Ruben M.

With an unwavering passion for education and a rich background in teaching AP History, Ruben brings over five years of dedicated experience to the realm of academic mentorship. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University, where his commitment to history and pedagogy blossomed into a lifelong pursuit of enriching students’ understanding of the past.

Ruben’s journey in education has been marked by a deep-seated commitment to helping students excel regardless of their backgrounds. His adeptness in closing achievement gaps among students from diverse socio-economic and

cultural backgrounds stands as a testament to his dedication and expertise.

Beyond the classroom, Ruben finds solace and rejuvenation in the rhythm of his feet hitting the pavement. An avid runner, he not only participates in races but also relishes the process of training and pushing his limits. This dedication to physical fitness mirrors his approach to teaching – a disciplined and consistent effort to reach and exceed goals.

While history and running captivate Ruben’s professional and personal interests, nothing compares to the joy he finds in spending quality time with his wife and two dogs. Their support and encouragement fuel his drive

to continually evolve as an educator and mentor.

Ruben’s tutoring sessions go beyond mere instruction; they are an immersive experience where historical narratives come to life. His expertise in AP History combined with his skillful approach to bridge educational

disparities makes him an invaluable resource for students seeking to conquer academic challenges.

Join Ruben on a journey through time and knowledge, where the complexities of history unfold, achievements are unlocked, and potential is realized. With Ruben as your guide, history becomes more than a subject – it becomes

an engaging and enlightening exploration. Empowering students to conquer history, one lesson at a time.

Lia L.

Lia graduated from the Sciences Po Paris & University of British Columbia Dual Degree program (B.A.), majoring in Politics & Government and International Relations. She is currently a student in McGill’s Faculty of Law’s B.C.L./J.D. program.

Throughout her multidisciplinary experience, Lia has gained extensive knowledge in History, Political Science, Philosophy, and English Language. She also previously worked as an Academic Consultant in Vancouver with experience in interview coaching and supporting personal statement writing and experiential skills. Coupled with Lia’s expansive extracurricular involvement in her student experience, she is equipped to provide insight on creating holistic student resumes for competitive school applications.

Further, Lia has tutored students ranging from Pre-K to University levels and is able to quickly build a strong rapport with her students!


Joan is a veteran teacher with a Master’s degree in Elementary Education.  She spent 14 years teaching, both in elementary and middle school classrooms. She has tutored privately in Westchester and Fairfield counties for the past 15 years.  During Covid, Joan homeschooled families in the local area. Currently, she works with elementary students in all subjects as well as middle and high school students in English and history. Joan also supports students’ writing, study skills and executive functioning.



Steven is a special education teacher at Dolan Middle School in Stamford, CT. He has been teaching at this middle school for the past four years. Steven taught in the Diocese of Bridgeport as a middle school social studies for five years prior to joining Stamford Public Schools. He has an undergraduate degree in education from Iona College and a master’s degree in education from Western Connecticut State University. He has an additional master’s degree in special education from Fairfield University and recently completed the educational leadership program at Sacred Heart University. Steven loves teaching and his passion is helping students succeed.