I am an Ontario-certified teacher with 10+ years of comprehensive teaching experience.  An educator who is motivated to transform students’ academic lives by implementing successful strategies that help them develop holistically.  Over the years, I have taught international students and improvised my teaching and student assessment skills. I use an easy-to-understand vocabulary and try to involve daily life scenarios while teaching Biology and Chemistry which help the students to comprehend the concepts well. Using different audio-visual aids has helped me create an effective teaching-learning environment.

Humza S.

Humza is graduating from McGill University this year with a BSc in Microbiology & Immunology. He will be continuing his education in the same field by beginning his PhD in September at McGill. Humza has been teaching and coaching students for over five years. As a youth, he was an award-winning competitive athlete in Track & Field for fifteen years. Additionally, Humza enjoys rock climbing, board gaming, and is passionate about space exploration.

Ali J.

Ali is studying Biology at McGill University and is currently applying to medical school. His role as a tutor is to improve the student’s academic life and make the school experience much more productive and fun. Moreover, Ali believes coaching can create long-lasting friendships!


“Just wanted to send a quick message letting you know that my daughter is flying through homework and tells me that Ali has ‘changed her life this week’. :)  Thanks Ali. My daughter is looking forward to the next session.” – parent, grade 7 math student



Lisa has over 15 years of teaching experience and 10 years of tutoring experience both in person and virtual. Lisa gained a scholarship to attend Cranleigh boarding school in the UK for 11th and 12th grade where she studied biology, chemistry and math. She has a bachelor’s degree in science from UWE Bristol UK and a master’s in science from Kings College London. As a qualified teacher she has worked in a number of reputable schools in the UK and New York. Now as a full time tutor, she combines her passions for biology and technology to create virtual lessons that make the biological concepts relevant, clear and fascinating for the student. She is a very diligent, dedicated and compassionate tutor, who will always listen to a student and work alongside them to help them reach their goals. She has a background in health and will always take a holistic approach to her tutoring. Drawing on her many years of experience she has an excellent track record of improving students performance in biology.