Michael M.

Michael has a B.Com. in Economics with a major in Monetary Economics from the University of South Africa. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Econometrics at the University of Concordia. He has extensive experience in tutoring, having tutored various levels of economic disciplines and history throughout his studies. Michael’s approach to teaching is to make a personal connection with students and teach with passion while communicating the concepts and material learned in these topics to real-world applications and usages.
Outside his passion for economics and history, he is an avid guitarist, violinist, and novelist.


Charles teaches Advanced Placement US history and is Director of the Learning Academy at Notre Dame High School in Fairfield.  He is certified in social studies grades 5-12 and as a special education generalist in grades 7-12.  Before teaching, Charles received a BA in history from the University of Colorado in Boulder and studied European integration at the University of Amsterdam.  After fifteen years as a real estate developer and asset manager in commercial real estate, Charles pursued his calling as a teacher after receiving his Master of Education at Manhattanville College.

Charles’ Learning Academy program addresses the needs of students with moderate learning challenges who require accommodations beyond the scope of traditional special education.  He works collaboratively with teachers in all core content areas and can teach a wide variety of content.  His work also includes developing executive functioning skills and strategies that address the unique needs of his students.

He is also highly qualified for standardized test preparation, writing, and college admissions essays.

Charles was born in New York City, raised in Bronxville, New York, and resides in Fairfield with his wife and two daughters.