Ella M.

Ella is a third year honours biochemistry student at McGill University planning to pursue medical school after graduation. She is also a student researcher working in the Huang Lab at McGill studying ovarian cancer. She is passionate about teaching fundamental studying skills and solidifying students’ knowledge in the scientific field. She has past experience tutoring high school science for a non-profit organization. Ella is available for online or in person tutoring sessions and looks forward to collaborating with her students!


Christine has years of experience in individualized tutoring in chemistry and biology for university, college and high school students. She taught for 15 years in high school classrooms (biology and chemistry) with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and masters degree in education. She designed the curriculum and taught the study skills portion of a summer Learning Skills Workshop also serving as director of the program. She especially enjoys supporting young women interested in STEM careers.



Johnson moved from China to Canada in 2019 and can communicate in Mandarin and English. His educational journey was unique: from middle school in China to high school in Canada, from a public school to a boarding community, he is now studying life sciences at McGill University. His passion for teaching sprung out of leading his physics class when the teacher was away. He enjoyed delivering knowledge and seeing the smiles on the students’ faces. Ever since that day, he can often be found in the library or common room helping people out with math and science questions.
Johnson has also worked in a summer camp, instructing canoeing and camping skills. During his previous tutoring experiences, he has worked extensively with students from grades 9-12, teaching high school math and science. He passionately believes in the value of confidence and encouragement, and he loves having casual conversations with his students outside of class. As a result, he often becomes close friends with students, although his age may be the main contributing factor. Johnson feels honoured to accompany his students on their learning and witness them shaping their own educational journeys.


Saumya M.

Saumya has a vast background in various subjects that she is qualified to tutor. She has a background in Arts & Culture through her high school’s SHSM program, focusing on Vocal Music and Musical Theatre. During this time, she taught music theory to grades 9-11 students.

Saumya completed her undergraduate education in Neuroscience, Biology, and Chemistry at the University of Toronto. She is currently finishing her Master of Science degree from the University of Toronto in Cell and Systems Biology. She plans to complete an MD/PhD degree and eventually teach undergraduate university courses as a professor.

Saumya has experience teaching undergraduate small-group tutorials as a Teaching Assistant at U of T Mississauga. Her subjects of expertise include general chemistry, biology, and psychology. She has also given guest lectures and created advanced case studies for human anatomy courses at UofT.

Saumya has won numerous academic and public service awards for her commitment to student success. She has mentored high school and university students academically since 2017. In her free time, Saumya enjoys musical theatre, indoor cycling, solving sudoku puzzles, and trivia games!


Camilia D.

Camilia is a professional and passionate tutor with over 6 years of experience teaching and tutoring. She has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in biology, and is pursing her Doctoral degree in Naturopathic Medicine. Camilia is a certified ESL instructor, and has worked with students at a variety of grade and ability levels. Camilia loves teaching, learning, art, music, cooking and travelling. On her free time she takes photographs and runs outside 🙂

Thad F.

With a bachelor’s degree from the Air Force Academy and a master’s from theUniversity of Dayton, Thad’s credentials and experience run broad and deep. For over 30 years he has taught math, science, and English at the university level–all the way down through first grade. Thad’s passion and joy is helping students and their families overcome academic challenges and grow to thrive at the highest levels of their potential.

In his free time, Thad enjoys his six children and three grandchildren, tennis, hiking, photography, swing dancing, and food with his wife, Beth. He almost never meets a student with whom he does not enjoy working, and he hopes to continue teaching as long as his health allows–at least 50 more years!

Kristin H.

Kristin Haley is a dedicated educator with a passion for empowering students to reach their full potential. Currently pursuing a certification in education, Kristin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and brings a unique perspective to her teaching approach.

With three years of experience as a long-term substitute teacher in elementary education, Kristin has honed her skills in creating engaging and effective learning experiences. She understands the importance of personalized instruction and strives to tailor her tutoring sessions to meet the individual needs of each student.

Kristin’s journey in education began with her fascination with sociology, where she explored the complexities of human behavior and societal structures. This background enriches her understanding of students’ diverse backgrounds and helps her create inclusive learning environments where every student feels valued and supported.

In her tutoring sessions, Kristin emphasizes building strong foundational skills in reading, writing, and math, while also fostering critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. She believes in empowering students to become confident and independent learners who are equipped to tackle any challenge they encounter.

Outside of tutoring, Kristin enjoys exploring her creative side through cooking and painting. Her enthusiasm for learning and dedication to her students make her a valuable asset in helping students excel academically and reach their goals.


Abir is an international teacher and native French speaker.  She holds a Masters in Molecular Biology and a Bachelors degree in Medical Biotech and has had more than 6 years teaching experience at the Lycée Francais in Jeddah where she taught High School Biology & French.  It was while she was overseas teaching that she discovered her passion for teaching and working with children. She is currently pursuing her teaching degree in Ontario at the University of Ontario Francais and will be an Ontario Certified teacher very soon.   Abir loves teaching French using a conversational approach, engaging activities and workshops. During the summer months she runs a Science Camp that encourages children to learn about science using interactive and hands-on experiences.  As a tutor, Abir works one/one with students of all ages and helps them improve their reading/writing, vocabulary and math skills.  She believes that by building strong relationships with her students, she is better able to meet their needs and help them develop a love of learning.

Maggie B.

Mrs. Maggie B. has been a teacher and school administrator for 19 years and she loves to watch students succeed and grow. She has a bachelor’s degree in Literature from The University of North Florida and a Masters degree from The University of Texas San Antonio in Educational leadership and Curriculum & Instruction. She spent much of her own school days in Europe where she formed a love for traveling and other cultures. That love translated into her classroom when she traveled with her students to numerous countries and showed them the world! In the classroom, she taught high school English, writing, drama and acting. She has been a middle and high school administrator and, one of her favorite things, a coach for teachers as they improve their craft. She is very excited and looks forward to working with your student!


Talfryn is a certified teacher in both the UK and Alberta, boasting over 20 years of experience working with a diverse array of students across various abilities and subjects. Beginning his career with a strong foundation in Science and Math, he quickly diversified into teaching humanities at different academic levels.

His expertise extends to catering to the needs of both typical and atypical (LD) students, allowing him to customize approaches that bolster individual student confidence in their learning journey. Through his role as a learning coach, Talfryn has successfully supported students operating below grade level, adeptly closing learning gaps and fostering academic progress relative to their peers.

His proficiency in executive functioning skills has significantly contributed to alleviating student stress levels. By assisting them in effectively planning their study time, managing homework, and completing assignments, Talfryn ensures a manageable and structured approach to their academic responsibilities.