Patrick G.

Patrick is a recent graduate of the Life Sciences program at Queen’s University. He has been tutoring for 10 years, with extensive experience in CEGEP and university chemistry, math and physics. He loves to coach his students as he recognizes the importance of preparation and focus in all aspects of life.

McGill University: Master of Science, Pathology (IP)
Queen’s University: Bachelor of Science (Honours), Life Sciences

Melanie G.

Melanie (Mel) is a passionate educator that has had the pleasure of completing a Bachelor of Science degree (general science and ancient Greek studies), Bachelor of Education degree (teachables in mathematics, science and biology) and a Master of Science degree (with focus on water chemistry, animal physiology/biology, animal behaviour, biostatistical analyses, circular statistics, weather patterns, lake systems and in-depth interpretation of data manipulation).

Mel is extremely patient, and loves being challenged. She believes that education and learning can be extremely fun and exciting. Teaching students to understand rather than memorize is Mel’s philosophy. By building a vast knowledge base rather than regurgitating information that has been memorized can be helpful not only in education but as a life skill. Her major goal is to inspire those around her to be successful (in both their personal and academic life) and to guide others to discover their potential to achieve success!

York University: BEd in Science and Mathematics; PhD degree in admittance; MSc in Biology, Chemistry and Statistics

Brock University​: BSc in General Science

Andrea P.

Whether you’re looking for information regarding University programs or ways to improve your study skills, Andrea’s job is to help her students take the steps that they need today to enhance their academic and professional success.

Concordia University: Bachelor of Arts Specialization in Psychology
McGill University: Master’s degree in Educational Psychology

Ahmed B.

Ahmed has a Bachelor’s Degree in both Electrical Engineering as well as Biochemistry and is currently studying in Medicine. With more than ten years of tutoring experience from the high school up to university level, Ahmed is a life-long learner who loves helping people realize their full potential and think outside the box.

American University of Antigua: MD program 
Concordia University: Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry 

Jessica L.

Jessica holds a Bachelor’s degree in Honours English Literature and Creative Writing from Concordia University. Throughout her program, she has garnered extensive knowledge on works of fiction and non-fiction from both past and contemporary contexts, which has fostered her critical thinking skills and her ability to communicate her ideas effectively. As a tutor, she wishes to approach her students with warmth and compassion, all the while helping them hone their writing, reading, and comprehension skills with enthusiasm and dedication. She loves seeing others thrive and will do what it takes, such as tailoring her tutoring approach accordingly to ensure student success!

Concordia University: Bachelor’s Degree in Honours English Literature and Creative Writing 

Ashwini S.

Ashwini wants to make learning fun for her students and have them enjoy the process. She believes this can be implemented by having a good rapport with the students and providing them with real life applications of a certain problem or topic!

McGill University: Master of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) 

Liz L.

Liz is a McGill PhD candidate studying molecular biology. She graduated with honours from University of Toronto with a double major in molecular genetics and evolutionary biology and a minor in computer science. Liz has teaching experience with the undergraduate and elementary school aged level. She is passionate about finding and developing the unique strengths and interests that will support her student’s dreams.

University of McGill: PhD, Department of Human Genetics 
University of Toronto: Honours Bachelor of Science with High Distinction

Nathalie G.

Nathalie has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. During her bachelor, she had the chance to acquire a lot of experience as an intern in three different companies. She worked at Pratt & Whitney Canada as a project manager. Nathalie took care of the maintenance of the buildings of the company. Following that, she worked at Construction et Expertise PG as an assistant/project manager where she drew plans on AutoCad and she did some soil geotechnical calculations. In addition, Nathalie had the opportunity to work on the deconstruction of the Champlain Bridge with Pomerleau. She mainly worked on the steel structure during her internship. After this, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Romania. In another vein, she participated in the development and design of a hovercraft as an end of study project at her university, ÉTS.

Her ability to learn quickly stems from her persevering personality and her great willingness to grasp what she is learning. She greatly values teamwork. Nathalie’s objective is to pass on all her knowledge about learning in school to her students.

ETS: Bachelor in Civil Engineering
DEC in Health Science 

Hayley C.

Hayley is passionate about helping her students feel less stressed by their academics. Students can count on Hayley not only to explain challenging concepts, but also to encourage them and remind them of their strengths. Hayley believes that by working through complex tasks together and developing strong academic skills, school will start to feel more manageable!

University of British Columbia: Bachelor of Science – Behavioural Neuroscience 

Vlad C.

Vlad has an Electrical Engineering degree from McGill as well as a specialization in Telecommunications, and is now studying Business Technology Management at Concordia. He is a firm believer in well-rounded knowledge, which motivates his curiosity. Vlad takes a high-energy approach to teaching in order to stimulate passion for a particular subject, while being supportive during every step of the learning process.

John Molson School of Business: Bachelor of Commerce in Business Technology Management
Institut Teccart: AEC/DEP or Skilled Trade Certificate in Électronique