Maya H.

Maya graduated from Loyola University Chicago with three bachelor’s degrees – in psychology, history, and international studies. She also holds a master’s degree in marketing from DePaul, a master’s in animal sciences from the University of Florida, and is completing her master’s in clinical psychology from Pepperdine. Maya has experience working with students primarily high school level, but welcomes students of all ages! Additionally, she has experience tutoring students at Loyola University in social studies/history, English, Polish language, literature, psychology, and basic biology/animal sciences. Maya has held various leadership positions for over two years which included: a History Honors Society member, animal welfare advocate, event coordinator, and PR specialist. Outside of her studies, she was a professional ballroom dancer, musician, horseback rider, animal shelter volunteer, and published author. She was most recently published in DePaul’s book, Marketing Cases of Chicago Businesses. Full-time, she is a clinical psychology student with hopes of going into school counseling and therapy.


Celia Josephson, B.A., The University of Chicago, MPA, Harvard University, brings a passion to her love of teaching.  Her skills range from essay writing to foreign languages, (Spanish, French and ESL) from mathematics to social studies.  Though trained as an attorney and journalist, Celia discovered that teaching was her vocation.

She taught most recently at her local library in East Hampton, New York, offering courses in ESL, citizenship preparation and high school equivalency.  Celia’s year-long stay in Mexico, after college, prepared her well to teach ESL and to understand the dynamics of teaching Spanish speakers to learn English. Her legal training provided a solid base from which to teach citizenship preparation and her training in quantitative methods as a graduate student at Harvard enabled her to tackle the mathematics portion of the high school equivalency curriculum.

For the past several years, Celia has focused on tutoring.  She has privately taught elementary age students as well as aspiring college students, particularly in English composition and math.  She is equally comfortable teaching in English or Spanish.

As a mother of three, Celia is also aware of the challenges and rewards of nurturing a love of learning in young people, so that they can fully harvest their abilities as adults.