Luke is a tutor and learner who values breadth, experimentation and interdisciplinary knowledge, having radically changed majors, schools and career goals many a time. Ultimately earning an MA in Linguistics and a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Toronto, he has tutored mathematics, French, physics, chemistry and computer programming since 2016, with stints working as a university teaching assistant, dialect researcher, and even a professional web developer. He has worked with students of all ages, from elementary to post-secondary, and with diverse learning needs, such as ADHD and giftedness. Luke believes in maintaining a non-judgemental space where students are encouraged to identify and articulate their difficulties and strengths, formulate goals, and develop a sense of self-efficacy through subject mastery. Grateful to have savoured quite the cheese platter of educational opportunities, he continues to sample new ones, dabbling in theatrical clown, improv, voice acting, and the aerial arts.

Christine N.

Christine holds her Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University, and her Bachelor’s in Mechatronics Engineering (Mechatronics) from the German University in Cairo.

She worked at Allô Mon Tuteur as a Math and French Tutor for both Elementary and High School students and she volunteered as the Exchange Participant Manager at Ometz, where she tutored Math and French to multiple families. Her specialties include math (including Calculus), French (Elementary reading, speaking, and listening), English and History.

Christine’s kind-yet-firm approach creates an enjoyable learning environment within which students can thrive.


Marie is a teacher candidate from York University’s Faculty of Education for Intermediate/Senior division. She will be graduating with qualifications in Computer Technology that will allow her to teach Computer Networking and Computer Engineering. Marie has had a unique opportunity to teach in two school boards: Waterloo Region District School Board and in Toronto District School Board for Computer Engineering in grades 9-12. Through these opportunities, Marie strives to become a role model for young women to consider STEM as a viable option and to help all students become successful by identifying and eliminating barriers. She motivates students to realize their capabilities and empowers them to become their most successful and unique selves. Marie is confident in her ability to learn new concepts, communicate clearly, and ensure consistent instruction with detailed feedback that assist students.

Marie also has a Bachelor of Technology degree with 2+ years of experience in industry as an Application Developer. By having worked in industry as an Application Developer, Marie is able to pinpoint lesson content that will prepare students for real world work. She continues to keep herself updated through doing online courses and practice questions in her free time. Continuing to learn new languages and development techniques are important to Marie and critical for long term success for her students.

During Marie’s days off, she enjoys going hiking, camping, and leisure paddles on a lake. She realizes that as important technology is for the convenience of everyday life, it is also important to take a break and enjoy the simplicities in life.


Ajay graduated from Royal West and from Marianopolis in Health Sciences. He currently studies software engineering at McGill University.

He has tutored grades 9 to 11 in physics, chemistry, general math and science, calculus (I & II), linear algebra and programming. He started tutoring his peers when he was in Grade 8 and has volunteered as a math tutor with kids in grades 1-3. He also tutors the SATs, ACTs & SSATs.

He has come in 3rd place in the esteemed Euler Math Competition, and won the science fair for four years in a row.

Ajay’s approachable manner, his deep understanding and love of the subjects, and his easy-going personality, make him a fabulous choice for everyone. He is also fully bilingual.


Cristian is currently studying Electrical Engineering at McGill University. He graduated from the Pure and Applied Science program at Dawson College and from the International School of Montreal for high school.

He has years of experience as a math, physics and science tutor. As a peer tutor at Dawson College, he tutored calculus, linear algebra, mechanics, and other physics courses.

Cristian creates a learning environment of creative and critical thinking that uses humour and patience.


Jerome has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Computing Technology. He has tutored for a number of years, specializing mostly in high school, CEGEP, and university-level math, physics, and programming. He loves meeting new people, is very patient, and likes to bring a personalized approach catered to each student’s goals and learning styles.