Dr. Shantel J.

Dr. Jones is an educator with more than 15 years of experience.

Shantel’s Doctorate in Education from the University of Colorado-Denver speaks to the consistency, drive, perseverance, and excellence she hopes to instill in her students.

Teaching in traditional and online settings (general and special education classrooms) has expanded Shantel’s diverse skill set and perspective. With her unique ability to hone and couple executive-functioning skills with academic skills, Shantel’s students achieve academic success and are prepared for lifelong success.

Whether you call her Dr. or Ms. Jones, what matters most is that you know she cares.

Some of Shantel’s Favorites:

Motto: “When you run with the best, you become one of the best”

Word: Felicity

Personal Stories: My paternal grandmother lived to be 102 years old and gave birth to 10 children. She dreamed of becoming a teacher, and even though she didn’t get to pursue that dream inside a classroom, she was the best teacher to her own children and many children throughout her life — including me.

Connor G.

Major History,Major Philosophy and a Masters in Teaching and Learning

Extensive experience tutoring disciplines focused on writing.

I have a love for cooking. I have been playing and studying music since I was four years old.

Michael C.

Michael has a Master’s degree in Social Psychology from McMaster University, a BA in Sociology from Ryerson University, and is currently applying for PhD programs in Psychology for Fall 2021.

Michael has been a teaching assistant through his graduate school tenure, where he taught large groups of students (~80+ students per class), but also held countless hours of one-on-one office hours with his students. As a result of being a TA for students not much younger than him, Michael has a uniquely approachable, friendly and understanding nature in his teaching style.

Michael has developed the skill of communicating complicated ideas in concise and understandable ways. Therefore, he is dedicated to giving an engaging and enlightening tutoring experience to any prospective students.

Sean M.

Hello, I’m Sean!

I graduated from the concurrent education program at Brock University. This means that I have my bachelor of education as well as my bachelor of arts in integrated studies with honors. I also have 4 years of teaching experience which was acquired from various schools in Canada as well as the United Kingdom. I’m a licensed teacher in Ontario as well as the United Kingdom with teaching designations in the junior, intermediate and senior streams.

I specialize in English and history. This means that I am able to help your child improve their reading, writing, and speaking capabilities in order to prepare them for university or to help them achieve a higher mark in their course. I have taught grade 11 and 12 English numerous times, meaning that I have developed lessons, activities and worksheets specifically designed to help and improve a student’s essay writing.

Having 3 years experience working with international students, I am confident in my ability to help your child if English is their second language.

Arden R.

Arden graduated summa cum laude from Yale University with a Bachelor’s in Classics (Latin). A member of Phi Beta Kappa, she was awarded the George A. Schrader Humanities prize at graduation for her contribution to the cultural life of the college. Since then, she has worked extensively as a tutor, mentor, and classroom teacher, helping students reach their goals in fields as varied as SAT prep, English prose style, French literature, musical composition, and mathematics.

Arden scored 2340 on the SAT, achieving a perfect score in Critical Reading and reaching the 98th percentile in Math. She received perfect scores on all three of her SAT IIs: Literature, French, and Molecular Biology. Her insights into the test are supported by her experience creating instructional and practice material for both the SAT and SAT II Literature Subject Test.

Empathetic, friendly, and enthusiastic, Arden has an infectious passion for learning. She is fluent in French, has translated a novel from German, and studied Ancient Greek along with Latin at Yale. Outside the classroom, her interests include songwriting, classical music, game design, philosophy, and gender.



Kathryn is a recent Master’s graduate of the University of Toronto, who’s love of teaching and mentoring is sustained by her own lifelong love of learning and discovery. Her commitment to writing, film, and media studies has lead her through a highly successful academic career, including a Bachelor’s degree of High Distinction from U of T, a Master’s in Media Production at Ryerson University, and a Master’s degree from U of T in Cinema Studies. Her tenure as Head Teaching Assistant within U of T’s Cinema Studies Institute reignited her strong connection to the art of education, first discovered as a young, curious Montessori student. Kathryn also worked within The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Studies for its ESL Foundation Program. Along with a dedication to academic coaching, Kathryn is currently a freelance writer reporting on industry and business development in Canadian media. Kathryn has also worked for the Toronto International Film Festival, Ontario Creates, and the Canadian Media Producers Association.