Aman D.

Aman recently graduated from Queen’s University with a dual degree in Computing and Commerce. Throughout his many years of being a student, Aman has developed effective study habits and organizational skills that he wishes to share with others to help them feel more confident in their studies. He has previous experience tutoring computer science and mathematics at the university and high school level. Aman is passionate about creating a safe and encouraging environment for students so that they feel successful and accomplished in their studies. Outside of tutoring, Aman enjoys watching football, playing golf and playing the guitar.

Harry S.

 Harry has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Toronto and has nearly completed a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from the University of Toronto.Harry has been tutoring students ages 10 and up for 8 years. In that time, he has taught everything from grade-school math all the way up to 3rd year university physics, chemistry, math, and statistics.

In addition to his 8 years of experience as a one-on-one tutor, Harry has 5 years of experience tutoring students online, and 2 years of experience teaching classes of 30 students.

Harry’s teaching style uses a student’s understanding of the concrete world around them as a springboard for learning math. He starts by giving his student a concrete problem to solve. Once they’ve solved it correctly, he changes the problem slightly and asks them to solve it again. He then challenges his student to find similarities between the two solutions and generalize any patterns they see. Then he and his student discuss how these abstract patterns relate back to concepts his student might be learning in class.

This technique has proven an essential arsenal in Harry’s tool kit for teaching math, especially to younger kids, and Harry hopes to continue to hone it as he exposes more and more students to it.

Brianna C.

Brianna is an experienced tutor in mathematics with a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Western University. She majored in Financial Modelling which greatly enhanced her knowledge in mathematics, computer science, and finance.

Outside of school, Brianna has worked as a high school math and English teacher/tutor at Oxford Learning. She has also worked as a swim instructor and as a camp counsellor for many years.

In her free time she loves to cook, workout, play board games with her family, and travel!


Ioana Manda is an honours specialist Mathematics teacher with close to 20 years of teaching experience at TDSB. During her career, she has taught grade 9 to 12 Mathematics courses at academic/university and enriched levels, including the grade 12 Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors and Data Management courses.
Ms. Manda holds a diploma in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Bucharest, Romania, and a Master of Science in Computer Science degree from the University of Toronto. Her two areas of qualifications are intermediate/senior Mathematics and Computer Science.
Ms. Manda is a caring teacher with an ability to connect to her students and a desire to ensure their academic success. She has a proven track record of preparing students in a one-to-one setting for achieving excellence in their Mathematical studies.

Additional Details

Marc A.

Marc is pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree at McGill University, with a major in Finance and a concentration in Business Analytics. He went to an international high school in France where he obtained his international scientific baccalaureate with the highest honours. From 2019 to 2021, he tutored students in group and individual settings and has previous experience in helping students pass their international high school exam.

McGill University: Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Finance, Concentration in Business Analytics
Centre international de Valbonne: French Baccalaureate International option

Gareth A.

Gareth has a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science and a minor in Mathematics from McGill University. Gareth has over 5 years of tutoring experience, and has taught at all levels ranging from middle school to first year university. Gareth has tutored in many subjects, but specializes in high school science and math. Gareth’s approach to tutoring is to create an individualized experience and adapt to the students’ needs, and to try to find a good balance between going through concepts and homework problems to keep the sessions varied and engaging.

McGill University: Graduate of Cognitive Science; Minor in Mathematics

Tyler W.

“I have always enjoyed helping people understand a topic by using unique ways to
explain it with a focus on understanding. I love the feeling of accomplishment when my student and I work together to breakthrough barriers and the hard work pays off.”

McGill University undergraduate studies in Software Engineering

Marianopolis College Pure and Applied Science


Stone is a former software engineer with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. As a software engineer, he worked in the financial and cryptocurrency space at companies such as Vanguard and Morgan Stanley. He currently teaches Engineering and Robotics in high school.

Stone takes an individualized approach with every student he works with. He believe rapport and mutual respect are the foundations from which successful habits can be formed. Meta-skills in self-learning, problem solving, and critical thinking are extremely important to long term success and Stone works to develop these alongside any curriculum.


Christine H.

Christine has successfully defended her master’s in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto (UofT) and completed with the highest distinction, two undergraduate degrees in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering as well as Honours Life Science (minor in Math) at McMaster University. Her passion for tutoring started in high school and continued through to my master’s where I became the head TA for the Introduction to Programming Engineering course at UofT. She has extensive experience tutoring Math, Physics and Programming courses for high school and university levels. Christine enjoys making difficult topics fun by re-explaining concepts in a variety of different ways, reinforcing knowledge with practice problems, and providing real-world examples. She teaches students in a way that facilitates confidence so they can knock their tests and assignments out of the park!

Christine’s work focuses on research and development for medical devices and in her spare time she is a coach for the University of Toronto’s Synchronized Swimming Team.

Kamil W.

Kamil is an enthusiastic and adaptable teacher, who truly enjoys teaching. He has been a high school educator for over six year, working with students of various backgrounds and abilities. At the high school level, Kamil’s specializes in business, accounting, economics and English courses. For the intermediate grades Kamil focuses on all of the main teachable subjects. Kamil received a Honours BA degree in Economics from York University and a B of Ed from Tyndale University. Kamil has successfully coached DECA and other competitive business programs as well as public speaking at the high school level. When Kamil isn’t teaching or tutoring, he is enjoying the seasons outdoors, having a nice long walk or biking. Above all, Kamil believes that learning should be fun and accessible to all.