Najee H.

Najee R. H. served in the United States Air Force as an Electrical and Environmental Systems Aircraft Mechanic. He graduated from Excelsior University with a degree in Liberal Arts and is currently a Juris Doctorate candidate at Trinty Law School. He specializes in Standardized Testing (ACT, SAT, LSAT, ASVAB), and subjects such as English, History, Science, Social Studies, and College Essay Writing. He enjoys cooking with his wife, volunteering, hiking, fishing, and reading. With hard work and determination, he believes anyone can achieve what they set their mind to.

Beth F.

Beth grew up on the east coast and moved to Texas as a young adult.  She first thought of teaching after working with special needs kids at summer camp, and that led her to study special education.  Not long after, she got married and started a family, and stayed home to teach her four children, two of whom received generous scholarships.  She originally started tutoring as a way to make some extra money while still homeschooling her kids.  After her own kids were launched, she spent three years as a math interventionist at Great Hearts Classical Charter School.  Her students often say that she makes math less scary, that they don’t cry any more, that she explains things in a way that makes concepts more clear. Prior co-workers have exclaimed, “This was the most engaging example of math tutoring I have ever seen. The pacing was quick and vigorous, but the scholars were met just at their right level.”  Her students at Great Hearts showed definite improvement in test scores, and her private students often bring up their SAT or ACT scores, or raise their grade in class.   Though math is her strongest subject, she has also taught Spanish and some ELA.  She lives for the moment when the light goes on and a student “gets it”!  She also loves giving cooking classes and sewing lessons.   In her free time, Beth enjoys gourmet cooking, gardening, and swing dancing.

Shaun F.

Shaun F. graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. degree in Sociology with minors in English and Honors Studies in 2013. Shaun completed his first M.A. in 2015, and he was awarded a second M.A. in Philosophy and Ethics in 2017. Shaun has been a professional tutor for over eight (8) years, tutoring sociology, English, reading, writing, history, and statistics. Shaun has taken personal pride in helping his students reach their goals, and has coached students to successful entry into prestigious college programs at U.T. Austin, Fordham, Purdue, and Stanford. He takes special pride in coaching students toward college admission and preparation, whether aiding in SAT/ACT prep, consulting on college admission essays, or providing advanced college advising. In his free time, you’ll find Shaun working on his creative non-fiction memoir, tutoring underprivileged youth, leading community writing programs, volunteering with animal rescue organizations, or making plans to avoid going to sleep early.

“Shaun Ford, you are awesome!  You were tremendous. I’ve learned a tremendous amount of tips on how to start writing my paper even if I don’t have the time…I will definitely be trying these in the future!  I thank you for everything!” – Writing Retreat Participant

“I learned many things that I will apply to my writing, so thank you very much, Shaun!” – Writing Retreat Participant

“I had to commute from two towns over, take time off work, and come to campus on a Saturday morning at 6 a.m., and Shaun made this retreat worth all of the burden. This is the kind of programming that I expect. My confidence in my abilities and even finding joy in writing have all increased dramatically in only one-and-a-half days! Shaun is a fabulous facilitator, teacher, and tutor. I was formerly disappointed with the lack of support I experienced in my program before Shaun created this programming. Thank you, Shaun!” – Writing Retreat Participant

“Mr. Ford is awesome. He really cares about your learning philosophy. He knows a ton about literally every subject. He doesn’t baby you, and the lectures are really interesting. Sometimes you can just look around and see people just totally engaged with what he’s lecturing about.” – Anonymous survey respondent

Katy S.

Katy S. has been sharing her love of science and nature for 30 years with students of all ages. She recently moved to Calvert County from Vancouver, Washington where she taught at Ridgefield High School. Mrs. S has expertise in teaching and tutoring students in all areas of science and math all across the country. She has held highly qualified teaching licenses in Iowa, Colorado, Alaska, Wyoming, Washington and now, Maryland! Mrs. S is committed to accompanying her husband on his many job moves working for the United States Department of Agriculture. Although most of her teaching positions have been at the secondary level, she has experience teaching environmental education to preschool and elementary students early in her career as a naturalist. Mrs. S wants to provide researched-based instructional techniques that help students succeed in all content areas. Mrs. S has a Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Ecology from Iowa State University and a Masters of Arts Teaching degree in Science Education from the University of Iowa. Her education and training to become a science teacher preceded the addition of children to her family. She and her husband have raised two successful and educated young women. Both Madelyn (23) and Isabelle (18) are pursuing science careers. Madelyn is a graduate of Western Washington University and a pathology assistant at a lab in Bellingham, Washington. Isabelle is in her first year at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis planning to major in Physics. Upon reflection of the most effective parenting skills to help her daughters be high achievers; Mrs. S identified top recommendations: reading books together EVERYDAY from infancy through middle school years, and always asking what her daughters learned from mistakes.


Kyle G.

Kyle G. has a dual degree in Math and Physics, but his love and passion for the STEM fields started long before college. During elementary school, he developed a deep curiosity for math – not just for successfully solving problems, but for learning the intricacies of how and why math works. In his spare time, Kyle pursued his other main passions: community and teaching. He was a leader within his Boy Scout troop, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout in 2005. In college, Kyle focused his studies on Math and Physics with some added Education courses. Since graduating, Kyle has worked in the field of lasers and optics for more than 15 years although he never gave up on teaching. Even while occupied with his professional career Kyle still managed to serve as an adjunct professor at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and as an instructor for LiDARs.
These days, Kyle is fulfilling his passion for teaching by bringing his excitement for STEM to students who need a little (or a lot of) extra help to feel confident or to guide students who are ready to ramp up their learning trajectory. Kyle’s philosophy is that no two students are the same, so he focuses on adapting to how each student learns. He also loves fractals and doing proofs.


Dominic E.

Dominic E. received his BA degree from the University of Maryland-Baltimore County (UMBC) in Jazz Studies. He is an accomplished musician who has won multiple awards for his playing and musicianship and has performed many different genres of music in several states. Dominic is a multitalented and skilled person whose love for music is only matched by his passion for math. Dominic’s love for math began when he was very young. He has been in advanced math classes, won multiple awards for his math abilities and academic performance, and uses his free time to discover new ways to understand and approach math. He believes that math is vital to many things which we do and he loves seeing students understand and come to appreciate it, as well as see its application to everyday life. In addition, Dominic recognizes that people learn differently and he has developed many ways to help students understand math, science, and music. Dominic firmly believes that math and music are intertwined and he, therefore, combines them in his teaching and tutoring when it is appropriate. Dominic is a unique individual who does not always learn in the traditional way that some schools teach. He has a strong desire to understand things on a deeper level so that they make sense to him and he seeks to help his students understand information and not just give back what was provided. He prides himself in meeting students where they are and helping them find ways to understand that work for them. One of the things that makes Dominic enjoy his work so much is when he is able to help students understand and go from struggling to success. Dominic has tutored many students in levels of math from elementary through advanced college, worked as a substitute teacher, taught small groups of students, worked as a high school teacher in math, technology and science, and tutored students in music from beginning to very advanced levels in theory, composition, performance skills, transcription, and song writing in most genres of music. Dominic combines his keen sense of humor and deep knowledge base to challenge students to understand material while building their confidence to try things which they previously thought were difficult or impossible – often times by tapping into their creativity.



With over two decades of dedicated mathematics teaching experience, I hold a master’s degree in mathematics and specialize in the transfer of mathematics knowledge from high school to university levels. I am passionate about fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and helping students on their mathematical journey. My approach is a combination of patience, clarity, and personal guidance to ensure the success of each student.
With a proven track record of teaching a wide range of mathematics subjects from grade 6 to 12 and college and university, I enable students to excel in mathematics, providing dedicated support to strengthen their understanding, helping them to Homework and getting higher grades in Math exams
I love teaching mathematics, not because mathematics is the foundation of many sciences, but because mathematics enhances some skills such as proble solving, attention to details and critical thinking.
I have a flexible teaching style that works for all students of different abilities and backgrounds. According to my teaching method, in addition to getting good grades in exams, students can remember math material for a long time, which is very important for their future career and education.


Hala E.

Hello, I’m Hala! I have a bachelor’s in engineering and my master’s degree is in Mathematics. After working with students for the first time and feeling their success and happiness of grasping the material, I decided to go for my master’s degree so I can be part of that. I have been tutoring for 10 years, teaching in person, virtual, and online college students for 5 years. I became a mentor tutor, participating in training tutors to work with students, and it’s truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I’ve helped so many students achieve their academic goals year after year and I know that YOU are more than capable of doing the same with the right help.
With my years of teaching experience in the classroom, I understand the student’s need for personalized guidance and instruction. I’m an experienced tutor, committed to helping each of my students reach their full potential. I’m interactive and supportive, using modern technology and visual aids to make the learning experience enjoyable.


Youssof E.

Youssof is currently an intern physician at Alexandria University Main Hospital. He received his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from Alexandria University after graduating from Hinsdale Central High School at the top of his class. He scored within the 99th percentile in all his standardized exams and took 12 AP classes in high school. He has helped many students prepare for the SAT, ACT, and the SAT Subject tests. He has tutored subjects including calculus, biology, chemistry, French, and physiology. Youssof is passionate about learning and believes his main goal is to help a students reach a conceptual understanding on their own. Youssof is trilingual and is very about soccer. He signed a professional contract in the Egyptian Premiere League before quitting to pursue medicine.



Anudeep D.

Anudeep D. is a person who has a passion for teaching. Since his childhood, he enjoyed discussing various topics, from science to history, with his peers. While pursuing his undergraduate degree at Benedictine University, he dedicated himself to helping and mentoring many of his fellow students. It was during this time that he earned his Bachelor of Science and Health Sciences degree, with a pre-medicine focus.

Anudeep furthered his education by pursuing a dual master’s degree in public health and business administration, with a concentration in healthcare administration, in 2002. During this period, he also worked at the Jurica Nature Museum under the guidance of his mentor, Theodore Suchy. On weekends, he organized activities for Tiger Scouts, where he taught them about the museum’s various exhibits. His love for teaching extended to his membership with the History Channel.

Subsequently, Anudeep pursued medical school and earned his Medical Doctorate (MD). It was during this time that he discovered his enduring passion for teaching others. He possesses a strong foundation in human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, test preparation, and English. Nevertheless, his true passion lies in history, and he is proficient in teaching history at different levels. His expertise encompasses ancient, medieval, modern, Indian, and military history.

In addition to his medical education, Anudeep holds postgraduate certificates in infection control from the University of South Florida, Gerontology from the University of Southern California, Six Sigma Champion from the University of Miami, and elder care management from the University of Florida. He has also completed a course in immunology at Oxford University.

Anudeep’s dedication to teaching led him to instruct Biochemistry through distance learning to medical students in the Caribbean for three months. Furthermore, he served as a teaching assistant during his undergraduate years.

In 2017, Anudeep taught test preparation courses at C2 Education in Schaumburg, covering subjects such as English, history, and the sciences. His primary audience comprised high school students preparing for the SAT/ACT exams.

During his leisure time, Anudeep is a football enthusiast. He is particularly devoted to college football, especially supporting his alma mater, the University of Miami. He is also a devoted fan of the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bulls, and Chicago Blackhawks.

What defines Anudeep are his unwavering passion for teaching and his belief in the distinction between teachers and lecturers. Anudeep undoubtedly falls into the former category, as teaching is something he genuinely enjoys and loves.