Eric is currently in his 3rd year of Electrical Engineering at McMaster University and has 3+ years of private tutoring experience with students of all backgrounds. He founded an eBike startup and loves all aspects of mathematics, science, and technology. Eric believes in individualized learning and strives to help every student find their passion to fuel their academic performance.


Christian M.

Hi, I’m Christian, but I can also go by CJ. I am a graduate from Ontario Tech University’s Faculty of Education in the Intermediate-Senior Division and I am certified with the Ontario College of Teachers to teach Math and Physics. I believe in the growth mindset and I look forward to learning and developing alongside my students.

As a tutor, I have experience with both in-person and online sessions, and I try to take an approach that allows me to grow student confidence in the subject and create opportunities for them to develop skills that can help them in their learning going forward.

I love bringing personality to my teaching, and the one-on-one aspect of tutoring is ideal for that and building a rapport with my students.

Outside of teaching, my hobbies include watching movies, following sports, and playing video games.


Hi I am Prabh. I recently graduated from University of Toronto where I completed my masters majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minors in Data Science. I have almost 5 years of experience in teaching including one to one teaching and also teaching at University of Toronto.


I strongly believe that students learn by doing and engaging. Therefore I try to incorporate this by always trying to give students practical examples or visually show them things to explain concepts which aids them and enhances their learning experience.


Personal interaction with students and two way communication with both the student and parents are two important points which I always keep in mind while tutoring my students.
I try to become a MENTOR rather than a teacher for the student.