Laura has over 10 years of teaching and tutoring experience in a variety of environments, from elementary through to high school. She has also taught ESL locally and abroad. She has experience working with students within a wide range of learning abilities, and works compassionately with students wherever they are at. Laura holds a Masters degree, and is a certified Early Childhood Educator. She is interested in learning about and participating in efforts towards social justice.


Hi there! I am a 20-year-old education student at the University of Winnipeg with a major in English and a minor in child development. I have a passion for helping and teaching children and have tons of child care experience. I would love to have the chance to help your child with their homework or course understandings!


Lydia is always searching for opportunities to integrate her love of writing with her ongoing visual arts practice. She believes that a holistic approach to academic disciplines is the most effective strategy toward fostering a lifelong love of learning in her students.

Lydia graduated summa cum laude from McMaster University’s Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts program with a minor in English. At the conclusion of her undergraduate degree, she was granted the Ignition Award for Distinction in her program. She went on to graduate from Western University’s Master of Fine Arts program, in which she was awarded the Dean’s Entrance Scholarship, Chair’s Entrance Scholarship, as well as three Graduate Research Scholarships throughout the program’s duration. She is currently a teacher candidate at Brock University with teachables in English and Visual Art.

Lydia has experience with lesson planning, differentiated instruction, and designing assessments in both senior/intermediate English and Visual Art. She is also familiar with the corresponding curricula at the junior level. Lydia’s priorities include: fostering writing strategies for legibility and conciseness, employing invisible and ongoing assessments for- and as- learning, rubric deconstruction, information chunking, and executive function reinforcement (organizational strategies, focusing techniques, task-shifting strategies, self-monitoring, etc.)

When she is not teaching or tutoring, she spends her time reading, making art, and volunteering for arts organizations in Hamilton and London, Ontario.


Jessica is an Ontario Certified Teacher, with four years of teaching experience in a variety of different grade and skill levels. Growing up in Toronto, she has always had a passion for education and learning. Being the eldest grandchild of a very large extended family meant there was always someone to tutor or help with school work. Upon graduation, Jessica moved to Waterloo to pursue her Honours History degree at Wilfrid Laurier, and then to Oshawa’s University of Ontario for her Bachelor of Education. Throughout her education, Jessica fostered her love of travel, visiting many countries around the world. Her teaching career so far has given Jessica the opportunity to teach in both high school and elementary, and additionally, an extended time period teaching in an Essential Life Skills classroom. This experience has especially shaped her view of education, working to support math and literacy skills for students with a wide range of specialities. In her spare time, Jessica has always enjoyed playing as a goalie in ice hockey leagues, as well as beach volleyball in the Summer. She believes that these experiences, coupled with her natural love of learning, help her to meet the diverse needs of each learner with the goal of personal success.


Hey my name is Devon!

I am a recent graduate of the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Education Middle Year’s Stream but love working with early years as well! I have had experience teaching from Grades K-8 and I believe that at its core, learning stems from trusting relationships and understanding a students strengths, weaknesses and interests. I use these to personalize my teaching and make learning as fun as possible for the student.

I always loved school when I was personally interested in what I was learning and that’s what I strive to do for the student in every personally tailored lesson.

I look forward to working with you!


Hailey is Masters Student at the University of Toronto (OISE). She graduated from The University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Cultural Studies), before starting her journey towards her Masters of Teaching. Hailey is qualified to teach all english, math, social studies, science and arts at the elementary school level. In addition, Hailey has spent many years working with learners with ASD and has been trained in one to one ABA therapy as a Behaviour Interventionist. In addition to teaching, she remains active in the community by volunteering in classrooms. Hailey is an active person who loves yoga, hiking and cooking!


Adeline is an Ontario Certified Teacher with Primary/Junior/Intermediate qualifications. She has been working in education for the past 7 years in many different roles such as: an outdoor education specialist, a youth mentor, and a teacher. All of these different opportunities solidified her passion for teaching. She completed her teacher’s college in New Zealand giving her an expansive view on education and pedagogy. She has an aptitude for teaching outdoor education, but recently has loved teaching math and science in the classroom. Adeline likes to look at ways of making education applicable to children and linking it to the real world, often through inquiry and creating cross curricular links for her students. She believes learning should be fun with a purpose, and hands on. She has found this helps to engage her students and help them reach their highest potential. Adeline is currently working in the special education field, where she is learning new techniques to best teach to certain learning styles. She believes that teaching needs to be student centred and thus is always learning from her students. In her free time, Adeline loves to be in her garden, rock climb, and dance around the living room.


Allie is an Ontario-certified Primary/Junior teacher with additional qualifications in special education as well as Intermediate English and math. After completing both her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education at Queen’s University, Allie was honoured with the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario’s Faculty of Education award. After graduating, Allie moved to England to work in a specialist setting for children with a range of needs. There, Allie taught small groups of middle school students their subjects in a primary-style classroom, catching them up on curriculum they had missed in their mainstream schools. Allie’s desire to engage students of all educational backgrounds stems from her volunteer work with organizations such as Holland Bloorview, Canadian National Institute for the Blind and Making Waves. These experiences have taught Allie the importance of tailoring learning to the individual student and incorporating their interests wherever possible. Allie also recognizes the role of resilience in learning, helping her students build both academic and emotional skills simultaneously. Like her students, Allie is always learning, collecting certifications from organizations such as the Geneva Centre for Autism, TRIBES and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). At present, Allie is pursuing her Master of Education, where she works as a Teaching Assistant for pre-service teachers studying inclusion. When Allie isn’t at work or school, she can be found reading, cooking, learning Braille, doing yoga, or hanging out with her dog Charlie!


Matthew is an Ontario Certified Teacher in the Primary and Junior Divisions. He is a graduate of OISE’s Masters of Teaching Program at the University of Toronto and completed his undergraduate degree at Queen’s University in Drama & English. He loves Jalapeño Cheddar dipping sauce and writing in the third person. Matthew has over 10 years of teaching experience in various classroom and educational settings. He developed his passion for education and working with children as professional actor teaching improv, speech, and drama at Second City Toronto where he also served as the Youth & Teen Programme Coordinator. Matthew is a champion of the arts and the powerful effect they can have on students and their learning experiences. His graduate thesis looked at improv’s powerful effect on creating community in the classroom and helping students with their own confidence, problem-solving, anxiety, and voice. Matthew also worked at Sick Kids Hospital as a Therapeutic Clown, a faithful companion to patients utilizing therapeutic play, relationships, developmental and procedural support, humour and laughter. Matthew has been very fortunate to have teaching experience with students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. As a resident of North Toronto, Matthew was lucky enough to have placements at many schools in the area, including John Wanless, Armour Heights, Sterling Hall, and Crescent. Matthew is passionate about developing a strong community in his teaching and tutoring through supportive relationships. He is committed to working with parents, teachers, and students to create an atmosphere where students reach high levels of achievement and well-being. When not teaching, Matthew can be found serving as the Artistic Director of a local Toronto theatre company, or up north at his new cottage in the Algonquin Highlands.

Sara L.

Sara promotes individual growth at all ages and competencies. She has a Bachelor of Arts in French Studies Translation from Concordia University, a DEC in Languages from John Abbott College (JAC), a Women Studies Certificate (JAC) and a TESL certificate from Oxford Seminars and is currently working to complete her Masters of Education from Niagara University. Sara has many years of experience as a translator that she incorporates in her role as a teacher. Sara loves to teach French, English and art.