Diana F.

Diana is an Ontario certified teacher who has had a successful career spanning over 25 years (since 1997) in education with the Toronto Board. She began her career in teaching as a Deaf-blind Facilitator, then acquiring her degree in education with a specialist in visual arts from York University in 2005.

Diana prides herself as a lifelong learner and encourages her students to be the same. She has a patient and supportive approach to teaching. Her special education background coupled with visual arts allows her to support and provide varying and unique ways to support all types of learners, in order to help them meet their full potential.

Diana is passionate about the arts, animals and the environment. When she is not teaching she can be found creating art, tending to her ample collection of plants, hiking, and spending time with close friends and family.

Baharak G.

Baharak is a dedicated educator who continuously strives to develop pedagogical responses to all students’ strengths, experiences, and needs by understanding through meaningful interactions with students, community members, and other stakeholders. She has over 15 years of experience in the educational field. She has a Bachelor of Education in the Primary-Junior Division. Further to her studies, she obtained a Master of Arts-Music degree. She has a wealth of experience working as a teacher in the TDSB.

Baharak’s teaching style is dynamic, and she takes pride in creating a communicative environment where students feel comfortable. She has had the pleasure of working with students from four corners of the world with diverse cultures. This has taught her the sensitivity, value, and importance of working in a vibrant multicultural environment. She has also been a professional Art Teacher (Visual Art & Music) and a Fashion Designer for over 20 years, with many years of experience teaching Music and Art at all levels, from kindergarten to adults. She is an expert at encouraging creativity while simultaneously teaching solid technical skills.

Baharak develops and implements engaging lessons aligned with the Grade K – 8 curriculums. She adapts teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students’ needs and interests.

Baharak addresses specific learning challenges that the student is currently facing; she helps students with exam preparation strategies and teaches techniques that enable them to achieve and succeed in their subjects.

Angie X.

Angie has a double honours degree in English and Child and Youth Studies with a minor in Psychology. She has 8 years of experience working in a classroom assisting and teaching for various school across Ontario boards including the TDSB.

Dana B.

Dana attained her Hons BA at York University. She studied English and History. In 1993 she received her B. Ed. She studied in Newmarket at York’s satelite campus just off main street in a historic building! She is qualified in Primary Junior education. With a focus on literacy, numeracy and cooperative education. At U of T she attained Senior division English as an AQ course and this lead to many occasional teaching placements in secondary schools in York Region. Her AQ courses in Spec Ed informed her teaching strategies within the classroom. She is an empathetic individual who meets learners where they are. She finds it rewarding to make a difference in children’s develipment.

Tania T.

Tania has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in both English and Adult Education. She has twelve years of experience working with a range of learners from elementary school students to adults. She specializes in English, ESL, history, geography, and social sciences. She has worked in both private and nonprofit learning organizations.


Stephanie graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master of Arts in Child Study & Education in the primary/junior grade levels. During her time at OISE, she completed three practicum placements, which were in SK at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute Child Study, grade 3/4 in the TDSB, and her teaching internship / extended practicum was grade 1 in the TDSB. Prior to entering her master’s at University of Toronto, Stephanie was an educational assistant that supported students in KG- grade 8 with academics, social skills, vocational skills, and social emotional learning. Through the combination of her employment opportunities and the unique position of the master’s degree, Stephanie has developed an in-depth understanding on teaching children Ontario curriculum using a child-centred approach that is best suited to each child’s needs. Stephanie truly believes that all children learn best when they feel safe, welcome, and secure, and it is her teaching mission to ensure all students she interacts with feel welcomed and include by developing strong relationships and creating a fun environment. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys camping, kayaking, yoga, and other exercise activities that promote a healthy lifestyle for her well-being.


Yvonne received her Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary, specializing in Elementary Mathematics. She has been a classroom teacher for almost a decade, working in both public and private schools. Yvonne has taught all core subjects in elementary and middle school grades. Her personal interests include art and cooking.

Matthew O.

Matthew O’Reilly is an educator specializing in the arts and the humanities. He has his Honors Bachelors of Art, Bachelors of Education, and Masters of Education from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He also holds a Masters of Fine Arts from the Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary. Matthew enjoys working with all age groups, having worked as a camp counselor, K-12 educator, and in post-secondary. In addition to being an educator, Matthew is an award winning emerging international artist, having been the recent recipient of the Canadian Clay and Glass Galleries Winifred Shantz Award. Matthew meets students where they are at and tailors his teaching approach to what each student needs. Gamifying, setting goals and tracking progress is Matthew’s favorite way to motivate students. Matthew helps students visualize difficult and abstract concepts by utilizing his strong background in the arts.


Heather has a Master’s of Teaching degree and is qualified to teach in Alberta and Ontario. She has over ten years of experience developing and educating youth through academics and play. She is patient, efficient, and always works to ensure students are understanding the material. She believes that it is important to foster a love of learning and looks forward to helping students grow as learners.

Katherine H.

Katherine has a Bachelor of Arts in History and Sociology from Toronto Metropolitan University. She continued her education earning a Bachelor of Education degree from York University at the Catholic Education Center. She has 7+ years of experience working with children as an educator, tutor, mentor, dance teacher, and volunteer in different schools across Toronto.
Katherine is currently an Occasional Teacher at the TCDSB. She works with students by using differentiated approaches as she knows that not all students learn in the same way. Katherine hopes to help her students gain curiosity, confidence, and excitement for learning. In her spare time, Katherine enjoys travelling and learning about new cultures, reading, staying active, and her family.