Aude L.

Aude is currently in her first undergraduate year in the honours physics program at McGill University. She graduated from Champlain Ste-Lawrence CEGEP on the Dean’s list in 2023 with a degree in pure and applied sciences. She was awarded the Governor General’s medal for her high school journey. She has tutored students from kindergarten all the way to CEGEP for over two years in English as well as in French. She is passionate about science, especially regarding space and the early mysteries of our universe. You can often find Aude looking up at the sky, eager to identify constellations and planets in the sky. She also loves art, music and any winter sport.

FR: Aude est dans sa première année d’études dans le programme « Honours Physics » de l’université Mcgill. Elle a gradué du programme des sciences pures et appliquées du CEGEP Champlain Ste-Lawrence sur la liste d’honneurs en 2023. Elle a également reçu la médaille du gouverneur général pour son parcours académique au secondaire. Elle a travaillé comme tuteur depuis plus de deux ans auprès d’élèves d’âge primaire jusqu’au CEGEP en anglais ainsi qu’en français. Elle est passionnée de sciences surtout de sujets traitant de l’espace et des grands mystères des débuts de l’univers. Vous pouvez la trouver la tête axée vers le ciel, identifiant les astres qui nous entourent. Elle est une grande amateure d’art et de musique et pratique plusieurs sports d’hiver.

Dylan Z.

Dylan Z. is a professional tutor living in New York City. He received his Bachelor degrees in Political Science and English from the University of Florida, and holds a Masters in Fine Arts with a concentration in Creative Writing from the New School. Dylan has tutored for several years at the Princeton Review where he specialized in AP World, European, and US History. Additionally, Dylan has taught Literature courses at the university level and specializes in college essay writing and admissions coaching.


Sebastian H

Sebastian holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich and is set to earn a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering from McGill in mid-2024. His research focuses on space exploration and propulsion and he has published papers in different academic journals. As an engineer, he passionately tutors Math and Sciences and has over five years of experience doing so. During college, he worked at a refugee center in Germany, covering Math, Science, German, and English for children from diverse backgrounds. In his free time, Sebastian enjoys snowboarding, climbing, and is avidly training for reaching a Boston Marathon qualifying time.

Sonya A

Sonya has a technique in Graphic Design from John Abbott & is pursuing a degree at Concordia for Art Education. She attended Emily Carr institute of Art and Design for two years in communications design before returning home to be closer to family. She continues to do design work on the side because this subject is really interesting and fun, and she prefers to work directly with people. She has travelled to a few continents so far, which has provided her with the opportunity to gain inspiration from various cultures’ taste profiles.

Daniel H.

Daniel is a current BCL/JD candidate at the McGill Faculty of Law with a Master of Arts in Political Science from McGill University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies from Queen’s University. Specializing in humanities and the social sciences, Daniel brings a robust academic background to his tutoring endeavours where he has supported students in various social science disciplines such as law, political science, philosophy, sociology, history, and anthropology. His pedagogical approach involves fostering critical thinking and a deep understanding of complex concepts. Daniel’s scholarly expertise and passion for learning informs his enthusiasm for teaching, helping students develop their own interests and find their academic voice.

Sue R.

Sue R. is a dedicated ICF certified ACC-level executive coach who empowers teens to enhance their executive functioning skills as they prepare for the challenges of graduation and the transition to college or university.

With Sue’s background in coaching and mentoring, they bring a unique blend of expertise in cognitive development, emotional intelligence, and goal-setting. With a passion for encouraging young minds to reach their full potential, Sue guides teens through critical periods of transition from high school to college.

Sue tailors strategies to meet each individual’s needs and goals using a holistic approach. Under Sue’s guidance, teens develop crucial executive functioning skills, including time management, organization, and communication.

Sue understands teens’ unique challenges, having navigated the complexities of adolescence and academic transitions.Coaching fosters resilience, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence in teens.

When it comes to academic responsibilities, social connections, or college preparation, Sue is dedicated to helping teens succeed. In addition to academic success, Sue aims to equip young people with the skills and mindset necessary for success in their personal and professional lives.

Christian L.

FR: Christian est titulaire d’un MBA et d’un diplôme d’ingénieur. Il a de l’expérience dans le tutorat d’étudiants en ligne et en personne. Christian a travaillé en tant qu’ingénieur professionnel et a principalement travaillé dans le domaine des technologies de l’information (IT). Il est passionné par les mathématiques, la physique et les sciences. Christian est motivé pour partager son expérience et sa passion avec les autres. Il a de l’expérience en matière de tutorat pour aider les jeunes en mathématiques.

EN: Christian has an MBA and an Engineering degree. He has experience tutoring students both online and in-person. Christian has worked as a professional engineer and has mainly worked in Information Technology (IT). He is passionate about mathematics, physics, and sciences. Christian is motivated to share his experience and passion with others. He has tutoring experience helping youth with mathematics.



Joely is an Ontario Certified Teacher and recent graduate of Ontario Tech University’s Bachelor of Education (Primary/Junior) program. She has experienced three elementary practicum placements in the York Region District School Board – specifically in Thornhill, where she was born and raised. Here, she developed best practices for writing lesson plans that engage all students and strive to meet every individual learner’s needs through Universal Design for Learning and Differentiated Instruction. This has motivated her to register for the Special Education Part 1 additional qualification in Winter 2024. Before becoming a teacher candidate, Joely graduated from Ontario Tech with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Communication and Digital Media Studies. During both of her degrees, she worked part-time as a writing peer tutor, supporting students in various undergraduate programs with their research, planning, and essay-writing skills. However, this is not where Joely’s passion for helping others began. It was her own Kindergarten experience that influenced her career aspiration, even skipping ski trips in Grades 4 and 5 to volunteer in her former teacher’s Kindergarten class. She has since been able to expand her skills in leadership, organization, and patience as a cabin counsellor, and now unit head, at Camp Robin Hood, a place in which she has spent every summer since she was five years old. Joely loves music, having spent her elementary school years in piano lessons and her high school years in a vocal music arts program. She also enjoys baking, going on walks with her loved ones, and cuddling with her two cats, Will and Grace.








Michael S.

Michael is a high school math and science teacher with 10 years of classroom experience. He’s been helping students from elementary to university develop genuine understandings of their respective courses for over 15 years. Michael holds two bachelor’s degrees from McGill University, one in management from Desautels Faculty of Management and the other in secondary education with a speciality in math and English studies. During his free time, Michael is usually playing hockey, chess, or video games with friends!

Shaun F.

Shaun F. graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. degree in Sociology with minors in English and Honors Studies in 2013. Shaun completed his first M.A. in 2015, and he was awarded a second M.A. in Philosophy and Ethics in 2017. Shaun has been a professional tutor for over eight (8) years, tutoring sociology, English, reading, writing, history, and statistics. Shaun has taken personal pride in helping his students reach their goals, and has coached students to successful entry into prestigious college programs at U.T. Austin, Fordham, Purdue, and Stanford. He takes special pride in coaching students toward college admission and preparation, whether aiding in SAT/ACT prep, consulting on college admission essays, or providing advanced college advising. In his free time, you’ll find Shaun working on his creative non-fiction memoir, tutoring underprivileged youth, leading community writing programs, volunteering with animal rescue organizations, or making plans to avoid going to sleep early.

“Shaun Ford, you are awesome!  You were tremendous. I’ve learned a tremendous amount of tips on how to start writing my paper even if I don’t have the time…I will definitely be trying these in the future!  I thank you for everything!” – Writing Retreat Participant

“I learned many things that I will apply to my writing, so thank you very much, Shaun!” – Writing Retreat Participant

“I had to commute from two towns over, take time off work, and come to campus on a Saturday morning at 6 a.m., and Shaun made this retreat worth all of the burden. This is the kind of programming that I expect. My confidence in my abilities and even finding joy in writing have all increased dramatically in only one-and-a-half days! Shaun is a fabulous facilitator, teacher, and tutor. I was formerly disappointed with the lack of support I experienced in my program before Shaun created this programming. Thank you, Shaun!” – Writing Retreat Participant

“Mr. Ford is awesome. He really cares about your learning philosophy. He knows a ton about literally every subject. He doesn’t baby you, and the lectures are really interesting. Sometimes you can just look around and see people just totally engaged with what he’s lecturing about.” – Anonymous survey respondent