Jordan is an Ontario Certified Teacher. He grew up in Sudbury, Ontario where he completed an Undergraduate Degree in English Literature as well as received a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Laurentian University. He then received a Master’s degree in New Media and Communication from McMaster University. Throughout his school experiences, Jordan realized how passionate he was about helping others achieve their goals. In his spare time, Jordan works one-on-one with children ranging from 6 years to high school. He has supported the improvement of their writing, reading, and vocabulary skills. Jordan believes in building a strong relationship with his student in order to help them achieve their academic goals as well as provide meaningful life skills that can be used outside of the classroom. As a mentor, Jordan continuously develops novel strategies for working with children and makes each experience rewarding and fun.


Tonia began her teaching career well before entering teachers college in 2002. Her formal experience began in high school when she volunteered with special needs students in a music class. Later in university she worked in the summer as an ECE for special needs children, specifically in an autistic classroom with 8 students. Her early experiences of supply teaching and volunteering in an elementary school with ESL students was another positive experience that grabbed her attention to go into teaching rather than art therapy.

Once graduating with honors in psychology followed by her OCT qualifications, Tonia worked as a supply teacher and soon after in special education. Her affinity for the primary junior grades was further developed when she taught grade 5 where she was able to teach the arts to other junior grades. Her focus on the arts and literacy continued to grow when she became a prep coverage teacher that integrated the arts (drama, dance, art) with literacy to provide a rich experience for students.

After 12 years of teaching in different schools and positions Tonia decided to change things up and began her own business helping people organize their life from an executive functioning approach. This meant helping them get clear on their values and then setting goals on what needed to change in their spaces and how they spent their time. While developing a 5 step process to help people she continued to supply teach to keep her connection with children.

Tonia loves to connect with nature, be active and find ways to be creative both in the arts and in life. Her philosophy is to live with intention. And when working with adults or children she focuses on getting to know them so that she can help them live with purpose, passion in what matters the most to them.


So far in my career, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of learners and have worked in a variety of different classroom settings. I am an Art specialist, and have had experience teaching and planning a various courses for Grades 7-12, Multi-age, EAL, Adult Education, and Inclusion Support.
I have experience teaching to groups both big and small, as well as providing individualized programming to meet student needs.


Rebecca Michaella is a third-year student at the University of Winnipeg. She aspires to receive a combined degree in Bachelor of Arts and Education, majoring in English Writing and minoring in Sociology. Ideally, she wishes to teach at the high school level. She believes that education is about personal growth and self-development. A few of her favourites include gardening, baking, making mixed art and writing poems.


Julia is a passionate and enthusiast teacher who is currently pursuing her Masters of Teaching at OISE. A Toronto native, Julia lived for seven years in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There she attended the University of King’s College and Dalhousie and graduated with First Class Honours in Theatre and English. Before pursuing her Masters, Julia worked in Theatre on both the administrative and creative side. Her favourite role was as director where she found immense joy in discovering the unique gifts and perspectives of every team member and fostering these gifts through collaboration and play. She finds this same joy in teaching; Julia loves the process of understanding her students and helping them see how they can extend their gifts to every subject. She rejects deficit-based thinking and believes academic growth is a matter of unlocking the inherent potential in each student. For her Masters, Julia is conducting research into successful and total inclusion of neurodivergent students and she is passionate about re-imagining how we support students with intellectual, developmental and learning disabilities.

Marla T.

Marla is an Ontario Certified Teacher with a Bachelor of Education from University of Toronto, and a Bachelor of Applied Arts from Ryerson University. She has taught all aspects of Language Arts to grades 4 to 7, as well as Math, Science and Social Studies. Marla brings enthusiasm and positivity to connect with the student’s own sense of natural curiosity towards building solid foundations for comprehension and problem solving. Recognizing every student has a unique way of learning, Marla supports each student in employing effective learning strategies, building independent critical thinking skills and improving confidence towards achieving their full potential.

With a Certificate for Intermediate Level French with Alliance Française Marla also has taught French to grades 1 to 5 in the private school setting and would welcome assisting students in the joy of learning French!

With a background in Visual Arts Marla is a fine artist who has also taught art, drawing and painting to students grades 1 to 6.


Thalice is a passionate and loving individual who has wanted to be a teacher since the age of five. She moved to Canada at the age of eight and learned the English language within six months, It was her experiences that guided her career choices and goals to make learning a fun and inclusive environment. As a tutor, Thalice strives to make every child feel accepted and equal. She is the kind of teacher who has a positive impact on a student’s life and sets them up for great academic success. Thalice is currently attending Mount Royal University in hopes of becoming an outstanding teacher focusing on an elementary level with multiple minors which include, Humanities and Spanish Language and Cultures. Thalice has also taken a number of workshops including, the “Working with parents to promote student success” workshop and “ADHD: What Educators Need to Know.”. Thalice is also fluent in both Spanish and English, with Spanish being her first Language. She believes that teaching plays an important role in society and with the right education children can truly excel and become academically driven students and lifelong learners. Thalice believes that students learn best when they work at their own pace and receive the right amount of guidance, which makes her a great asset when it comes to a child’s academic needs.


Kyle is an Ontario Certified Teacher. He has lived in Toronto for his whole life, proudly completing his Bachelors of Kinesiology and Masters of Teaching degrees at the University of Toronto. Kyle has worked with both the TDSB and YRDSB and is most experienced teaching students from grade 1 through 8. Kyle has a wealth of experience teaching both in person and online, where his goal is always to help students develop a passion for learning by supporting the individual needs of all students. Kyle believes strongly that developing strong learning skills is a core component of knowledge acquisition and focuses on actively teaching and practicing these skills to help students master subject material. When he is not teaching, Kyle loves to be active. He is a competitive athlete and an avid fan of many sports. He loves staying active by working as a personal trainer and spending time outdoors, canoeing, hiking and camping. Kyle also loves to learn new things and is constantly reading, watching and experimenting with new hobbies.


Concetta is an OCT certified teacher with the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School board where she teachers Music, Drama and Dance. She also has experience working with students from K-12 in Reading, Literacy, Social Studies, Math and more. Concetta loves working with students of any age and is passionate about helping students on the road to success. She has continued to expand on her teaching qualifications by taking additional qualification courses throughout the year such as Special Education Part 1, Drama Intermediate and Senior, and Vocal Music. Concetta’s teaching philosophy is to make sure all her lessons are inclusive, and she believes in creating individualized lesson plans and strategies that cater to each students’ way of learning.

Emily E.


Emily Egleston is an Ontario Certified Teacher. She completed an Undergraduate Degree in Fine Arts at Queen’s University. After graduating with honours, Emily then moved to Toronto to complete a Bachelors of Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, with a focus on gifted and talented students and in the intermediate/senior division


Emily then moved to London, UK where she taught Visual Arts at the secondary school level. Upon returning to Canada, Emily acquired further teaching certifications in Primary, and Junior teaching, as well as specialist qualifications in Math, ESL, in addition to her existing teaching qualifications in Special Education, intermediate English, Geography and Visual Arts. She is a full time teacher with the York Region District School Board.


It is through teaching that Emily has been able to share her passion for learning. In her spare time Emily works one-on-one with children ranging from 6 years through secondary school. She has supported the improvement of their reading, writing, vocabulary and math skills. Emily believes that students are able to make great progress through perseverance and individualized attention. She finds these experiences enjoyable and extremely rewarding.