Ashley is an Ontario Certified Honours Specialist Physics Teacher with experience teaching Mathematics and Chemistry. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph where she majored in Physics and minored in Mathematics. During her undergraduate degree she worked on Physics Education Research and was a member of the Curriculum Development Team for the Physics Department. Her passion for Science, Mathematics, and teaching were evident from a very young age and she has over 15 years of tutoring experience. She prides herself in making STEM accessible to every learner through everyday applications. Ashley completed her teaching degree at Queen’s University and has worked with multiple different curricula throughout her 8 years of teaching, including Ontario and IB. Ashley also loves to travel; she took advantage of her time teaching in London to travel to over 30 countries. Ashley believes developing relationships with her students and rooting key concepts in students’ experiences allows for a deeper connection to the subject matter.


Jordan graduated from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (currently known Ontario Tech University) with a Bachelor of Science with a focus of Physics and Biology. He completed his Bachelor of Education the following year. During his time in University, he worked as a cashier, a scribe for visually impaired students, and a tutor. Upon graduation, he moved to England where he began teaching and investing in his true love of traveling. When he wasn’t jet-hopping to different European countries, he was teaching Science to all levels of Secondary School (Grade 7 – Grade 11). Additionally he taught A-level Physics (similar to Grade 12 – first year university level) as well as working in a Special Education Centre for students with Autism. After 3.5 years of teaching abroad, Jordan decided it was time to come home and now teaches with the Durham District School Board. Since joining the board; he has had 3 full year long term contracts – two of which were in elementary. His Junior experience focussed on Grade 6 EQAO preparation. He currently teaches Grade 10 Science and Math and Grade 11 and University Physics.
Typically, you can find Jordan practising Yoga or working out at the gym (pre-quarantine days), playing video games, or taking a stroll around the lakefront at Kew and Woodbine Beach.
Jordan continues to pursue professional development; recently completing an Additional Qualification in Intermediate Math. Jordan has also received Additional Qualifications for Primary and Junior teaching. Next he will be branching out to obtain Senior level Math.



Laura graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in general mathematics, and a Bachelor of Education, specializing in early childhood education. Laura discovered her passion for math when she was in junior high school and she hopes she inspires an enjoyment of math in her own students. Laura works with students from KG to Grade 12. Laura believes in building positive and supportive relationships with her students so that she can meet each students’ individual learning needs, helping them find their highest academic potential.


Nicholas currently works in the clinical research world within the healthcare industry. He has grown up in Toronto completing a BSc in Biology, MA in Health Communications/Policy, and a PhD in Health Management. Aside from the healthcare industry, Nicholas has recent experience as a lecturer and grader for university courses.
Prior to all his professional endeavours and most importantly, he was a camp counsellor for the City of Toronto summer camps where he discovered his passion for working with children of all ages and diverse backgrounds. Nicholas has supported many groups of children throughout various City of Toronto programs; after school program, pottery instruction, as well as skating lesson instructor. As a mentor Nicholas continues to develop strategies for working with children and helping them achieve all their goals and more.


Aditya Venkatesh is a PhD student in Aerospace Engineering at Ryerson University working on designing next generation aircraft cabin interiors. He has a masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from Ryerson University and a bachelors degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University, USA. Since his masters program, Aditya has been a Graduate Assistant (GA) for various aerospace engineering undergraduate courses, during which he has enjoyed fostering students to get the most out of their semester so they can develop their skill set. As a GA, he discovered a fondness of teaching and is excited to extend his expertise to high schoolers as well. With experience as an invigilator at the Ryerson University Test Center that caters to students with academic accommodations and accessibility needs, Aditya is equipped to handle any student on their learning journey. He even has experience delivering online material since following that format as a GA since March 2020. In his spare time, Aditya enjoys cooking, comedy, and documentaries.


Arina graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master of Arts in Economics. During her studies, she was given an opportunity to teach undergraduate-level macroeconomics and econometrics. However, it was much earlier that Arina discovered her love for showing people the beauty of quantitative sciences. Before moving to Toronto, Arina used to teach Calculus, Linear Algebra and Statistics at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow). Working in tandem with world-class professors, Arina helped her students gain a profound understanding of such rigorous courses and achieve astonishing results.
Nowadays, Arina enjoys leading a data science Bootcamp, helping young professionals to dive into the field of IT. However, not only does Arina have experience working with adults, but she also tutored math following the Ontario Curriculum and computer programming. Regardless of age, skills and situation, Arina always tries to find a personalized approach to a student and designs materials with respect to their needs and interests, as she truly believes that pure curiosity and enthusiasm together with confidence and understanding of the subject are central to reaching full potential.
In her spare time, Arina enjoys learning languages – apart from English, she also speaks Russian, Norwegian and Spanish. She also competes for the UofT Nordic Ski team and occasionally teaches ski technique to young athletes.


Gayathry is a pre-service teacher at the Werklund School of Education (University of Calgary), majoring in Secondary Mathematics. She chose the Secondary Mathematics stream because she wants to alter the common perception that math is difficult by building confidence and skills. She works with students to help them realize that they are capable of solving all types of mathematical problems by incorporating growth mindset tools and strategies. She believes that with appropriate teaching strategies and support, every student can excel to their highest potential.



Andres is a high school Mathematics and Science teacher entering his second year of full-time teaching. He is passionate about the relationship between sports and statistics and is enthusiastic about connecting learned mathematics to real-world applications. He is a dedicated and committed life-long learner who loves working with youth.


Nasr is a NYS certified teacher.  He has sixteen years of experience teaching in the NYC school system. Nasr has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and two master’s degrees, one in Education and the other in Educational Supervision. Nasr loves teaching math and science to students who are eager to learn. Nasr uses the child’s strengths to help his students. Nasr follows the curriculum and the common core to help students achieve the necessary skills to succeed. Nasr loves to travel and has visited 20 countries, he takes traveling seriously because it allows him to understand and learn about different cultures.


Sarah has over 20 years teaching experience with high school students in a variety of subjects, including mathematics, physics and science.