Florina C.

Florina is a junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago completing her undergraduate studies in biological sciences. She grew up with natural curiosity making sense of the world around her. Florina has always been eager to learn and explore new information around her. It was during her sophomore year of high school she discovered her passion for chemistry. Her chemistry teacher facilitated the learning of a difficult subject that inspired Florina to teach teenagers and young adults in the same manner.

Florina was a college tutor and TA in her local community college that helped her work closely with students to improve their grades. She knows how it is important for students to feel confident in their work and approach problems from different angles such as using technology to address issues. Florina enjoys figuring out what motivates her students and getting things done which helps her build relationships and achieve results. In addition to her years of experience, she has strong interpersonal and communication skills that allows her to adapt to any challenge and relish the opportunity to improve academic performance, problem-solving solving and love of learning for students of different ability levels. In her spare time, she enjoys working out, boxing, dancing, and going out with friend and family to summer festivals or 5k races.

David M.

David M. was born and raised in Corpus Christi where he graduated from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi with a degree in Health Science. He went on to pursue the medical field as a phlebotomist during COVID while tackling my teaching certificate. David started his teaching journey in 2021 in Rockport TX where he successfully lead the sixth grade math team into teaching them several different ways of solving math problems and implementing different strategies to their learning. David then left and came to San Antonio to teach at a local middle school and coach various sports. He have taught all levels of middle school math all the way to Algebra and is certified in Math and Science through 8th grade. He has tutored College Algebra during his time in University and enjoys teaching and being a lifelong learner. David’s favorite subjects are that of science and math, especially A&P and Algebra. During his downtime, David enjoy’s listening to music, especially of the rock genre. His favorite artists include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, and State Champs. Davis is in a band and plays bass. Music has and will always be a life long passion of his.


Alexa S.

Alexa is in her second year at McGill University studying Anatomy and Cell Biology. She graduated from CEGEP Vanier College in 2021 where she obtained her DEC in Health Sciences. Alexa has a passion for medicine and loves to paint! Her role as a tutor is to help students learn in a unique way and achieve the grades that they deserve!


Patrick G.

Patrick is a recent graduate of the Life Sciences program at Queen’s University. He has been tutoring for 10 years, with extensive experience in CEGEP and university chemistry, math and physics. He loves to coach his students as he recognizes the importance of preparation and focus in all aspects of life.

McGill University: Master of Science, Pathology (IP)
Queen’s University: Bachelor of Science (Honours), Life Sciences


Deidre is a science teacher from Upper Westchester, New York. She graduated from Mary Louis Academy in 1984 and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Science and Elementary Education in 1991 at Queens College, and a Master’s of Science in Environmental Science at City University and recently completed 60 + professional credits in science curriculum education. She started her career as a paraprofessional in high school special education and became a science teacher working for the New York City Board of Education until 1993. She raised two beautiful daughters and was an Adjunct professor at St. John’s University, Westchester Community College and Bronx Community College in Biological Science.  Her professional journey continued as the Science Chairwoman at Solomon Schechter School in Westchester, and is currently teaching as a tenure track science teacher in the Yonkers Public School system. In addition, she was a cofounder of a non-profit beautification commission called “Keep Rockland Beautiful” which educates students in the preservation of nature and prepares and inspires youth to address the tremendous challenge of protecting our natural resources and providing for healthy, sustainable communities and started a 4H club in her town and fulfilled her interest in raising farm animals and teaching agriculture science. 
She believes students learn science by doing science. Her classes are a medium through which her students will learn life skills that are critical for their success in college and future careers.