Lia L.

Lia graduated from the Sciences Po Paris & University of British Columbia Dual Degree program (B.A.), majoring in Politics & Government and International Relations. She is currently a student in McGill’s Faculty of Law’s B.C.L./J.D. program.

Throughout her multidisciplinary experience, Lia has gained extensive knowledge in History, Political Science, Philosophy, and English Language. She also previously worked as an Academic Consultant in Vancouver with experience in interview coaching and supporting personal statement writing and experiential skills. Coupled with Lia’s expansive extracurricular involvement in her student experience, she is equipped to provide insight on creating holistic student resumes for competitive school applications.

Further, Lia has tutored students ranging from Pre-K to University levels and is able to quickly build a strong rapport with her students!

Dr. Shantel J.

Dr. Jones is an educator with more than 15 years of experience.

Shantel’s Doctorate in Education from the University of Colorado-Denver speaks to the consistency, drive, perseverance, and excellence she hopes to instill in her students.

Teaching in traditional and online settings (general and special education classrooms) has expanded Shantel’s diverse skill set and perspective. With her unique ability to hone and couple executive-functioning skills with academic skills, Shantel’s students achieve academic success and are prepared for lifelong success.

Whether you call her Dr. or Ms. Jones, what matters most is that you know she cares.

Some of Shantel’s Favorites:

Motto: “When you run with the best, you become one of the best”

Word: Felicity

Personal Stories: My paternal grandmother lived to be 102 years old and gave birth to 10 children. She dreamed of becoming a teacher, and even though she didn’t get to pursue that dream inside a classroom, she was the best teacher to her own children and many children throughout her life — including me.


Successful companies are only as good as the people who work there, and colleges want to welcome students who will benefit most from their offerings. Through her 20+ year career building successful internship and recruitment programs for some of the world’s largest corporations, Karen knows what college administrators and employers are looking for and how to help students and new hires shine.

Early Career Paths was a result of Karen’s passion for empowering students with the tools to best prepare and market themselves to colleges as well as land desirable post-graduate careers in today’s competitive environment. She supports students by helping them develop the necessary analytical tools to navigate this decision-rich period of their lives. Her students not only work towards finding the right college “match,” but also helps them hone in on their major and subsequent course selections. It’s through this process that her students gain valuable life skills that they will come to rely on again and again as they navigate their college careers and professional lives.

Karen is an active member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and the International Educational Consultants Association (IECA). As a committed professional college consultant, she regularly engages the admissions teams at public and private colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

Andrea P.

Whether you’re looking for information regarding University programs or ways to improve your study skills, Andrea’s job is to help her students take the steps that they need today to enhance their academic and professional success.

Concordia University: Bachelor of Arts Specialization in Psychology
McGill University: Master’s degree in Educational Psychology