Wiki is an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT # 721107) with experience teaching science, chemistry, business studies, mathematics, and English in Grades 7-12. As an Assistant Lecturer in Chemistry at IMC Education Inc. in Colombo, Sri Lanka, he earned the award for the best lecturer of the year. Wiki completed his Master of Teaching at the University of Toronto, following three previous degrees: a BA (Hons) and a Master of Science in Strategic Marketing from Cardiff Metropolitan University, and a BSc (Hons) in Applied Sciences (Chemistry) from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka. Wiki is fluent in English and Sinhala and has proficiency in Tamil.


Hannah Dolan is a temporary Ontario Certified Teacher. Hannah has worked with students ranging from kindergarten, to middle school and high school students. Hannah received her Bachelor of Kinesiology (Honours) degree from Brock University in 2021. It was her passion for both recreational and competitive sports that drove her into the world of coaching. From hockey to soccer to basketball, it was through coaching that she discovered her deep love for educating and empowering children to realize their full potential. When she made the decision to pursue a career in teaching, she chose Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario for the Bachelor of Education program for the Junior/Intermediate levels. She was given the opportunity to teach in a Grade 8 classroom at John Sweeney Catholic Elementary School for the 2021-2022 school year, where she taught Language, Science, Financial Literacy, Drama, and Physical Education. Hannah’s bubbly personality, as well as the significance she places on building rapport with her students, makes them comfortable asking for help and understanding the material. She has always loved working with children and looks forward to all of their ‘Aha!’ moments. Hannah will spend the summer traveling to both Eastern and Western Canada to teach and facilitate secondary and post-secondary students about non profit organizations and social enterprises that support social justice initiatives.


Micah has a combined Bachelor’s in Education and Spanish/French. She teaches in the Spanish Bilingual Program for the Calgary Board of Education. She currently teaches in an Elementary School but has experience in Junior High as well. Micah was a tutor for Spanish University courses and enjoys helping everyone reach their full academic potential.


Stephanie was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a Honours Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, double minoring in English and Human Geography. Stephanie went on graduate from OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) at the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Education in the Intermediate/Senior grade levels. Additionally, Stephanie has completed AQ’s (Additional Qualifications) to teach Kindergarten – Junior levels and Google Classroom. She also has experience teaching IB curricula.

Through her relationship with colleagues (some her former teachers and mentors) Stephanie has developed a deep passion for working with students and guiding them to reach their full potential. Stephanie truly believes that engaging students using their curiosity and interests is crucial in helping them gain the confidence they require to succeed. 
She is passionate in cultivating fun and inclusive learning experiences for students, where she fosters engaging, personalized one-on-one interactive lessons. Additionally, in her spare time, Stephanie enjoys staying active, reading, travelling as well as spending time with her friends and family.


Stefanie has her Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies and is currently finishing up her last year of her Bachelor of Education degree specializing in early years with a Major in History and a Minor in Psychology. Stefanie has had 4 published articles in a local magazine and is working on publishing her own authored book. Stefanie grew up in the French Immersion program from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and is fluent in the French language in reading, writing and speaking. Stefanie brings a positive energy to her tutoring sessions and aims to help foster growth and build confidence in her students for greater success. Smiles are encouraged!


Julia is a passionate and enthusiast teacher who is currently pursuing her Masters of Teaching at OISE. A Toronto native, Julia lived for seven years in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There she attended the University of King’s College and Dalhousie and graduated with First Class Honours in Theatre and English. Before pursuing her Masters, Julia worked in Theatre on both the administrative and creative side. Her favourite role was as director where she found immense joy in discovering the unique gifts and perspectives of every team member and fostering these gifts through collaboration and play. She finds this same joy in teaching; Julia loves the process of understanding her students and helping them see how they can extend their gifts to every subject. She rejects deficit-based thinking and believes academic growth is a matter of unlocking the inherent potential in each student. For her Masters, Julia is conducting research into successful and total inclusion of neurodivergent students and she is passionate about re-imagining how we support students with intellectual, developmental and learning disabilities.


Chloe is a Secondary Math teacher in the Peel region with 8 years of experience.

Her passion for coaching soccer and teaching piano in her formative years allowed her to unlock her gift of creating a positive learning environment for children which flourished into a love for teaching. She then embarked on her Post Secondary journey at the University of Windsor where she studied Math and English and obtained her Bachelor of Education. Shortly after graduating, she moved to China and taught English and Math at an International High School for 2 years. Chloe returned to Canada in 2016 and has taught grades 6-12 since then.

As an advocate for professional development and continued education Chloe obtained her Primary & Junior Math Specialist and is currently pursuing her Master’s of Education at Queen’s University. It is her belief that a child’s ability to analyze and think critically is essential to their development and integration in our evolving society. Chloe’s objective as an educator is to promote the growth mindset and develop an individual’s confidence in Mathematics. Due to her empathetic and encouraging personality, she motivates, challenges and inspires students to confidently engage in mathematics and make interdisciplinary connections. With this practice at the core of her teaching philosophy, Chloe hopes to instill the core values necessary to become the change leaders of the next generation.

Akashdeep D.

Akash has a Master’s degree in Molecular Genetics from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Western Ontario. Currently, Akash has one first author publication from his Bachelor’s thesis, one invention patent on work from his Master’s degree, and an additional first author publication in works.


Amir is a science teacher and his goal is to become a “science entertainer” in the future. With a strong background in all sciences, he shares his passion for science with his students. He graduated from McMaster University’s award-winning program, Integrated Science, with a concentration in biology and a minor in mathematics. Amir has completed his thesis in cellular neuroscience, studying the development of the auditory circuits in the brain. In his spare time during undergraduate, he would pop into a microbiology lab to study the defence mechanisms of plants against bacteria. He has a very diverse academic background as he has completed research projects in wildly different fields; from particle physics and planetary exploration to forensic studies and wine science. Academics and teaching aside, Amir analyzes data for a company that makes farms, buildings, and factories “smart”. He also is a visual merchandiser for Zara, yes, he also knows about fashion. In terms of hobbies, he enjoys spending time with friends and going on spontaneous adventures. He cooks for meditation and thinks about the meaning of life and the vastness of the universe before falling asleep at night. Amir’s favourite pastime is watching, writing, and if it weren’t for COVID, performing comedy. He thinks humour is the key to a rich life and this philosophy bleeds into his teaching style. Speaking of his teaching style, Amir cares about the fundamentals in every topic. He will try to find the gaps and holes in students’ background knowledge before teaching new concepts. He will teach students science using pop culture references, analogies, and tangible examples instead of merely conveying facts and formulae. He is the guy who puts “cool” in “school” and takes out the redundant “h” for “humdrum”.

Tina V.

Hi! My name is Tina and I am a permanent teacher with the Grand Erie District School Board. I always wanted to be a teacher from the age of 9 and have been living that dream for the past 20 years. I am qualified to teach Grades Kindergarten to 12 and I have my Special Education Specialist along with many other additional qualifications. I absolutely love teaching and learning so I have graduated from Brock University 4 times, as well as having the opportunity to create and teach 5 courses in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies. I completed my Master of Education program with a research project about the use of humour in education and always strive to include laughter in my teaching practice. My main goal when I am tutoring or teaching is to develop genuine relationships with each of my students while getting to know their individual interests, strengths, needs and learning styles. Everyone learns differently so it is important for teachers and students to explore many strategies which allow for success and increased self-confidence. Aside from lifelong learning, my hobbies include being outdoors, yoga, kayaking, hiking, tennis, reading, and many animals especially my dogs; plus spending time with friends and family.