Christian L.

FR: Christian est titulaire d’un MBA et d’un diplôme d’ingénieur. Il a de l’expérience dans le tutorat d’étudiants en ligne et en personne. Christian a travaillé en tant qu’ingénieur professionnel et a principalement travaillé dans le domaine des technologies de l’information (IT). Il est passionné par les mathématiques, la physique et les sciences. Christian est motivé pour partager son expérience et sa passion avec les autres. Il a de l’expérience en matière de tutorat pour aider les jeunes en mathématiques.

EN: Christian has an MBA and an Engineering degree. He has experience tutoring students both online and in-person. Christian has worked as a professional engineer and has mainly worked in Information Technology (IT). He is passionate about mathematics, physics, and sciences. Christian is motivated to share his experience and passion with others. He has tutoring experience helping youth with mathematics.


Mohammed R.

Mohammed has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and now works as a project manager for McGill University where he manages healthcare-related projects. Academically, he’s excelled in Mathematics and Sciences throughout high school, CEGEP and University. He has deep fondness of Economics and International Policy. His all time favourite book is Ray Dalio’s The Changing World Order.

Mohammed would like to one day switch from working in the corporate world to teaching full time at the University level. After completing the entire “standard” academic system, Mohammed realized that there’s a huge gap in the teaching field. Students are not inspired to think big and most of them do not enjoy the learning process. Because of this, Mohammed made it his objective to inspire his students, develop a deep interest in learning and push students to have high ambitions, no matter their academic level. In addition to his day job, Mohammed trains professionals for the PMP (Project Management Professional) examination and provides career advising to students. He enjoys travelling, boxing, grabbing a cappuccino at a great cafe and learning all that there is to know about the economy.


Joely is an Ontario Certified Teacher and recent graduate of Ontario Tech University’s Bachelor of Education (Primary/Junior) program. She has experienced three elementary practicum placements in the York Region District School Board – specifically in Thornhill, where she was born and raised. Here, she developed best practices for writing lesson plans that engage all students and strive to meet every individual learner’s needs through Universal Design for Learning and Differentiated Instruction. This has motivated her to register for the Special Education Part 1 additional qualification in Winter 2024. Before becoming a teacher candidate, Joely graduated from Ontario Tech with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Communication and Digital Media Studies. During both of her degrees, she worked part-time as a writing peer tutor, supporting students in various undergraduate programs with their research, planning, and essay-writing skills. However, this is not where Joely’s passion for helping others began. It was her own Kindergarten experience that influenced her career aspiration, even skipping ski trips in Grades 4 and 5 to volunteer in her former teacher’s Kindergarten class. She has since been able to expand her skills in leadership, organization, and patience as a cabin counsellor, and now unit head, at Camp Robin Hood, a place in which she has spent every summer since she was five years old. Joely loves music, having spent her elementary school years in piano lessons and her high school years in a vocal music arts program. She also enjoys baking, going on walks with her loved ones, and cuddling with her two cats, Will and Grace.








Michael S.

Michael is a high school math and science teacher with 10 years of classroom experience. He’s been helping students from elementary to university develop genuine understandings of their respective courses for over 15 years. Michael holds two bachelor’s degrees from McGill University, one in management from Desautels Faculty of Management and the other in secondary education with a speciality in math and English studies. During his free time, Michael is usually playing hockey, chess, or video games with friends!

Marielle H.

Marielle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies with a specialization in Japanese literature and philosophy from the Université de Montréal. Recognized for her academic dedication and accomplishments, she received numerous distinctions. With over 5 years of tutoring experience spanning from pre-K to university levels, Marielle is enthusiastic about both learning and imparting her educational zeal. Her primary objective is to assist students in uncovering their passions and unlocking their full potential, all while fostering a more enjoyable learning environment.

Shaun F.

Shaun F. graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. degree in Sociology with minors in English and Honors Studies in 2013. Shaun completed his first M.A. in 2015, and he was awarded a second M.A. in Philosophy and Ethics in 2017. Shaun has been a professional tutor for over eight (8) years, tutoring sociology, English, reading, writing, history, and statistics. Shaun has taken personal pride in helping his students reach their goals, and has coached students to successful entry into prestigious college programs at U.T. Austin, Fordham, Purdue, and Stanford. He takes special pride in coaching students toward college admission and preparation, whether aiding in SAT/ACT prep, consulting on college admission essays, or providing advanced college advising. In his free time, you’ll find Shaun working on his creative non-fiction memoir, tutoring underprivileged youth, leading community writing programs, volunteering with animal rescue organizations, or making plans to avoid going to sleep early.

“Shaun Ford, you are awesome!  You were tremendous. I’ve learned a tremendous amount of tips on how to start writing my paper even if I don’t have the time…I will definitely be trying these in the future!  I thank you for everything!” – Writing Retreat Participant

“I learned many things that I will apply to my writing, so thank you very much, Shaun!” – Writing Retreat Participant

“I had to commute from two towns over, take time off work, and come to campus on a Saturday morning at 6 a.m., and Shaun made this retreat worth all of the burden. This is the kind of programming that I expect. My confidence in my abilities and even finding joy in writing have all increased dramatically in only one-and-a-half days! Shaun is a fabulous facilitator, teacher, and tutor. I was formerly disappointed with the lack of support I experienced in my program before Shaun created this programming. Thank you, Shaun!” – Writing Retreat Participant

“Mr. Ford is awesome. He really cares about your learning philosophy. He knows a ton about literally every subject. He doesn’t baby you, and the lectures are really interesting. Sometimes you can just look around and see people just totally engaged with what he’s lecturing about.” – Anonymous survey respondent


With over two decades of dedicated mathematics teaching experience, I hold a master’s degree in mathematics and specialize in the transfer of mathematics knowledge from high school to university levels. I am passionate about fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and helping students on their mathematical journey. My approach is a combination of patience, clarity, and personal guidance to ensure the success of each student.
With a proven track record of teaching a wide range of mathematics subjects from grade 6 to 12 and college and university, I enable students to excel in mathematics, providing dedicated support to strengthen their understanding, helping them to Homework and getting higher grades in Math exams
I love teaching mathematics, not because mathematics is the foundation of many sciences, but because mathematics enhances some skills such as proble solving, attention to details and critical thinking.
I have a flexible teaching style that works for all students of different abilities and backgrounds. According to my teaching method, in addition to getting good grades in exams, students can remember math material for a long time, which is very important for their future career and education.



Bill graduated from University of Toronto where he majored in Math and Physics. He specializes in teaching all high school Math, Grade 9/10 Science, Grade 11/12 Physics, Grade 11/12 Chemistry & Biology. Bill has experience teaching at IB levels as well as AP levels of Math & Sciences as well. He has participated in various contests in high school and university and trained students in contests such as SIN, COMC, Hypatia and Euclid. Bill is great at helping students to develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

In addition, he has tutored University courses including Calculus, Linear Algebra, Linguistic (Logic) for many first & second year students at U of T, Waterloo and Ottawa U.






Anudeep D.

Anudeep D. is a person who has a passion for teaching. Since his childhood, he enjoyed discussing various topics, from science to history, with his peers. While pursuing his undergraduate degree at Benedictine University, he dedicated himself to helping and mentoring many of his fellow students. It was during this time that he earned his Bachelor of Science and Health Sciences degree, with a pre-medicine focus.

Anudeep furthered his education by pursuing a dual master’s degree in public health and business administration, with a concentration in healthcare administration, in 2002. During this period, he also worked at the Jurica Nature Museum under the guidance of his mentor, Theodore Suchy. On weekends, he organized activities for Tiger Scouts, where he taught them about the museum’s various exhibits. His love for teaching extended to his membership with the History Channel.

Subsequently, Anudeep pursued medical school and earned his Medical Doctorate (MD). It was during this time that he discovered his enduring passion for teaching others. He possesses a strong foundation in human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, test preparation, and English. Nevertheless, his true passion lies in history, and he is proficient in teaching history at different levels. His expertise encompasses ancient, medieval, modern, Indian, and military history.

In addition to his medical education, Anudeep holds postgraduate certificates in infection control from the University of South Florida, Gerontology from the University of Southern California, Six Sigma Champion from the University of Miami, and elder care management from the University of Florida. He has also completed a course in immunology at Oxford University.

Anudeep’s dedication to teaching led him to instruct Biochemistry through distance learning to medical students in the Caribbean for three months. Furthermore, he served as a teaching assistant during his undergraduate years.

In 2017, Anudeep taught test preparation courses at C2 Education in Schaumburg, covering subjects such as English, history, and the sciences. His primary audience comprised high school students preparing for the SAT/ACT exams.

During his leisure time, Anudeep is a football enthusiast. He is particularly devoted to college football, especially supporting his alma mater, the University of Miami. He is also a devoted fan of the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bulls, and Chicago Blackhawks.

What defines Anudeep are his unwavering passion for teaching and his belief in the distinction between teachers and lecturers. Anudeep undoubtedly falls into the former category, as teaching is something he genuinely enjoys and loves.




Ben earned his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, where he was a Jacob K. Javits Fellow and a top instructor with the university’s Writing Program. Over the past seven years, his teaching has helped students achieve their highest potential in the verbal sections of the ISEE, SSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT exams, as well as college essay writing. Ben’s focus on building mastery of core strategies, modeling positive feedback, and inspiring self-confidence has delivered outsized results across a broad range of ages, backgrounds, and ability levels. By adapting his approach to fit the unique needs of each student, he has helped students place in the 99th percentile of test takers and go on to study at universities including Princeton, NYU, Brown, and the University of Chicago. Outside of the classroom, Ben enjoys backpacking, playing piano, and spending time with his four nieces and nephews.