Luke is a tutor and learner who values breadth, experimentation and interdisciplinary knowledge, having radically changed majors, schools and career goals many a time. Ultimately earning an MA in Linguistics and a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Toronto, he has tutored mathematics, French, physics, chemistry and computer programming since 2016, with stints working as a university teaching assistant, dialect researcher, and even a professional web developer. He has worked with students of all ages, from elementary to post-secondary, and with diverse learning needs, such as ADHD and giftedness. Luke believes in maintaining a non-judgemental space where students are encouraged to identify and articulate their difficulties and strengths, formulate goals, and develop a sense of self-efficacy through subject mastery. Grateful to have savoured quite the cheese platter of educational opportunities, he continues to sample new ones, dabbling in theatrical clown, improv, voice acting, and the aerial arts.