Katherine C.

Katherine is completing her bachelor’s degree in math and physics from McGill University. She has attended both English and French educational institutions throughout her academic career. These include her studies at a French high school, Pensionnat Saint-Nom-de-Marie, as well as Vanier College to complete a DEC in Pure and Applied Science. In both of these schools, she consistently made the honour roll and excelled academically. Her most notable achievements would mostly be seen in her college years. There, she was appointed as a teaching assistant for several of the upper level mathematics courses where she helped students in courses ranging from Calculus to Linear Algebra. It was also during this time that she became a research assistant for her professor’s biology course and lead a team of other students through an experiment whose paper was eventually published in the Vanier Sigma Science Journal.

Despite being very occupied with her studies during her academic career, she began to take an interest in tutoring others a long time ago. As she went through high school, she saw her classmates struggle in subjects she both enjoyed and did so well in. It was then, at the age of 15, that she decided to start helping them after school. This is something that she would for years to come and now, at the age of 20, she continues to tutor, utilizing her vast knowledge and great experience in this field to help her students.

Natiah R.

Natiah has a Bachelor degree in Actuarial Mathematics. She has been involved in students association for more than 3 years and loved her experience in helping students. She has been tutoring different mathematics subjects for about 2 years and has been enjoying every second of it. She is very sociable and loves to meet new students!

Eric C.

Eric studied in a joint honours program in Physics and Computer Science at McGill university. Previously, he completed a high school degree at College Jean-de-Brébeuf in french and a CEGEP degree at Marianopolis College in english. Eric sustained above 35 cumulative R-score and 3.5 CGPA throughout CEGEP and university.

Louisa S.

Louisa is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in marketing at Concordia University. She has worked with elementary aged students as a tutor and camp counsellor. She is dedicated to student life and takes an active role in her community; she is patient and engaging!

Lia L.

Lia graduated from the Sciences Po Paris & University of British Columbia Dual Degree program (B.A.), majoring in Politics & Government and International Relations. She is currently a student in McGill’s Faculty of Law’s B.C.L./J.D. program.

Throughout her multidisciplinary experience, Lia has gained extensive knowledge in History, Political Science, Philosophy, and English Language. She also previously worked as an Academic Consultant in Vancouver with experience in interview coaching and supporting personal statement writing and experiential skills. Coupled with Lia’s expansive extracurricular involvement in her student experience, she is equipped to provide insight on creating holistic student resumes for competitive school applications.

Further, Lia has tutored students ranging from Pre-K to University levels and is able to quickly build a strong rapport with her students!

Cherry S.

Cherry is on course to graduate from McGill University in 2024 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Neuroscience. She attended Marianopolis College in Honours Health Science with the Director General’s Student Life major entrance scholarship. She has been tutoring high school and CEGEP level courses for 3 years online and in person. As someone who has struggled with stress/anxiety, difficulty understanding, and time organization, Cherry pursues tutoring to help others overcome their academic struggles. Her approach is to understand the optimal learning strategies of her students and use their strengths to help them succeed.

Anju J.

Anju is a physics, math, and science tutor, a science enthusiast, and an engineer. She did her undergrad in Electrical Engineering in India and was working with Bosch in the department of “Engine Emission control”. Currently, she is pursuing her masters in Systems Control at McGill University. She believes that learning should be about the conceptual understanding of the subject and implementing them in real life, rather than memorizing. Her experience in the industry taught her the same.

Kelly N.

Kelly is currently in her 3rd year of her bachelor’s degree in biology at Concordia University. Having grown up anglophone and attending french schools her whole life, she is a perfectly bilingual tutor with upward of 3 years of experience. She has tutoring expertise in biology and math, as well as English and French. Having spent her summers at a sleepaway camp as a camper and staff member, she developed a deep appreciation of nature and the outdoors which led her to pursue a career in biology. In her spare time, she will often be found reading a book or crocheting in a park.

Neha R.

Neha is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Information Systems Security. She has had nearly 5 years of experience as a consultant in Deloitte in the domain of Cybersecurity. She worked in Deloitte USI – Risk and Financial Advisory as a Solution Delivery Lead for the Detect & Respond team (Security Operations Centre). She is certified in various cyber-security tools and has also been awarded multiple times for her top performance at Deloitte.

Neha enjoys teaching and mentoring students. Her teaching philosophy includes student-centered approach, focusing on holistic development and inclusivity. Neha has always been an outstanding student during her academic years and has also received several academic awards. In addition to subject support, Neha can also provide support with the following exams: GRE, IELTS, and ESL.

William E.

William Eaton graduated from Vanier college in Honors pure and applied sciences. He is currently pursuing a degree in Physics and Geophysics at McGill university. He provides an environment where the student can engage with the subject material. He can help with anything from high school to cegep level math and sciences (such as calculus, ODE’s, and mechanics). Current hobbies include astrophotography, collecting rocks, and programming simple video games.