the highest level, achieving time and time again a spot on the University’s Dean’s list. Along with being trustworthy and having a personable attitude toward everyone, Kirsten’s main objectives in life are to see improvement and growth in those who he teaches/tutors. In addition to being extremely motivated and goal-oriented, Kirsten possesses a wide range of educational experiences, such as substitute teaching in the TDSB, tutoring mathematics, French, and science, as well as being a multi-sport coach. All in all, Kirsten would love to continue striving for academic excellence through the knowledge he passes on to his students, aiding all, one session at a time.