Darlene B.

I went to Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia to obtain my Bachelor of Arts Degree after I graduated from a small high school in Manitoba. From there I decided to return to my home province and become a teacher with a Bachelor of Education degree from Brandon University, Brandon Manitoba. After teaching for two years, I knew I wanted to specialize in Inclusive Education and Educational Psychology. The remaining courses and degrees were undertaken on a part-time basis while working as an educator, culminating in a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan.

I have worked as a classroom teacher, resource teacher, curriculum and program developer, administrator of special education, educational psychologist, consultant for ESL and English Enrichment for First Nations’ Peoples and as a university professor.

One of my highlights as a professor was the mentoring of a bright, graduate student who had severe learning difficulties, winning the Governor General’s award for her thesis for her Master of Education degree. She and I had spent many hours labouring over the task of conceptualizing, researching and writing the winning thesis. It was an honour to work with her to help showcase what remarkable skills people possess and their ability to succeed if given the appropriate supports.

I retired from university life at the outset of Covid but I have continued to work online as a mentor with post-secondary students from across the globe. It is rewarding to meet people from all walks of life and to be part of the exciting opportunities presented through online education experiences.

During the pandemic I also volunteered in my community with the food kitchen and donated face coverings to organizations such as the hospice and local schools where parents were not readily able to pay for the cost of masks for their children. I sewed and donated more than 2500 cloth masks. I strongly believe in the spirit of community and social responsibility.

Ruby S.

Ruby realized her passion for sharing knowledge with others at a very young age. Throughout elementary school Ruby would often volunteer to help children younger than her improve their reading and writing skills. Ruby then went on to obtain her Bachelors in Psychology from Brock University. There Ruby would occasionally work with underclassmen and peers and tutor them in certain psychology concepts. Ruby has always been interested in and extremely passionate about psychology.

Due to this. Ruby went on to work with the Canadian Mental Health Association as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Coach. In this role Ruby would work with adolescents, adults and seniors, she would teach them how to use it to boost their mood, face their fears, and overcome things that cause them anxiety. Ruby’s objective has always been to ensure those she works with are confident enough to be able to carry on what Ruby taught them in the form of long-term healthy habits, regardless of if Ruby is there guiding them.

In order to broaden her knowledge of psychology and work with people at a deeper level, Ruby is currently pursuing a Masters in Clinical Psychology at Adler Graduate Professional School. Ruby is currently working as a student psychotherapist and as a student psychometrist in two different private practices. Ruby hopes to graduate later this year and continue working with a wide variety of populations to support them mentally, but to also teach them habits and coping mechanisms that contribute to their wellbeing. In her free time, Ruby enjoys catching up on the latest Netflix Original, reading, cooking and sharing laughs with her family and friends.

Barry K.

Barry holds a Doctorate in Physical Chemistry specializing in Material Science. During this time Barry participated in the development of lithium ion batteries at the laboratories at General Motors. He continued his research of lithium batteries at the University of Oklahoma as well as teaching  chemistry. Barry went on to hold the position of Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Utah State University.

Barry taught at the University of Alberta, and has four years of experience teaching High School Chemistry. Barry has years of experience tutoring students. Subjects include High School Chemistry and Math for grades seven to nine.


Marzieh was born into a family of teachers. She has always believed that teaching is in her DNA. Hence, she has a passion for teaching. She receives intellectual pleasure from explaining physical concepts and seeing students understand them.
Marzieh entered university in 2000 to study physics and become a scientist. After graduating, she taught and tutored younger students. Then, she went on to further her education. In 2013, she was awarded a Ph.D. degree in Physics from the University of North Texas. Since then, she has been engaged in various teaching positions until recently, when she became a postdoctoral fellow at Universite de Montreal.
Her teaching philosophy is that the path to true learning is to learn how to think critically and analytically, not to memorize formulas. In today’s information age, anyone can look up formulas and facts. What’s important is that students internalize the concepts behind the formulas and then learn how to make the connections between them.
Marzieh had the additional advantage of being involved in several business ventures that required her analytical skills. Therefore, she has first-hand knowledge of the differences between “theoretical” and “applied” careers in physics and mathematics. A perspective that many teachers do not have.
Outside of work, Marzieh maintains a healthy lifestyle and works out regularly. She is highly organized and has a Persian white cat named Kati.

Negar B.

After completing her Bachelors of Science degree at York University, and her Masters of Science degree at McGill University in Pharmacology, Negar pursued a career in healthcare, specifically as a research coordinator. Her current position at St. Michael’s Hospital involves patient recruitment, data management, manuscript preparation, and financial budgeting. In high school, while the “cool kids” were skipping class to go to the movies, Negar was at the library doing math homework because how else was she supposed to find the probability of getting in trouble if she did the same?! Her love of math and working with kids has led her to pursue work as a tutor. She is kind, patient, and has a deep passion for working with children and guiding them to reach their full potential. She believes in building a strong and trusting relationship with her students in order to meet their needs and grow their learning. Outside of math, her interests lie in sports (GO RAPTORS GO!) and traveling (she has been to over 10 countries). In Negar’s words: “Math may not teach me how to add love or subtract hate but it gives me hope that every problem has a solution”.


Niousha Started her post-secondary studies in Mechanical Engineering. Later due to her enthusiasm for teaching, she switched programs and graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Science with honors in Mathematics for Education. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Education in the Intermediate/Senior grade levels at Nipissing University which will be her second degree. She completed her teaching internship in the Embank Junior Academy, where she taught in a split Grade 7 and 8 classroom with a few students working at grade level 4 and 6 for math. During this time, she voluntarily stayed in the classroom during all lunch and snack breaks to give personalized one-on-one support and help students who had fallen behind in math catch up. While completing her undergraduate degree, Niousha was given an opportunity to tutor a group of grade 8 gifted students to prepare for the Math Kangaroo Competition. Knowing that the students sacrificed their weekends to be in her classes, she filled the class time with all kinds of fun games and activities such as pretend auctions and dice rolling competitions for learning probability. Before Niousha started tutoring, she worked as a Mad Scientist for a year and taught tons of safe science activities including explosions, launching a rocket, and making slime. Through her experiences, Niousha has developed a deep passion for working with children and youth and guiding them to reach their full potential while having fun. Alongside having years of teaching experience at primary and intermediate levels, Niousha also tutored students at university and high school levels where she ran personalized interactive lessons. Niousha believes that education should adapt to students’ readiness and interests in order to enhance their curiosity and confidence and that it is the teacher’s job to learn about their students, make these adaptations and engage them in an effective learning environment. In her spare time, Niousha enjoys painting, sculpting, and resin art, as well as spending time with her friends and family.


Anamika’s love for STEM learning began as a young girl, where she turned her family bathroom into her laboratory and would do “experiments” in the sink with soaps and shampoo galore. Currently, Anamika is a Master of Science Candidate with the Biology department at York University. She graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honors Bachelor of Science, double-majoring in Human Biology and Psychology. She is qualified to teach all levels for science, and Grades 1 through 10for math.

Anamika has previously worked with children ages 5+ in her role as a summer camp counselor, peer mentor, and has valuable skills obtained through her various volunteer positions, and research positions. Her interest in teaching has been further enriched through her role as a teaching assistant for introductory and advanced university-level biology courses.

Her desire to engage students from different educational and neurodiverse backgrounds follows her into the classroom. Anamika believes in tailoring the learning experience of her students to their interests and utilizing various methods to convey information to help her students develop learning strategies and resilience in the classroom. Anamika is always looking to be a better teacher, collecting certifications and attending workshops to engage students in an online classroom, develop learning skills, course design, etc.

Originally from Boston, Anamika has made Toronto her home for the past 6 years. In her free time, she loves to bake, watch movies, do yoga and hang out with her dog Gervais!


Sophie has a wide scope of professional experience in French language education and the arts. After receiving a MA from the Institute of French Studies at NYU, Sophie worked with refugee and immigrant youth populations in NYC through the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and the French Heritage Language Program teaching French AP courses and helping to produce a bilingual musical, Amidou et Toya. Sophie currently works as a multimedia artist in puppetry, theatre, and creative and non-fiction writing, and lives between Colorado and Paris (France) as a touring educator and guest artist.


Tina recently graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelors in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. She is now pursuing a Master’s
with a focus in clinical engineering, in hopes to pursue work in industry or academia. Her appreciation for teaching was cultivated when she began
tutoring in her high-schools academic help program. She went on to teach professionally throughout her university degree, serving as a course
teaching assistant, as well as a private tutor in a variety of academic subjects. Her areas of expertise lie in the sciences, math and technology at a primary to first-year university level. She also has experience tutoring the CARS section of the MCAT after scoring in the 98th percentile herself. Tina believes in a teaching style that focuses on catering to the students’ needs and uses feedback in order to improve. She also believes in fostering long-term learning habits and strategies that are applicable beyond the subject being taught. In her spare time, Tina likes to do graphic design and play the piano.


Sheena holds a B.Sc. honours in Biochemistry and an M.Sc. in Bioscience, Technology, and Public Policy. She is extremely passionate about teaching, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education degree. Sheena has over 10 years of experience teaching and mentoring K-12 and university students in various roles, including that of a course instructor, research assistant, career advisor, tutor, and STEM educator. Owing to her achievements in academia and in the community, Sheena has received many prestigious awards, including a Governor General’s Gold Medal. In addition to classroom instruction, she also has extensive experience tutoring distance education students through platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. She is also multilingual and fluent in speaking, reading, and writing English, Punjabi, and Hindi.