Nancy comes to Prep Academy after 35 years in education, with the last 28 years as the Director of University Counselling at a private school in Vancouver, BC. Nancy has worked with over 2,000 students and parents by helping them to achieve their goals which includes acceptance into top tier post secondary institutions in Canada, United States and Abroad. Nancy holds 4 degrees from Western University (Kinesiology), UBC (B.Ed. & Masters in Ed. Admin) and UC San Diego (College Counseling).

Nancy brings a wealth of experience in post-secondary counseling and over the years, she has established strong connections with university representatives from all over the world. She has been recognized by Stanford University and The University of Chicago as an outstanding educator in the field of post-secondary guidance and in 2021 received the Distinguished Service Award from the International Association for College Admission Counseling. As part of this honour, nominators described Nancy as forward thinking, kind, compassionate and creative.

Nancy’s collaborative approach will provide Prep Academy students with one to one guidance on the university process and can specifically address any or all of the following:

  • Program selection
  • “What’s the Dream?”
  • Post Secondary short list
  • Proofreading writing supplements
  • Interview tips & techniques
  • Application assistance
  • How to Decide?

In her view, there are two main drivers of post secondary counselling: to keep students calm about this process by not getting overwhelmed.  And two, to keep parents informed along the way.

Mashiat A.

Mashiat, (or Mash, which she likes to be called), is a recent OISE Masters of Teaching candidate on route to get her official Ontario Teaching Certification (OCT)! Two years ago, Mash started her own martial arts program in Mississauga and has been growing it since. She teaches karate to a group of talented young children, and dreams about opening up her own school. Mash has been doing and teaching martial arts/fitness for over 8 years, and this is what inspired her to become a classroom teacher. She specializes in teaching English and Writing in the Junior/Intermediate stream, but loves teaching science and social studies, as well. She’s currently working on acquiring additional qualifications to become a science teacher!

Mash speaks English, Bengali, Hindi, and has taken classes in Japanese. (By no means an expert, but she’s working on it). She did an “overseas” internship over the summer of peak COVID years, so it was definitely online, where she tutored Japanese university students who wanted to learn English. On top of this, Mash believes that children are the future of this whole world. It is her goal in life to make an impact and help them not only be successful in their education, but to help them believe in themselves and their potential. As she’s on her way to become an official classroom teacher, she’s looking to grow herself by tutoring and giving back to her community. She doesn’t particularly enjoy writing about herself in the third person, so she hopes soon she will meet you in person to have an in depth conversation. She can’t wait to get started!

Mikaela M.

EN: Mikaela has her Bachelor’s of Education with a major in Elementary Education, along with her Bachelor’s of Arts with a major in Educational Studies, and a DEC in Social Sciences with a Psychology profile. She also has IEP experience. Mikaela likes the personal connection that she establishes with her students, stating it fosters a love for learning within them. She is bubbly, creative, and brings excitement to learning by encouraging her students in a fun yet studious environment.

FR: Mikaela est titulaire d’un baccalauréat en éducation avec majeure en éducation primaire, d’un baccalauréat ès arts avec majeure en pédagogie et d’un DEC en sciences sociales avec profil psychologie. Elle a également une expérience IEP. Mikaela aime le lien personnel qu’elle établit avec ses élèves, déclarant que cela favorise l’amour d’apprendre en eux. Elle est animée, créative et elle donne de l’enthousiasme à l’apprentissage en encourageant ses élèves dans un environnement à la fois amusant et studieux.

Connor G.

Major History,Major Philosophy and a Masters in Teaching and Learning

Extensive experience tutoring disciplines focused on writing.

I have a love for cooking. I have been playing and studying music since I was four years old.

Sean M.

Hello, I’m Sean!

I graduated from the concurrent education program at Brock University. This means that I have my bachelor of education as well as my bachelor of arts in integrated studies with honors. I also have 4 years of teaching experience which was acquired from various schools in Canada as well as the United Kingdom. I’m a licensed teacher in Ontario as well as the United Kingdom with teaching designations in the junior, intermediate and senior streams.

I specialize in English and history. This means that I am able to help your child improve their reading, writing, and speaking capabilities in order to prepare them for university or to help them achieve a higher mark in their course. I have taught grade 11 and 12 English numerous times, meaning that I have developed lessons, activities and worksheets specifically designed to help and improve a student’s essay writing.

Having 3 years experience working with international students, I am confident in my ability to help your child if English is their second language.

Arden R.

Arden graduated summa cum laude from Yale University with a Bachelor’s in Classics (Latin). A member of Phi Beta Kappa, she was awarded the George A. Schrader Humanities prize at graduation for her contribution to the cultural life of the college. Since then, she has worked extensively as a tutor, mentor, and classroom teacher, helping students reach their goals in fields as varied as SAT prep, English prose style, French literature, musical composition, and mathematics.

Arden scored 2340 on the SAT, achieving a perfect score in Critical Reading and reaching the 98th percentile in Math. She received perfect scores on all three of her SAT IIs: Literature, French, and Molecular Biology. Her insights into the test are supported by her experience creating instructional and practice material for both the SAT and SAT II Literature Subject Test.

Empathetic, friendly, and enthusiastic, Arden has an infectious passion for learning. She is fluent in French, has translated a novel from German, and studied Ancient Greek along with Latin at Yale. Outside the classroom, her interests include songwriting, classical music, game design, philosophy, and gender.