Paul has a Masters degree in Engineering and a Teaching diploma. He has taught mathematics, physics and computer programming/robotics from the grade 10 to the third year university levels in both Alberta and British Columbia. His many years of teaching experience combined with his one on one tutoring experience will benefit each of the students he works with as Paul loves to demonstrate the relevance in all he teaches.


Lucy has a bachelor of science degree from McGill University with a major in pharmacology and a minor in psychology. She has a 3.78 GPA in the last two years of her degree. Currently, Lucy is pursuing a bachelor of secondary education degree at the University of Alberta, with a major in chemistry and a minor in biology. She is one semester away from completing her education degree.

Through her volunteer work and student-teaching, Lucy has directly taught Chemistry 20, Biology 20, and Science 10. Throughout last year, she worked online helping high-school students proofread and improve their writing through Zoom meetings. She also worked in elementary settings to assist with math, reading, and writing tasks. She values clear communication with students and families, and catering her teaching style/pacing for each student.


 Kevin Wawrzyn believes that knowledge is the greatest gift you can give others. He started tutoring in 2018 and through years of experience, he developed various methods helping students understand even the most complex concepts. Kevin uses technology and graphical methods to explain the laws of Math and Science in the most effective way. To reach an even broader audience, Kevin has recently opened a youtube channel, where he proves that science surrounds us every day and it can be both useful and fun. His academic background in Biomedical Sciences (Ryerson University) makes him specialized in natural sciences as well as math and statistics. In his free time, Kevin plays piano and enjoys biking.

Nisha C.

Nisha has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics. She has over 10 yrs experience tutoring and 3 years experience as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Ryerson. Nisha currently works in Finance at TD Bank and gives back to her community regularly by volunteering at non profit organizations such as, Big Brother’s Big Sister’s, Jump Math and Habitat for Humanity.


Paige is a 2nd-year University of Waterloo student studying mathematics. She completed her primary and secondary schooling in French immersion and has a DELF B1 certification.
Paige has significant tutoring experience both in person and online and enjoys seeing the learning progression that her students experience. Paige has always enjoyed teaching others and looks forward to a long career in teaching.


Mr. Marlowe comes to Prep Academy Tutors after a thirty-plus-year career that has spanned the realms of teaching, writing, marketing, managing, and leading at local, state, and national levels. A mathematics and test-prep man of all trades within the supplemental education community, Mr. Marlowe spent the better part of sixteen years with Kaplan before moving on to Huntington Learning Centers and then on to founding Math and English Consulting (MEC). In November of 2017, Michael sold his company to iTutor. Mr. Marlowe has written materials for all graduate-level, high school, and elementary level standardized and high-stakes tests..



Hannah Dolan is a temporary Ontario Certified Teacher. Hannah has worked with students ranging from kindergarten, to middle school and high school students. Hannah received her Bachelor of Kinesiology (Honours) degree from Brock University in 2021. It was her passion for both recreational and competitive sports that drove her into the world of coaching. From hockey to soccer to basketball, it was through coaching that she discovered her deep love for educating and empowering children to realize their full potential. When she made the decision to pursue a career in teaching, she chose Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario for the Bachelor of Education program for the Junior/Intermediate levels. She was given the opportunity to teach in a Grade 8 classroom at John Sweeney Catholic Elementary School for the 2021-2022 school year, where she taught Language, Science, Financial Literacy, Drama, and Physical Education. Hannah’s bubbly personality, as well as the significance she places on building rapport with her students, makes them comfortable asking for help and understanding the material. She has always loved working with children and looks forward to all of their ‘Aha!’ moments. Hannah will spend the summer traveling to both Eastern and Western Canada to teach and facilitate secondary and post-secondary students about non profit organizations and social enterprises that support social justice initiatives.

Josh M.

Josh has been a Math and Science teacher and tutor for nearly a decade in the GTA. He graduated with a BFA from Pennsylvania State University before studying Biophysics at York University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Ontario and is currently teaching math, science, and arts production with the TCDSB.

Josh has spent the last several years teaching courses such as MDM4U, MCR3U, MHF4U, MPM2D, SPH3U/4U, and even the new streamlined math curriculum, MTH1W. Josh has extensive experience working with and differentiating instruction for students with exceptionalities, as well as for gifted students. He is a strong believer that any student can achieve their fullest potential with the right guidance.


Hi there! I am Gabriella, but please feel free to call me Gabby! I am currently a teacher candidate at The University of Winnipeg where I am working towards fulfilling my lifelong dream of becoming a Math educator. I also have my Bachelor of Science with a major in Mathematics and minor in English. So, I love numbers and words! Math education is something I am very passionate about, and I believe that is something you will notice as I teach. I often hear people tell me that they are simply just not a “math person”, and I disagree with that statement strongly. I believe with proper instruction and the right mind set, everybody has the ability to succeed in Math. Math takes practice; much like how sports require practice. The more you practice, the better and more confident you will become! Apart from Math, I also love to teach English. I believe the two most important skills are both numeracy and literacy. I have a lot of experience helping students of all ages with both skills and equally enjoy doing both! In my free time, I love to golf, spend time at the lake, watch the Pittsburgh Penguins and Minnesota Vikings win, watch Marvel movies, listen to rock music, and play video games.
I look forward to helping you become the Math person that I know you can be! 🙂


I am a high school vice principal, teacher and instructional coach specializing in Mathematics and Physics. I bring 20 years of teaching experience in high school math, empowering kids to gain confidence and improve their mathematical ability so that they can become life-long learners confident to handle the challenges of the work place, or post- secondary education.
I specialize in provincial exam prep (Pre-Calc and Applied 12) but am willing to work in any level of math.
I have many hobbies including sports (hockey, golf, basketball), learning languages (I am self taught in Italian and Greek), and music (I play guitar).