Claudio C.

Claudio is a fourth-year student at McGill University, completing their BCom in Sustainability and International Business.

Alex H.

Alex has two bachelor’s degrees, one in Psychology and another in Mathematics and Chemistry. Throughout his degrees he was consistently on the Dean’s List and was awarded multiple awards for academic achievement. He has been tutoring for over five years and loves finding new ways to help students understand the foundations of science and math. He takes a friendly and easygoing approach that adapts to your needs, and pushes you step-by-step to build confidence gradually. He likes to explore the big-picture meaning behind topics so that students feel connected to why what they’re studying matters, as well as focusing closely on the finer details so that the student will know how to adapt to the many kinds of problems they may be presented with. He strives to help students get the grades that they desire while also developing a new appreciation for the subject that they are studying, so that it feels more exciting to learn.

Erin R.

Erin is a dedicated and driven McGill psychology student, minoring in English cultural studies. She is set to commence her graduate studies in the fall of 2023, to begin her track towards receiving a Master and Doctorate of psychology. She works to enrich the English reading and writing skills of students at the university level and below and offers Intensive aid for research papers and literary essays, including thesis formatting, paragraph structuring, and strategies for syntax and grammar. She assists students enrolled in high school AP psychology, as well as those taking psychology courses in CEGEP and university.

Eric J.

Meet Eric Junco, an accomplished teacher education professor who has an extensive 12-year career in both high school and junior high ELA settings. Eric’s wide range of experience provides him with critical insights on how to develop common core reading and writing skills required to achieve success at each level of the K-12 ELA experience. He has spent the latter half of his high school teaching career instructing College English 101 and 103 courses, preparing students for ACT and CLEP examinations, and affording students college credits. His last school was referenced as the top high school in the Rock Valley College District for CLEP test volume and performance for six consecutive years while he was the only instructor of the course. He also has had immense success facilitating Directed Studies Reading courses to build students’ foundational and metacognitive reading and writing skills.

Eric’s teaching style utilizes a combination of cutting-edge technology, relationship-building, and constructivist-based pedagogies. He takes pride in spending a significant amount of time learning about his students’ interests, goals, and academic strengths to customize a learning experience that empowers students to observe their own metacognitive processes and co-construct their own learning. Eric’s students have nominated him for multiple golden apple nominations and he has been featured in the local news for being an effective teacher. He is also proud of achieving an award at the university level for Exceptional and Creative Online Instruction. Eric Junco is the perfect choice for a dynamic and effective teacher that will help students achieve their full potential.

Alexis S.

Alexis holds a professional educators license in Illinois with concentrations in English and Social Studies. She grew up in Villa Park, IL and received my Undergraduate Degree at Lewis University. While at Lewis University, Alexis served as a writing tutor in our writing center and assisted undergraduate and graduate students in peer editing writing assignments. Alexis recently graduated in December of 2022!

Alexis has always had a love for children due to being the oldest of four younger brothers. Helping others brings so much joy to her so she is extremely happy to have found a career in doing that both in and out of the classroom . For the past 2 summers, Alexis has worked as the head of the summer camp at Life Time Oak Brook for children ages 4-13. It is a great way to spend the summer helping children grow and pick up healthy lifestyle habits. In her spare time, Alexis enjoy working out, listening to music, and baking! She is very excited to have the opportunity to help all children reach their full academic potential with Prep Academy Tutors!

Woojae K.

Woojae is a senior consultant, M&A Deal Advisory at KPMG Montreal. He is also a teaching assistant at McGill for variety of accounting courses. Woojae did his undergraduate degree at McGill University.
Woojae specializes in CEGEP and University accounting courses as well as CFE.

Ibrahim B.

Ibrahim is completing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Concordia University after having acquired therefrom BEng and MASc degrees. For six years, Ibrahim has worked as a teaching assistant and lab demonstrator for a variety of mathematics, physics, and engineering courses while also offering private tutoring services to students at his academic institution.

His specialties are Math (including Calculus and Linear), Physics, and Programming (C++, Python) all up to the university level. Ibrahim has received some amount of recognition for his academic performance be it in the form of appearing in the Dean’s list or humbly accepting different academic scholarships and awards.

Ibrahim regards few roles to be as fulfilling as that of the teacher to the student and seeks to emulate this idea in both his professional and personal lives.

Matthew L.

Matthew is currently a second year medical student at McGill University, having previously completed a research-based masters degree in 2021 from Université de Montréal focusing on the psychological aspects of concussion recovery, and an honours bachelors degree in Kinesiology from McGill University. His tutoring specialities are in high school math, science and chemistry, and CEGEP biology.

Finn K.

Finn is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at McGill University. He tutors private clients over the summer in his hometown, Brooklyn, NY, specializing in middle school and high school math. He has a passion for learning and teaching, and he is excited to collaborate with you on your studies. His outside interests of academics include basketball, skiing, blockchain, and cooking.

Parmida E.

Parmida is a JD/BCL student at the McGill Faculty of Law. Previously, she received her M.A. and B.A. Honours at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, B.C. She has over seven years of teaching experience, including in course design, seminar facilitation, essay writing, and research methods.

She has also worked as a professional copywriter and marketing expert, and enjoys advising students on business fundamentals, marketing, and adjacent topics.