Natalija C.

My name is Natalija Cvetkovic. I am a certified Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE). My experience ranges from children that are from infant to grade 7 (ages 0-12); both in before school, daycare setting, school setting and after-school programs. Through my educational and professional career, I learned all about different teaching methods, such as Montessori or Reggio Amelia, and have worked in mostly private daycare-school settings.  I am currently working as an ECE in a Montessori school, and have taken aspects of the program that I feel work extremely well, and have started to develop my own teaching philosophy, that aligns with how I see children and working with them and the families.

The philosophy that I have come up with is that every child is unique in the way that they learn, play, socialize and develop important life skills, and that it is my job as an educator to understand and develop a relationship with them that supports the way they learn. For example, in the Montessori setting, there is a very clear structure and routine in the day, and academically the structure and routine work for the children, because they thrive best when they know what they need to be working on and what comes next. I personally think that adding in more “learning through play, and creative outlets” is beneficial for the children because it gives them a sense of understanding the material that needs to be taught, in a way that is more fun and educational at the same time. Taking this approach also allows the teacher to see where the children are in terms of interests and abilities, and to alter the lesson plans accordingly. It is great to have an idea of the day, but I am learning that the more I work with the children, I have to be able to be flexible to their needs and interests more then just having the educational lesson material delivered in a way that might be “boring”.

This is why I think a tutor would be a good next step for me professionally, because I can offer the support that families might be needing, in a one-on-one setting, where the focus would just be on that child specifically, to answer questions or develop better literacy skills and early math fluency. I understand that families play a big part in the education of their child, and I am excited to be able to communicate with them about their child’s progress, and next steps. I am looking forward to meeting new families and seeing if the philosophy that I have developed would fit with the potential client.


Kerry is a certified teacher specializing in early childhood. She has 15 years of teaching experience in both New York City private schools and Fairfield, CT. In addition to her classroom experiences, Kerry has tutored many students of various ages. Her tutoring experiences include ERB preparation, phonemic and phonological reading skills, kindergarten readiness, preschool enrichment, and supplemental instruction for homeschooled children.

Kerry earned a B.S. in Psychology from Sacred Heart University and a M.A. in Elementary Education from Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus. She is certified to teach students in preschool through 6th grade. In addition, Kerry is also trained in the Orton-Gillingham Approach and Learning Without Tears. These two programs have benefited her greatly throughout her teaching career.

Volunteer work is also important to Kerry. She currently runs a 4th grade Odyssey Of The Mindteam, which is an international STEAM- based academic program. She leads a Daisy troop and a Girl Scout troop, as well as running a camp program for St. Pius X in Fairfield, Connecticut.