Melyna is currently in her third year of Elementary Education with a minor in Health and Physical Education. She is on the president’s honour roll and was valedictorian of her high school. She has experience working with diverse needs as an educational assistant and is currently a personal support worker. Her diverse background also includes being a camp instructor and softball coach. She has previous tutoring experience with a variety of subjects. Melyna is certified in Standard First Aid- CPR-AED Level C.

Arielle M.

With a background in teaching ESL and horsemanship, Arielle completed her Bachelor of Education at UBC Okanagan in 2019. She has specialized in teaching early primary K-2 for the past few years, and brings an intuitive, nature-based, hands-on, responsive approach to teaching, making learning fun and engaging. She also has a long-standing passion for literature and writing and is well positioned to support your teen as they develop their ability as writers in their final years of high school or in preparation for university. Arielle believes that building a safe and positive learning environment is key to students’ ability and desire to learn.

Arielle was born and raised on the west coast and moved to Summerland in 2005. She loves reading, art, photography, film, history, nature, and animals – especially horses! She lives with her husband and two children on a farm in Summerland, which they share with various animal companions.

Lauren R.

Lauren is a Certified Teacher. She graduated from Mount Royal University in the spring of 2022, with a Bachelor of Elementary Education and a minor in Spanish Languages and Hispanic Cultures. She completed her final teaching internship with Calgary Academy, where she taught Grade 2 students. Throughout her field experiences and practicum placements, Lauren has experience teaching at every grade level. Lauren believes in the importance of decolonizing our classrooms, schools and curriculums and successfully completed her final capstone project titled “Roses of Reconciliation: the Art of un-Learning”. Through collaboration alongside Indigenous communities, authentically and respectfully incorporating Indigenous voices and resources into the classroom, and working with Elders and Knowledge Keepers, Lauren strives to model decolonization and teach students their role in reconciliation.

Lauren’s love for working with youth was fostered at a young age, when she became a camp counselor for 8 consecutive summers. Lauren spent her summers working at Camp Cadicasu, where she would instill love, wonder, curiosity and appreciation for nature with youth. She initially began her studies of Education at the University of Saskatchewan, where she studied for one year before transferring to Mount Royal University. After five years of pursuing her dream, Lauren made the decision to teach abroad. She worked as a grade one teacher at a private school in Guadalajara, Mexico and fell in love with the culture and school. Additionally, Lauren has experience private tutoring at varying ages and subject areas. While tutoring, Lauren fosters a safe and inclusive learning environment where the learner feels comfortable taking learning risks and exploring new challenges. Through hands-on, personalized instruction directed at the students interests and learning needs, students’ love for learning expands. Lauren believes in supporting students in expanding their self-confidence and self-esteem to support their development in the classroom and beyond.

In Lauren’s free time, you can find her climbing mountains, in a downward dog yoga position, reading books, creating art, or dancing in nature. She loves anything regarding creative expression and believes in the healing power of art and nature. With a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to the curriculum, Lauren finds overlaps within subject areas to create integrated learning for her students. Lauren is looking forward to tutoring with you!


Nicole is originally from South Africa and has been in education for over 10 years. Nicole graduated cum laude in Fine Arts at the University of Johannesburg. As an undergraduate assistant lecturer, Nicole found her passion for teaching and has been in the classroom both in public, private and tutoring positions since 2012. Nicole completed her Bachelors of Education at the University of South Africa majoring in high school and Further Education in English in 2014 and has continued to be a life long learner in teaching strategies and diversifying her curriculums to best suit her students.
The students and their needs are at the heart of Nicole’s teaching practice. Her belief is that every student can reach their full potential and beyond with the right tools. As a teacher from a county of great cultural diversity, Nicole respects every student’s context and how to engage with the student on their own terms and in their own style of learning. Adaptable, caring and passionate about her students’ wellbeing, Nicole is a compassionate and understanding teacher always looking for new strategies to assist her students in the best way possible.
Currently residing in Hamilton, Nicole has been living in Canada for the past 18 months. She enjoys exploring as many new places as possible around Hamilton and the Niagara region in her spare time. She also loves reading, playing the guitar and the ukulele as well as sketching and painting.


Marie-Danielle has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and French Language Arts from the University of Calgary. She has been teaching Social Studies, Art, French as a Second Language and French Language Arts to junior high students for over 10 years. She is a passionate teacher who enjoys exploring and guiding students into discovering their full potential and capabilities. Marie-Danielle was born in Québec and moved to Calgary at a young age. Every summer she makes the time to go back to Québec and visit her family and friends. In previous years, Marie-Danielle has also partaken in summer camps, teaching French to international students. She always enjoys working with students and being a part of their learning success.


Nick was born and raised on the Canadian prairies and has been working on creative projects since he could hold art supplies. With a background rooted in Fine Arts and Graphic Design he has been developing an ongoing style that marries movement, colour and emotions with a complex inter-dimensional mess of lines, shapes and whatever presently sits in the back of his mind. He has learned the rules of art and certainly likes to bend and break them in fun ways. His inspiration is drawn from many sources including history, pareidolia, social culture, portraiture, cubism, expressionism, abstraction, cartoons, nature & his loving family.

Anna M.

Anna is excited to be a part of the Prep Academy Team. She is a graduate of the University of Windsor’s six-year Bachelor of Education program and has additional qualifications in Special Education and Mathematics.

As an experienced teacher, Anna is proficient in grasping new course material and supporting students through natural changes in classroom routines. While teaching, her students benefit from a variety of external stimuli (multi-levelled books, manipulatives, charts, graphs, and display of student’s work) which is greatly beneficial for her student’s academic growth.

While tutoring, Anna develops an inclusive model to integrate students with exceptionalities into programs with their age-appropriate peers and discovers new ways of integrating academic theory into teaching. She provides enriched programs in all subjects to meet the intellectual needs of her learners. Using her expertise from an elementary and secondary level, she provides a high quality of tutoring while differentiating instruction to meet individual needs and interests.

Darien K.

Darien has been teaching for 5 years. He also has a Psychology degree and is certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. He developed a Mindfulness Committee throughout his school’s community to better support mental health initiatives.

Darien has the experience to understand and tailor instruction to the many different learning styles, abilities and backgrounds. He has taught people with various and complex disabilities for 10+ years, is comfortable teaching various levels of English Language Learners and can teach foundational knowledge through Indigenous perspective.

As a teacher his focus is on an well rounded educational plan that consists of physical and mental wellness, cultivating self-worth, morals, values and supporting students’ expressions of identity. He received multiple scholarships based on athletic merit as a member of the University’s Cross Country Running team. He loves to take his dog paddle boarding and hiking. When they are not in the sunniest spots, he’ll likely be found playing Arceus or Zelda on his Nintendo Switch.

Tiffinnea R.

Tiffinnea has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan. She also has a teaching certificate from Aurora College with a focus of Aboriginal Studies. She has worked with students at all levels from grades K-12, although she primarily teaches grades K-6. She has experience teaching students with a wide range of learning differences, as well as English Second Language.

Tiffinnea has taught in five different countries. She has experience working with different curriculums across the globe, both in the classroom and online teaching. She has a strong passion for Culinary & Visual Arts and has created art programs for all ages including adult learners.

Apart from teaching, Tiffinnea enjoys cooking and the outdoors. Creating new plant based recipes, getting out kayaking or hiking with her family and dog are her favourite activities.



Bianca is an Ontario Certified Teacher since 2017. She grew up in Mississauga, moving to Hamilton, Ontario to complete an Undergraduate Degree at McMaster University and receiving a B.A in Humanities and a minor in religion. As well, she completed a Post Graduate Diploma, a Master of Science in Education in Buffalo, New York. Bianca grew up with a deep love of travel and took the opportunity to explore the world following the completion of her degrees. Since she was a young girl, Bianca discovered her passion for teaching and working with children. During the summer months, Bianca normally tutors student for the upcoming school year and continues to work with them throughout the year. In her spare time Bianca works one-on-one with children ranging from 6 years through middle school. She has taught almost all grades kindergarten through to grade 8 and while teaching, still supports students through tutoring. She has supported the improvement of their reading, writing, vocabulary and math skills. Additionally. Bianca has over 10 AQs (additional qualifications) and believes that all are life-long learners and is constantly building and adding to her career as an educator. Bianca believes that by building a strong relationship with her students she is better able to meet their needs and grow their learning.