Amaan is pursuing an Honors degree in Computer Science with a double minor in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Alberta. With a strong commitment to academic excellence, Amaan has been involved in various research projects focusing on artificial intelligence, data analysis, etc. He has also served as a teaching assistant, demonstrating his passion for sharing knowledge and enhancing the learning experience of peers. Amaan has been recognized with the Marc Howery Memorial Award, reflecting his dedication to his field. He is an active Space Exploration Alberta Robotics member, contributing to community-driven projects and professional development. Looking ahead, Amaan aims to leverage his technology and data analysis expertise to solve real-world problems, aspiring to a career in Robotics and Mechatronics.



Amal is a goal-driven professional educator with a PhD in Economics and a Master’s in Finance and Banking, boasting 15 years of experience in teaching Economics and Business Administration courses. She is adept at planning, delivering, and adapting course curricula and teaching styles in both English and French to optimize student learning. Amal has successfully instructed and mentored over 60 students in a multicultural setting, employing Active Learning methodologies and integrating technology to enhance classroom experiences.

With a passion for education, Amal has contributed significantly to various educational settings. She has served as a Mathematics and Sciences Teacher at La Citadelle Academy of Sciences and Arts, where she instructed curriculum in French for students in grades 3 to 5, implementing innovative teaching strategies to engage students in a bilingual environment. Additionally, she has worked as a Teaching Assistant at Concordia University, developing and teaching Economics and Business Administration courses. She is also currently involved in the Teaching Assistant Program at the University of Toronto and is a Private French Tutor, providing personalized tutoring sessions to enhance critical thinking skills and concentration in French Immersion programs.

Amal’s academic journey includes a Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Pedagogy, with a specialization in Online Teaching and Learning, from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto. She is a multilingual educator fluent in French, English, and Arabic, and her expertise extends to various educational technology platforms.

In addition to her teaching experience, Amal is actively involved in research and community-based initiatives. Outside of her professional endeavors, Amal enjoys connecting with nature, watching birds and pigeons, and indulging her creative side by writing children’s books.

Danica J.

Danica studied Bachelor’s in Business Administration, majoring in finance, and is currently completing her diploma in International Business. She has over a decade of experience working with children by being a volunteer teacher within her local community since she was in high school. Presently, she serves as a peer tutor at Centennial College, specializing in math courses within the Business department, and as a part-time instructor at an after-school learning center, tutoring children from grades one to eight.

Beyond her academic endeavors, Danica finds joy in painting pet portraits and scenic landscapes, staying active with badminton, and embracing the challenge of learning new languages.

Her patient and understanding nature, combined with her passion for education, is evident in her teaching approach. She is committed to empowering students and instilling a love for lifelong learning.

Tejas G.

Tejas, an aspiring CPA, holds a post-graduate degree in professional accounting from Humber College. He pursued a second post-graduate degree in financial planning from the same institution, driven by his passion for finance. With a talent for simplifying complex concepts, he excels in tutoring finance, accounting, and business management. During his undergraduate studies, Tejas served as a peer tutor, discovering his enjoyment in teaching and guiding his peers. He offers personalized assistance, breaking down challenging topics using real-world scenarios. Tejas has a strong academic background, ranking third in his bachelor’s degree in business management from Mumbai University with a CGPA of 9.61. He has proven his dedication to education, achieving a remarkable 90% aggregate in high school while also holding a leadership position as a cultural head in the student council.

Before pursuing further education, Tejas gained valuable hands-on experience at a Kombucha startup, honing his skills in accounting and operations within the food and beverage industry. His financial acumen fueled his ambition to pursue a CPA designation in Canada. In the fall of 2024, Tejas will embark on his career journey at Deloitte Canada as a staff accountant in assurance services. Beyond academia and work, Tejas finds joy in nature, sharing his life with an adorable pet dog and dedicating time to yoga, in which he is trained as a yoga teacher from India.

Rayan B.

Rayan is currently in teachers college and in the process of completing his Grades 7 – 12 teaching certification at York University with English and Dramatic Arts as his declared teachable subjects.

In the past, Rayan has excelled in his time working at Kumon as a Math and Reading Tutor where he taught learners in pre-school and Grades 1 – 6 and successfully helped them improve their foundational literacy (reading and writing) and numeracy skills (basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

Outside of school and work, Rayan has also volunteered at the Christian Centre Church’s after school homework club, and Inner City Outreach. Here he helped at-risk Grades 6 – 8 children from the Jane and Finch area gain both the skills and confidence that they needed to perform at their very best, across a variety of different academic subjects.

When he is not busy tutoring his super cool Prep Academy students, Rayan loves to watch movies and shows (he’s a big into cinema), read comic books (he’s also an unapologetic geek) and play chess and poker (not very well though).


Connor is a University of Toronto graduate where he majored in Financial Economics and minored in Philosophy and Political Science. Post graduation he worked in the financial sector at RBC getting to know the ins and outs of the Toronto financial scene. Connor has always had a passion for tutoring, growing up with 2 younger siblings and always being more than happy to jump in and help with homework duty. Connor is also a swim instructor and enjoys teaching all different age groups. He enjoys getting to know students on a more personal level and values the importance of teaching in a learning style that best suits the student, as everyone learns differently. Fun fact about Connor, he currently lives in New Zealand where he moved in 2023 along with his cat.

Allyssa N.

Allyssa is an Ontario Certified Teacher in the Primary/Junior division. She has an honours Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Guelph and a Bachelor of Education from Lakehead University. She is a dedicated and experienced professional who possesses a great understanding of tailored learning approaches.
With a commitment to creating a positive and collaborative learning environment, Allyssa believes in the power of personalized instruction. She adeptly adjusts her teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles and paces, fostering an atmosphere where students feel comfortable expressing challenges and celebrating successes.
Prior to teaching Allyssa had a career in events management working with a large culturally diverse group. She specialized in training which is where her focus of individualized instruction stems from and led her to complete her teaching degree. She is currently teaching grade 5/6.
In her free time she has always had a passion for travel and continues to do so with her family and loves to explore new places with her children and husband.


Ana V.

Ana is a young professional & educator. She has a combined experience of 10+ years teaching all ages in varying subjects such as French, music, social sciences, and junior level math & sciences. She completed her French Immersion Certificate in 2016 & graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor in Public Affairs & Policy Management in 2021. Throughout her time at Carleton, she worked as an Economics Workshop Facilitator where she was constantly coming up with creative ways to present information to students- catering to all different types of learning styles. Ana is an incredibly skilled communicator & has a love for teaching that is evident in her work. She believes an individualized approach is the key to the success of her students. In her spare time she likes to read, sing in choir & spend time with friends & family!




Jenny H.

Jenny is a professional teacher with more than five years of experience educating in private schools around the world. After receiving her Honours Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Philosophy from the University of Toronto, Jenny’s passion for travel took her overseas, where she began her teaching career. Having taught at the elementary level at SABIS International School, an accredited international private school, for two years, her dedication to her students’ achievements inspired her to take on the additional roles of University Counselor and English Department coordinator. Upon her return to Canada, Jenny brought back a wealth of experience in diverse learning environments, which she continues to apply while teaching both high school and elementary levels in private schools across the GTA.



Likhita S. is an exceptional educator with an extensive academic background, holding a Master’s of Commerce degree. With a rich history of teaching and mentoring, Likhita is a trusted guide on your child’s educational journey.

Likhita’s passion for teaching has driven her for more than 5 years, during which she has successfully taught and mentored over 4000+ students with diverse learning needs.

One of Likhita’s remarkable strengths is her experience working with SEN (Special Educational Needs) students. Her patient and empathetic approach, combined with her in-depth knowledge of educational strategies, ensures that every student, regardless of their unique requirements, receives the support they need to excel.

Likhita’s teaching philosophy revolves around personalized, one-on-one instruction, tailored to each student’s individual needs and interests. This approach has consistently yielded exceptional results.

Beyond academics, Likhita enjoys cooking and cherishing moments with friends and family. Her dynamic personality and dedication to education create an engaging and enjoyable learning experience for students.