Nima N.

EN. Nima is a distinguished engineer with a deep passion for teaching and research. He holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University, Montreal, and a Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering from Azad University. Throughout his career, Nima has been committed to advancing engineering education and conducting impactful research. Presently, Nima serves as an engineering instructor at John Abbott College in Montreal, where he teaches courses including Industrial Energy Audit, Advanced Engineering Technologies, Automation & Control, Physics, and Materials Science. His teaching methodology emphasizes the integration of theoretical concepts with practical applications, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment for his students Nima has extensive research experience, notably developing an electro-thermal anti-icing system for aircraft at Green SEAM. This innovation achieved an 80% reduction in energy consumption while enhancing in-flight safety. The project was admired by Airbus Canada, showcasing his ability to leverage advanced technologies to address critical engineering challenges. Nima’s professional journey includes roles focused on the practical application of engineering principles. At Bombardier, he worked on control systems and led R&D initiatives for Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS). His responsibilities encompassed designing electro-mechanical systems, working with automation and control technologies, and understanding electrical components within HVAC systems, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and system optimization. Nima’s dedication to advancing sustainable design and innovative engineering solutions is matched by his commitment to educating and mentoring the next generation of engineers. He is excited to continue contributing to the field through his teaching and research, inspiring students to achieve excellence in their academic and professional pursuits.

FR. Nima est un ingénieur distingué avec une profonde passion pour l’enseignement et la recherche. Il détient une maîtrise en génie mécanique de l’Université Concordia, à Montréal, et une maîtrise en génie automobile de l’Université Azad. Tout au long de sa carrière, Nima s’est engagé à faire progresser l’éducation en ingénierie et à mener des recherches impactantes. Actuellement, Nima est instructeur en ingénierie au Collège John Abbott à Montréal, où il enseigne des cours tels que l’Audit Énergétique Industriel, les Technologies Avancées en Ingénierie, l’Automatisation et le Contrôle, la Physique et la Science des Matériaux. Sa méthodologie d’enseignement met l’accent sur l’intégration des concepts théoriques avec des applications pratiques, créant un environnement d’apprentissage dynamique et engageant pour ses étudiants.

Nima possède une vaste expérience en recherche, ayant notamment développé un système électro-thermique de prévention du givrage pour les avions chez Green SEAM. Cette innovation a permis de réduire la consommation d’énergie de 80 % tout en améliorant la sécurité en vol. Le projet a été admiré par Airbus Canada, mettant en évidence sa capacité à utiliser des technologies avancées pour répondre à des défis d’ingénierie critiques.

Le parcours professionnel de Nima inclut des rôles axés sur l’application pratique des principes d’ingénierie. Chez Bombardier, il a travaillé sur des systèmes de contrôle et dirigé des initiatives de R&D pour les systèmes de contrôle et de gestion des trains (TCMS). Ses responsabilités comprenaient la conception de systèmes électromécaniques, le travail avec des technologies d’automatisation et de contrôle, et la compréhension des composants électriques dans les systèmes CVC, en mettant l’accent sur l’efficacité énergétique et l’optimisation des systèmes.

La dévotion de Nima à faire progresser la conception durable et les solutions d’ingénierie innovantes est égalée par son engagement à éduquer et à encadrer la prochaine génération d’ingénieurs. Il est enthousiaste à l’idée de continuer à contribuer au domaine grâce à son enseignement et à ses recherches, inspirant ses étudiants à atteindre l’excellence dans leurs poursuites académiques et professionnelles.


Holding degrees in Education, Civil Engineering and Geotechnical engineering, Chafia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her tutoring practice.

She has studied and taught in France, Turkey, Algeria and, of course, Canada. Chafia’s teaching experience spans all ages from grades 1-12 and math and sciences at the post-secondary level. Chafia prides herself in being a high achiever and has a personal initiative to help students learn and appreciate the academics and the French language.


Ross graduated with a first-class honours mathematics degree from the University of Birmingham, UK in 2012 before studying at the University of Bath, UK to become a qualified math teacher in 2013. He taught math for 3 years in the UK to students aged 11 – 18. In 2016 he had the opportunity to move to Stockholm, Sweden, where he has been living until very recently. In Sweden, he was a math teacher and mentor for 6 years for students aged 10 – 16. For the last two years he has worked as a manager in a school in Sweden with a primary focus on pastoral care, which means that he puts a lot of emphasis on building relationships with the students he works with and is acutely aware of how important self-esteem and confidence are to being successful. In his spare time, Ross enjoys watching and playing soccer, and playing board games with friends.



Amaan is pursuing an Honors degree in Computer Science with a double minor in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Alberta. With a strong commitment to academic excellence, Amaan has been involved in various research projects focusing on artificial intelligence, data analysis, etc. He has also served as a teaching assistant, demonstrating his passion for sharing knowledge and enhancing the learning experience of peers. Amaan has been recognized with the Marc Howery Memorial Award, reflecting his dedication to his field. He is an active Space Exploration Alberta Robotics member, contributing to community-driven projects and professional development. Looking ahead, Amaan aims to leverage his technology and data analysis expertise to solve real-world problems, aspiring to a career in Robotics and Mechatronics.



Maral has a master’s degree in civil engineering and gained extensive professional experience in the civil engineering field. Alongside her engineering background, she has years of experience tutoring mathematics across various grade levels. Tutoring students to achieve exceptional exam results is her goal. Maral believes students need to feel confident in their work and knows how to approach problems from multiple perspectives.
Maral offers both in-person and online tutoring, possessing adeptness with platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and others.







Robert P. is a current university student studying Biochemistry. He enjoys the academically challenging nature of his STEM major and is confident that he will be able to instill the knowledge and skills any student may need in their current and further academic journey. Robert had found his passion for tutoring while in his final year of high school, realizing that his deep understanding of concepts and explanations provided a great aid to his fellow Grade 12 classmates. He went on to form the “Peer Tutor” Club in which guidance counselors and students alike would regularly ask for his strengths in Data Management, Mathematics and Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, receiving awards and scholarships of appreciation during his graduation. He has also volunteered at a local not-for-profit community summer camp, helping Public Health with the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, and is currently volunteering at his local general hospital. Robert believes that his recent experiences with the Ontario curriculum will provide any student with exceptionally relevant lessons, aspiring to be the “smart, cool, awesome, and charismatic upperclassmen” instead of the “scary teacher”. He believes in connecting concepts holistically, having students understand the correlation between theory and application/calculation, allowing them to use their knowledge as one whole working idea instead of struggling to memorize several fractured concepts.


Amanda is a fourth-year student at York University’s Glendon campus, pursuing a Bachelor of Education in French Studies with a specialization in Mathematics, aiming to become a high school teacher. Fully bilingual, Amanda has extensive experience working with students at all levels of French, including core, immersion, extended, and full French.

As a dedicated teacher, Amanda finds fulfillment in witnessing her students’ progress and success. She has a rich background in tutoring and teaching French and Math across all grade levels, from primary to high school. Amanda’s teaching approach is immersive and tailored to each student’s needs. She begins by assessing their French or Math proficiency through diagnostic tests, enabling her to design customized lesson plans and homework assignments to ensure their success.

Amanda offers both online and in-person lessons, incorporating interactive activities such as quizzes and games to reinforce concepts learned during the session. She adapts her teaching methods and materials to accommodate each student’s learning style and interests. Moreover, Amanda maintains open communication with parents, providing regular feedback on their child’s progress.

In her free time, Amanda enjoys reading, spending time with friends, playing soccer, and staying active through workouts.



Amanda H


Johnson moved from China to Canada in 2019 and can communicate in Mandarin and English. His educational journey was unique: from middle school in China to high school in Canada, from a public school to a boarding community, he is now studying life sciences at McGill University. His passion for teaching sprung out of leading his physics class when the teacher was away. He enjoyed delivering knowledge and seeing the smiles on the students’ faces. Ever since that day, he can often be found in the library or common room helping people out with math and science questions.
Johnson has also worked in a summer camp, instructing canoeing and camping skills. During his previous tutoring experiences, he has worked extensively with students from grades 9-12, teaching high school math and science. He passionately believes in the value of confidence and encouragement, and he loves having casual conversations with his students outside of class. As a result, he often becomes close friends with students, although his age may be the main contributing factor. Johnson feels honoured to accompany his students on their learning and witness them shaping their own educational journeys.


Christopher O.

Chris is a fun, hardworking, tutor with many years of experience working both as freelance tutor and in a center. He comes from a Math background taking all the academic levels in high school as well as Studying at York University. He specializes in all grades of Math from 1-12, as well as working with all learning difficulties.

With years of experience, he has learned a simple and easy way for kids to understand difficult concepts and makes it enjoyable. Understanding Math can be challenging, Chris likes to help make it seem easy and simple for all to understand.

Many of Chris’ passions are Music, Basketball, Football, Cooking, and Anime! One of the key strengths he possesses is patience. Math can be overwhelming and being patient with students learning concepts, makes an excellent tutor. Chris believes in building confidence with students helps them succeed and want to learn more. He is very passionate about teaching and loves helping others feel accomplished and ready for all problems!


Anis is a high school math Teacher with vast knowledge for grades 9-12. He has experience teaching Canadian and American curriculum. Anis prepares students for SATs. Teaching advanced math including grade 12 calculus & vectors, Finite math, precalculus, algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. His teaching methodology is making math relatable and fun through multiple strategies.