Vlad C.

Vlad has an Electrical Engineering degree from McGill as well as a specialization in Telecommunications, and is now studying Business Technology Management at Concordia. He is a firm believer in well-rounded knowledge, which motivates his curiosity. Vlad takes a high-energy approach to teaching in order to stimulate passion for a particular subject, while being supportive during every step of the learning process.

John Molson School of Business: Bachelor of Commerce in Business Technology Management
Institut Teccart: AEC/DEP or Skilled Trade Certificate in Électronique 

Nisha C.

Nisha has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics. She has over 10 yrs experience tutoring and 3 years experience as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Ryerson. Nisha currently works in Finance at TD Bank and gives back to her community regularly by volunteering at non profit organizations such as, Big Brother’s Big Sister’s, Jump Math and Habitat for Humanity.

Josh M.

Josh has been a Math and Science teacher and tutor for nearly a decade in the GTA. He graduated with a BFA from Pennsylvania State University before studying Biophysics at York University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Ontario and is currently teaching math, science, and arts production with the TCDSB.

Josh has spent the last several years teaching courses such as MDM4U, MCR3U, MHF4U, MPM2D, SPH3U/4U, and even the new streamlined math curriculum, MTH1W. Josh has extensive experience working with and differentiating instruction for students with exceptionalities, as well as for gifted students. He is a strong believer that any student can achieve their fullest potential with the right guidance.

Christine H.

Christine has successfully defended her master’s in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto (UofT) and completed with the highest distinction, two undergraduate degrees in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering as well as Honours Life Science (minor in Math) at McMaster University. Her passion for tutoring started in high school and continued through to my master’s where I became the head TA for the Introduction to Programming Engineering course at UofT. She has extensive experience tutoring Math, Physics and Programming courses for high school and university levels. Christine enjoys making difficult topics fun by re-explaining concepts in a variety of different ways, reinforcing knowledge with practice problems, and providing real-world examples. She teaches students in a way that facilitates confidence so they can knock their tests and assignments out of the park!

Christine’s work focuses on research and development for medical devices and in her spare time she is a coach for the University of Toronto’s Synchronized Swimming Team.

Akashdeep D.

Akash has a Master’s degree in Molecular Genetics from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Western Ontario. Currently, Akash has one first author publication from his Bachelor’s thesis, one invention patent on work from his Master’s degree, and an additional first author publication in works.

Hilmi M.

Hilmi is a graduate from McMaster university’s Biotechnology program. During his studies he was a volunteer as a representative of the university to introduce new students to the campus and help them through a mentorship program. The program involved tutoring 1st and 2nd year students to help them succeed in their courses. Calculus, intro to programming, statistics, physics, chemistry and biology were among the courses that he tutored.

Outside of education, Hilmi is an avid Rock climber, computer builder, comic movie buff, Disney fan, and loves to camp.

Tessa N.

Originally from Vancouver, Tessa came to Toronto to pursue studies in physics and mathematics at the University of Toronto. Now in the second last year of her degree, she is passionate about sharing the joys of scientific learning with students of all ages. With 5 years of private tutoring experience in her pocket, Tessa is dedicated to providing her students with high quality support through the use of personalized learning plans, stimulating regimens, and focus on strong foundations. Tessa has tutored high school students in mathematics, physics, English, and French, covering mathematics and physics into the university level. When she is not pouring over her physics homework, Tessa can be found going for long walks with her golden retriever and contemplating the philosophical implications of quantum field theory. Having worked as a lead instructor at PACE Summer Camps and a cycling teacher at Pedalheads in Vancouver, BC, Tessa has ample experience working with children aged 8-17 and hopes to inspire each student to unlock their potential and achieve success. Motivated by the notion that learning starts with believing in one’s own abilities, she is eager to help all students excel




Shubhayan earned his Master’s Degree in Applications of Mathematics at the Chennai Mathematical Institute in 2013 and is currently pursuing independent studies in Machine Learning and Data Science.

With over 6 years of experience in Mathematics teaching and tutoring at various levels ranging from middle school to professional education, he incorporates his love for the subject with a passion for sharing and exchanging knowledge to create a unique learning experience for each of his students.


His study resources extend beyond books and lectures, and out into the real world and online math learning platforms. He makes efficient use of tools like Desmos and Geogebra, and refers to captivating sources like Numberphile and 3Blue1Brown on YouTube for inspiration.


He is a former candidate delegate for the World Cube Association, and his special skills and interests include Cooking, Karaoke, Board Games and being able to solve a Rubik’s Cube in under twenty seconds, one handed.


Amir is a science teacher and his goal is to become a “science entertainer” in the future. With a strong background in all sciences, he shares his passion for science with his students. He graduated from McMaster University’s award-winning program, Integrated Science, with a concentration in biology and a minor in mathematics. Amir has completed his thesis in cellular neuroscience, studying the development of the auditory circuits in the brain. In his spare time during undergraduate, he would pop into a microbiology lab to study the defence mechanisms of plants against bacteria. He has a very diverse academic background as he has completed research projects in wildly different fields; from particle physics and planetary exploration to forensic studies and wine science. Academics and teaching aside, Amir analyzes data for a company that makes farms, buildings, and factories “smart”. He also is a visual merchandiser for Zara, yes, he also knows about fashion. In terms of hobbies, he enjoys spending time with friends and going on spontaneous adventures. He cooks for meditation and thinks about the meaning of life and the vastness of the universe before falling asleep at night. Amir’s favourite pastime is watching, writing, and if it weren’t for COVID, performing comedy. He thinks humour is the key to a rich life and this philosophy bleeds into his teaching style. Speaking of his teaching style, Amir cares about the fundamentals in every topic. He will try to find the gaps and holes in students’ background knowledge before teaching new concepts. He will teach students science using pop culture references, analogies, and tangible examples instead of merely conveying facts and formulae. He is the guy who puts “cool” in “school” and takes out the redundant “h” for “humdrum”.


Jenny is a K-12 Ontario Certified Teacher who has specializations in Math and French. Jenny is currently a secondary teacher working with Halton District School Board and Toronto District School Board teaching Core French, French Immersion, Mathematics and Mandarin. She has experience and certifications in SSAT Prep, and IB programs and taken on various roles; teacher, mentor, tutor, coach and supervisor. Jenny believes that all students will succeed when given the right tools and resources based on the needs of the student. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, cooking, badminton, volleyball and exploring new music.