Fatima R.

Fatima is an accomplished Special Education Assistant at the Peel District School Board, dedicating seven years to her role. She provides support to students with diverse learning needs, implements effective classroom strategies, and organizes extracurricular activities. With over a decade of industry experience, she has established herself as a highly proficient professional, holding a bachelor’s degree in Education and diplomas in Early Childhood Education and Child and Youth Worker.

Outside of teaching, Fatima indulges in her passion for nature, finding solace in outdoor exploration and various outdoor pursuits. This love for nature serves as personal rejuvenation and provides fresh perspectives that she incorporates into her teaching practice.

Fatima’s commitment to her role as a Special Education Assistant is unwavering. Over the years, she has made a significant impact by supporting neurodiverse students, implementing tailored strategies, and creating an inclusive classroom environment. Additionally, she takes the initiative to organize extracurricular activities, promoting social and emotional growth among her students.

With over ten years of industry experience, Fatima brings a wealth of expertise to her position, equipped with a comprehensive understanding of students’ diverse requirements through her educational background.

Fatima’s passion for nature shines through in her personal time. She cherishes her outdoor experiences and actively engages in outdoor activities. This personal connection with nature inspires her teaching approach, infusing her lessons with dynamic experiences that foster her students’ curiosity and appreciation for the natural world.


Meredith is a Montessori trained Early Childhood Educator and ABA therapist.  She has taught for over twenty years and is deeply passionate about education.  Meredith is well versed in different teaching philosophies  (Montessori, Play based, Reggio Emilia ).  She applies this knowledge to create an individualized approach to learning for each of her students. Her happy go lucky nature makes her a favourite amongst the students and staff. Meredith is a firm believer in “dance like no one’s watching , sing like no one’s listening”.  She is often seen in the school halls dancing and can be heard singing songs to her class.  Teaching should be about everyday discoveries, fun and inspirational and Meredith exudes that gift in spades.