Patrick G.

Patrick is a recent graduate of the Life Sciences program at Queen’s University. He has been tutoring for 10 years, with extensive experience in CEGEP and university chemistry, math and physics. He loves to coach his students as he recognizes the importance of preparation and focus in all aspects of life.

McGill University: Master of Science, Pathology (IP)
Queen’s University: Bachelor of Science (Honours), Life Sciences

Ahmed B.

Ahmed has a Bachelor’s Degree in both Electrical Engineering as well as Biochemistry and is currently studying in Medicine. With more than ten years of tutoring experience from the high school up to university level, Ahmed is a life-long learner who loves helping people realize their full potential and think outside the box.

American University of Antigua: MD program 
Concordia University: Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry 

Jessica L.

Jessica holds a Bachelor’s degree in Honours English Literature and Creative Writing from Concordia University. Throughout her program, she has garnered extensive knowledge on works of fiction and non-fiction from both past and contemporary contexts, which has fostered her critical thinking skills and her ability to communicate her ideas effectively. As a tutor, she wishes to approach her students with warmth and compassion, all the while helping them hone their writing, reading, and comprehension skills with enthusiasm and dedication. She loves seeing others thrive and will do what it takes, such as tailoring her tutoring approach accordingly to ensure student success!

Concordia University: Bachelor’s Degree in Honours English Literature and Creative Writing 

Liz L.

Liz is a McGill PhD candidate studying molecular biology. She graduated with honours from University of Toronto with a double major in molecular genetics and evolutionary biology and a minor in computer science. Liz has teaching experience with the undergraduate and elementary school aged level. She is passionate about finding and developing the unique strengths and interests that will support her student’s dreams.

University of McGill: PhD, Department of Human Genetics 
University of Toronto: Honours Bachelor of Science with High Distinction

Vlad C.

Vlad has an Electrical Engineering degree from McGill as well as a specialization in Telecommunications, and is now studying Business Technology Management at Concordia. He is a firm believer in well-rounded knowledge, which motivates his curiosity. Vlad takes a high-energy approach to teaching in order to stimulate passion for a particular subject, while being supportive during every step of the learning process.

John Molson School of Business: Bachelor of Commerce in Business Technology Management
Institut Teccart: AEC/DEP or Skilled Trade Certificate in Électronique 

Milos K.

Milos is a Journalism graduate from Concordia University with a CELTA degree and a specialization in the English language, be it written or spoken. He’s always believed all good things start with posing the right questions and staying perpetually curious. His primary aim is to instil in his students confidence and the firm belief they can achieve their goals with positivity, keenness, and hard work.

Concordia University: CELTA degree and a specialization in the English language

Marc A.

Marc is pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree at McGill University, with a major in Finance and a concentration in Business Analytics. He went to an international high school in France where he obtained his international scientific baccalaureate with the highest honours. From 2019 to 2021, he tutored students in group and individual settings and has previous experience in helping students pass their international high school exam.

McGill University: Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Finance, Concentration in Business Analytics
Centre international de Valbonne: French Baccalaureate International option

Melissa G.

Melissa is currently completing her Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the University of Waterloo (Co-Op program). She holds her Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Pharmacology & Therapeutics with Distinction from McGill University. She also holds her Diploma of Collegial Studies in Health Sciences from Dawson College.

Melissa was a Teaching Assistant at McGill University and received the Tomlinson Engagement Award for Mentoring. Melissa is currently a mentor to undergraduate students and has successfully helped a student receive a PharmD admission. Melissa uses effective leadership and teaching skills to facilitate learning and help students achieve academic success.

University of Waterloo: Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate, Co-Operative Program [IP]
McGill University: Bachelor of Science, Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Hélène F.

Hélène has a bachelor’s degree in French Literature and Linguistics from Université de Montréal. She has been an employee at the Côte-Saint-Luc library for three years, where she has worked with both adults and children. She is currently doing a Master’s degree in Linguistics. Hélène is passionate about helping her students become confident when speaking and writing in French and she hopes that her love of learning translates in every session!

Université de Montréal: Baccalauréat en littératures de langue française et linguistique (IP)

Gareth A.

Gareth has a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science and a minor in Mathematics from McGill University. Gareth has over 5 years of tutoring experience, and has taught at all levels ranging from middle school to first year university. Gareth has tutored in many subjects, but specializes in high school science and math. Gareth’s approach to tutoring is to create an individualized experience and adapt to the students’ needs, and to try to find a good balance between going through concepts and homework problems to keep the sessions varied and engaging.

McGill University: Graduate of Cognitive Science; Minor in Mathematics