Faraz is a Master’s Student at McMaster University, studying Computational Science and Engineering. He finished his undergrads at the top technical university in his country, studying Electrical Engineering. Since the beginning of his post-secondary degrees, Faraz have been tutoring and assisting students in a variety of subjects, such as Math and Physics, for more than 6 years now. Moreover, he have been a Teacher’s Assistant for more than three years. At Mcmaster, Faraz is a part of the “Math Help Center” in the math and stats department, and he assist many first and second-year students with their math problems. Whether you are a high school student or a university freshman, Faraz can help you achieve your desired result and have fun along the way!

Ralph R.

Ralph is completing Bachelors in Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He currently holds an International Baccalaureate High School diploma.

Ralph tutored for his High School’s peer tutoring program, which he eventually led for two years. He has also worked as a mentor for a group students, building rapport with them by playing games and helping them deal with school life and academics.

His specialties include: Mathematics and Physics at all levels, Chemistry, Essay Writing, and French as a second language.

Ralph has practiced and is proud of his ability to adapt his teaching style to match how his students think about the foundational concepts. He has noticed that anxiety and low confidence in students often causes content to seem a lot more daunting than it really is. He recognizes that self-esteem and ease-of-mind make a significant difference in a students motivation and ability to learn, and likes to break down concepts, making them less “scary” by avoiding going off topic or sugarcoating content.

His experience, combined with his style of teaching helps students deal with school-related anxiety by building their confidence and showing them that they too can grasp seemingly difficult concepts.


Vini has a degree in Electrical Engineering. During university, he specialized in programming and logic. He worked with software consultancy for a while and now he is pursuing a degree in Game Development. For the past 18 months, Vini has been using his industry experience and his knowledge of math and programming to instruct kids and teenagers in robotics. During his work with robotics, he developed a great way to communicate with young minds and started tutoring not only so he could help kids boost their grades, but also so he can improve their creative thinking and get them to achieve their full potential. Always in a good mood and with good energy, Vini is constantly trying to improve in order to share his knowledge with his students in an efficient way. In his spare time, Vini likes to play video games and watch sports, which means he can have a fun ice-breaking conversation after every tutoring session with both student and parents about the latest video game released or the latest football game.

Liam A.

Liam is completing his Bachelor of Science from Concordia University in Computer Science (3.9 GPA).

As the Community Program Coordinator for Kids Code Jeunesse in Vancouver, Liam led educational workshops, aimed at students aged 8-15, designed to develop their digital literacy and to teach them the fundamentals of coding and computational thinking.

As a CERT Member at Concordia University, he’s on-call for the Emergency Response Team.

Liam’s specialties include: chemistry (including organic), math (including calculus), biology and general science at all levels. He also tutors History and English.

Liam’s serious approach, combined with an understanding of how to break down concepts, creates a stimulating and accessible learning environment.

Iymen A.

Iymen graduated from the University of Ottawa with a BSc (Joint Honours) in Computer Science and Mathematics (French).

He was a Teacher’s Assistant at the University of Ottawa where he was the Supervisor and Corrector for a Computer Architecture course (French Section, and provided professors with student evaluations and progress reports.

Aside from math at all levels, his specialties include Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Probability Models, Optimisation Methods, and Discrete Math.

Iymen loves explaining new concepts to students both individually, and as a group, reviewing course material with them prior to examinations / tests, and discussing assignment errors in a way that encourages improvement. His good nature and depth of knowledge provide for a stimulating learning environment.


Kohava is a student at the University of Toronto’s Engineering Science program. She attended the TOPS program at Bloor Collegiate Institute, graduating with the highest average in her class. She has worked at Centauri Summer Arts Camp, where she developed her love of teaching, instructing campers in theatre and creative writing. Kohava also loves math and science and wants to never stop learning. She believes that there is always an intuition behind concepts and that plugging numbers into a formula isn’t helping anyone learn anything. In her spare time, she loves playing board games (but not Monopoly), reading fantasy novels, and handing out with her two younger sisters.


Yichao graduated from the McMaster University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Math and Computer Science. He is very knowledgeable in mathematical topics such as advanced functions and calculus. In addition, Yichao is proficient in several programming languages and the optimization of algorithms. In the past Yichao has worked with children at summer camps, where he taught them programming using an Arduino micro-controller. He is also a member Scouts Canada, where he would mentor high school aged youth. In his spare time, Yichao enjoys learning new programming languages, drawing and expressing himself creatively.


Greetings! My name is Ron and I am currently a Teacher Candidate earning my Bachelor of Education at University of Ontario Institute of Technology. My teachable subjects include Mathematics and General Science, however I am also well-versed in Physics and Computer Science. I achieved a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics during my undergrad at Ryerson University, touching upon all applications of Mathematics.

I have a strong passion for mathematics and physics, and have experience tutoring all subjects of mathematics for all ages. I am approachable, friendly, understanding, and easy to get along with, making the learning more personal and relatable for the learner.


Natasha received her undergraduate degrees in Waterloo, Laurier, and Queen’s – for Math, Business Administration, and Education. She graduated in 2016 and is now an Ontario Certified Teacher for Math and Computer Science. She’s been tutoring for over 10 years, and has taught in both private and public schools. She’s been to South Korea to teach grade 8 Math, as well as to Vancouver to teach ESL to international students from Japan, Colombia, and other countries. She’s currently working in a business, but her goal is to teach at an international school abroad.

Natasha has first hand experience with the IB program as she graduated with an IB certificate. She also has experience teaching students in IB, students with learning disabilities, gifted students, as well as gifted students who have a learning disability.

Natasha loves to work with kids and encourage them to develop good study habits, a healthy mentality on academics/career, and promote a desire to learn.


My name is Tiffany. I hold a Bachelors degree in Software Engineering. I have 3 years teaching experience at the College and University level in Computer Programming, Mathematics and Informatics. I enjoy opening up the world of Computer Science to new students, and bringing to life what is often considered a very dry area of study. I am very keen on teaching programming and computer science at the high school level. My main goal is to motivate students to want to learn and expand their horizons in this area, by showing them how useful it can be and how essential it is becoming in today’s world as a periphery to any field of study.