Melissa P.

Melissa is a Master of Teaching student and a teacher candidate from U of T OISE. She has experience tutoring and teaching a diverse group of high school students ranging from TDSB to the highly academic UTS private school. She is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto and obtained her Honours Bachelor of Science degree, with a double major in human biology and molecular biology. She graduated with a 3.8 GPA so she is very knowledgeable in the field of science, coupled with her experience working as a teaching assistant at U of T, she has all the learning skills and tips that can help students succeed in one of the world’s highest-ranking universities. She will be a certified teacher in Ontario next year after she graduates from her Master of Teaching program. Some of the subjects that she can teach are K-12 Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Geography, and Mandarin.

Dana B.

Dana attained her Hons BA at York University. She studied English and History. In 1993 she received her B. Ed. She studied in Newmarket at York’s satelite campus just off main street in a historic building! She is qualified in Primary Junior education. With a focus on literacy, numeracy and cooperative education. At U of T she attained Senior division English as an AQ course and this lead to many occasional teaching placements in secondary schools in York Region. Her AQ courses in Spec Ed informed her teaching strategies within the classroom. She is an empathetic individual who meets learners where they are. She finds it rewarding to make a difference in children’s develipment.

Tania T.

Tania has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in both English and Adult Education. She has twelve years of experience working with a range of learners from elementary school students to adults. She specializes in English, ESL, history, geography, and social sciences. She has worked in both private and nonprofit learning organizations.


Shelley has a Bachelor’s degree in Education with a minor in Special Education. She taught full- time in both the public and private school systems until June of 2020.
Shelley’s teaching and previous tutoring assignments have spanned Grades 1-8 and include many years of teaching combined grades with supported integration of students with mild to severe needs.

The highlight of her teaching career spanned a period of several years where she was trained in the International Baccalaureate methodology whose focus was to teach children to develop critical thinking skills within the current subject matter.

The area of study was formulated by the teaching team as a question and then explored in depth largely through the 6 strands of language arts and fine arts in order that all children were able to demonstrate their learning in their preferred modality. Final projects would be carefully and thoughtfully written, designed and built.

Subsequently, other classrooms of children would be invited to come and celebrate the learning that had occurred thereby enhancing and reinforcing not only the quality of learning but the very important idea that learning is meant to be shared. The learners would self-evaluate as part of the overall measure of learning.

Shelley also gained training and experience in an RBC sponsored young entrepreneurs program that encouraged children to develop an understanding of the workings of the business world. From choosing a charity to which funds would be donated to determining products and services to be designed, built and sold, the children came to know that each child had a role/ strength that could be utilized to promote success in business.

Alain Z.

Alain Zaramian holds a B.A. (Classical Languages, Religious Studies) from the University of Toronto and an M.A. and Ph.D. (Classical Languages) from the University of Texas at Austin, where he also taught Latin and ancient Greek languages and literature. In 2018, he was awarded the Classics Department’s annual award for teaching. He additionally has many years of tutoring experience, working with high school and university students in a broad range of subjects across the humanities and social sciences. He is currently working on his first book, a study of ancient Greek and Roman religious poetry.

In his spare time, Alain loves to read, watch movies, and cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs.


Yvonne received her Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary, specializing in Elementary Mathematics. She has been a classroom teacher for almost a decade, working in both public and private schools. Yvonne has taught all core subjects in elementary and middle school grades. Her personal interests include art and cooking.

Amer D.

Amer graduated from York University with a Bachelor’s Degree in biology, and just recently completed a pre-health post baccalaureate program at Temple University in Philadelphia. Amer is passionate about science and he is looking forward to starting dental school at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry in the fall.

He has experience working with students, as he used to teach piano and be a swim instructor to students of all different ages. Amer emphasizes organization in his approach to success in the classroom. Over the last 6 years, Amer has worked on his degree and is extremely passionate about sharing learning strategies and tips that have helped him find success in school and his studies. Outside of class, Amer has many hobbies including playing sports, making music, and spending time with family and friends.


Serena is a Teacher Candidate attending OISE in Toronto. Upon graduation, she will become an Ontario Certified Teacher. She completed her undergraduate studies in Hong Kong, England, and elsewhere, taking a wide range of courses, including humanities, mathematics, and computer science. She finds mathematics simple, straightforward, and clear. She has tutored many students to help them progress in their math and English courses, and it was through this experience she found her love for teaching and connecting with them on a deeper level. Serena has spent many years helping students to improve their academic, leadership, and problem-solving skills. She believes education means opportunity and is eager to help them on this journey.

When she is not busy with work and school, she enjoys traveling and cooking because they are full of certainty and uncertainty.


Taylor is an Ontario Certified Teaching Candidate, currently finishing her Master of Teaching program at the University of Toronto. Taylor has also won a Canada Graduate Scholarship for her Master’s research regarding integrating relevant and modern teaching into the humanities curriculum in Ontario. Prior to this, Taylor attended the University of Toronto in Scarborough to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and History. In high school, Taylor discovered her love for the environment through completing a Specialist High Skills Major program that prompted her on the path to explore environmental education with students. Taylor has worked for a variety of recreational and residence programs for about eight years which was guided by a hands-on and inquiry based learning model. Taylor has worked with students from ages 4-25 and is committed to the belief that every student has the capability to succeed. Taylor has also worked for Enbridge Gas and the Municipality of Clarington, allowing her to bring in organizational and leadership techniques to pass onto students to aid them in their academic and social success. From her love for hiking and traveling to her curious loyalty to cheese and bagels, Taylor looks for opportunities to make learning fun and palatable for students of all ages.

Nikki M.

Nikki has an Honours Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies from the University of Guelph, where she worked alongside a professor as a TA during her final semester. She also has over 7+ years of experience working with children, ages 2-15, with and without special needs as a preschool teacher, tutor, daycare worker, camp counsellor, and aquatics instructor.

Nikki also has experience working as an academic coach and helping students with their note-taking, organization, and executive function skills. She is qualified to teach all subjects at the Primary Junior Level (PreK-6) and specializes in English, Law, Politics, Humanities, and Social Sciences at the Intermediate, Senior and Post-Secondary Levels.

Most importantly, Nikki is patient as she understands that every student has their own pace and unique way of learning. While continuing her professional development, she also enjoys swimming, volunteering and travelling.