Holly S.

Holly S. is an art teacher and active artist. She is currently studying Studio Art and Art History with a minor in art education at Concordia University (2021-2024) and Painting at Arizona State University (2019-2020), with plans to graduate in 2026.

Holly has had a passion for art since she could draw, her passion was fueled by amazing art tutors as well as art teachers in a specialized visual arts program (2012-2019). Originally from Annapolis, MD in the United States, Holly became a teacher’s assistant at Art Farm (a community arts center). While working with kids during after school classes and summer camps, Holly also volunteered within her community doing face painting at various events and festivals.

Since moving to Montreal in 2021, Holly taught a watercolor workshop for new moms and their children at Studio 414. She also led a sumi-e japanese ink painting lesson for a group of peers in an Early Childhood Art Education class.

Art history has always informed Holly’s art practice and lesson planning. Informed by past and present art, Holly is excited to encourage young artists to pursue their creativity. She is able to teach art to any age and has experience with children in primary and secondary school as well as adults. Holly is capable of teaching many kinds of art including painting, drawing, collage, embroidery, photography, printmaking, and more!